A Poem Titled: Just In Case

March 12, 2020

Yea, that's dumb

I thought that was something obvious

Someone ever aim to drive you to murder

I'm specific

And it's not calculated

It's smart


In the obvious support group

In the obvious scenario

Who gone give that up

This is obvious

To everyone

Who should be in an area

They speak

They putting arguments


They putting calendar schedules

Yea, that's dumb

They have to know they have no friend group

They meet in something with me included

Then aim to exclude it

They have no friend group

I am not seeking to participate in what they do

That is obvious

The sarcasm should move

To where people care

Look who or what

Thinks I would be in the area

Or why I would not be

My Pops already did that

No association

That is in my plan

Public Health is the issue

Nothing develops

That is obvious to my eye

Run that is the answer

If it is mine

If you let someone sit high

Someone think they glow

There is no verbal apology

Those chics gone be low

Every penny

That is what I know

What joke

You never heard me speak

Whatever you just did

Is irrelevant

To the rules I follow

If you messed up

Run that

Make it hollow

What you think I would be doing

Who you think run things

I'm like it is more than obvious

Keep going for what

This my life on repeat

Chic's who shouldn't be coming up

Someone still in the school day

And want to say that to me

Ya'll only trippin'

Because I teach and can help with mental illness and disease

And I do not become mean or make them go away

They get to be in the area

Why not, go ahead and play

Why you trippin'

I'm mean

If you taking that route

Silence is golden

I would never care what ya'll talking about

Nah, they do not understand

That you moving from day to day

Or on someone else's timeline

This is a public health issue

Otherwise no one would care

There are people placing people

Unable to give directives

How would they know?

How would they see?

What you developed

When you first went to read

Or when you first heard

But you went to live it like someone else

Instead of who you are

You need to elliptical 

Where others just go outside

How many people you staring at

That could have died

How many bad men

Who do not want anyone to see

That they say a music video

And go to church and no longer just leave

What are you looking for?

Where are you aiming to go?

Now you feel left out

That no one let you know

This is they lifestyle

What you creeping over to see

You ever see someone explain

A girl in a strippers outfit

Look attractive like a girl in her work clothes

This the area at the time

This is the glow

What you trying to get to

What you trying to say

You having problems with your ol' lady

Or you didn't attract a woman who looks that way

What you crying about

Yea there is something to pay or not

However, they do a little this and a little that

Most of the time everybody parlaying 

What are you saying

You where this is funny stuff

That is the problem

"Just pick your jaw up"

Can you see where you are lying?

You are driving to other people's truth

Then making it seem like they have to move at the speed of a car

Which is why you cannot see what you do

Ya'll aiming to save people

And cannot see what TV watching is making people do

People who would not go to the area

Walking right around

Aiming to get the glory

Aiming to get the chic with the crown

Never even noticing

Not even in the area

For what someone is aiming to do

Something someone did proved something

As in the visible behavior of who should not even apply

The obvious arrangement that makes no sense

The obvious places masses of people are left out

If you choose to do the replacement

No resentment from me

You in my real personal space

Too much incorrect energy in your area

Making you incorrectly address stuff

That is obvious

People like me

You got ugly girls

Making comments

Putting up boundaries

That clearly

Cannot allow

For a call for separation

That does not immediately bring in my crowd

My goons all around me

I would never care

You like asking for a stand up

After giving birth

That's how ridiculous

The scene is absurd

It does irritate me

To see what people cannot do

Notice there have never been mirrors

For many people who approve

Them other people

Have no access even to be around

You aiming to get back standing ovations

From the tougher crowd

Like clown you because it's funny

Even if you do bad

And still make sure you eatin' cheesecake

And having fun like you always have

I can't comprehend three when the answer is two

How you go to compete with someone who TV not making the rules

You cannot see, who or what would show up

I already handled the need to even walk up

You can't even see how chic's should leave ya house

Outfits on everybody, my wardrobe is pristine

These chic's school day walking being CEO mean

Like bank accounts talking

I'm was with your wife

Why you can't take these hits

When that's what you speaking out

You can't see the fun thing I did

Because of who left me out a group

I mean my team love lobster

No, they not giving up shrimp

You really can't come to the area

That's just it is what it is

I'm a scholar

A hood star

A nerd all in one

I wasn't talking to you

You are a for example

It is a bad place to be

When people make up something in their heads

From watching TV

My job is not to speak

When you preach and sing songs and run around

If I spoke at the same time

You would not be allowed to make a sound

You said I do not speak to you

That is why you are confused

I am not speaking, I speak truth when I do

I enjoy what I came for

While others are upset

There is a difference in demeanor

Negative is the one that was chosen to present

Please notice

Whatever you aim to do

Will be responded to properly

People who are commenting

Cannot notice

That they went into personal space

Wherever they put comments

They would be dying

However, people are grieving 

In general

And no, it was not good is what they would hear

If people would stop doing drama

Where other people are also in tears

They said put the person to dead

Because of what she did not earn

A friend until the end

So she can be erased

A penny cost 2.4 cent to manufacture

You already know what it is worth

The decision made some people feel fly

When they have not developed fly to "her"

Also in the obvious, NO, is the obvious

Chic's put themselves in something

When they should not be

I am not competing

I just happen to be on the scene

While chic's trying to be a gang banger

We just doing our thing and being mean

If the headlines read gang time

Then it is what it is

But me and mine ain't playin' gang banger

Fake beef is what that is

If you claim to go against

Some in the middle of something chic's

It's a few people like me

Looking at people who

Want to say my fault

And walk back into what they cannot see

Is my friend group

Nah, I didn't know

People keep checking 

Keep inspecting

Because of what an addict did

Not everyone doing something

Is what you call addicted

All in the area

Taking up space

And access to Court TV

Is why people do not just blow up in their face

There are some people looking at you

Who have never heard of name weight and height

Literally just getting bigger and bigger

Unaware of anything by sight

I guess there is a collect

Of information, for what

If you see something I am doing

I would think you also read enough

Participated in enough activities to see

That YOU are doing THAT

I am being silly and laughing

Someone must be getting ignored

When they truly say

Why are you advocating for them to stay

If they still have not passed in 5th grade

For what, is an obvious statement

If you have done the work

It's like playing a game of monopoly

And just sitting there when it's your turn

Never buying property

Sometimes even moving the wrong piece

Now we in a spades game

And they sitting playing "cheese"

Like, smiling and looking

Not knowing what to do

People got coins on the table

Why you renigged

What you talking about

That attention seeking thing

When people are getting a grade or something they earned

Why you arguing for attention that is normal when earned

The problem with me, is YOU made yourself a star

You have a problem when stars speak

In a normal conversation

You act like you are on a radio station

Normal commentary

From the only star on the scene

I will keep using the metaphor

Of acting like you have straight A's

A star is a star

I'm quite sure you never got to tell me to see my way out

I had no plans of speaking to whoever it is

I'm not missing out

YOU actually did

Boy stop playing

Can you see what occurred

You in love

Your feelings are hurt

Can you see what that girl did to you

That girl really left you out

Got you sitting in a concentration camp

Around people who pulled you straight out

You could have went

You could have been with whoever it is

She left you out, and more than homeless what that girl is

Aiming for me

Sorry is make believe to you

And everyone else

You keep reporting to duty

You ran into a girl who taught you the spirit work through me

I can see you on the line

And what some chic really did

I don't do abnormal hang outs

Not sure what you "just did"

I have empathetic natural responses

My heartbeat and brain waves feel signals and pathways

That many shut off and resist

No words have to be spoken

Are you okay?

I asked you that the way your mother raised you

You chose another way

I know you know why this is that funny

Laughter will overpower tears

Love is not a factor in the empathy

Response is what is required

You want to show up when my team is winning

You looking at the screens, you seen how you living

You like Jungle Fever

I am articulate when you fail to read and write

I cannot notice this

There is no reason to be here if not

Walk off as the winner of what??

I'm in gender neutral spots

You wanted some attention

Because you can't see you got it in the "pretty boy" spot

Because you don't notice what it means to have girls in class

You failed and you failed

And did a "pretty girl" last

You speak for no purpose

That any articulate man can see

You sit like a "pretty bitch"

While I do rich man deeds

You put the race exclusion

Where I focus on complete

You cannot see that I sat with you

When I saw you failing

I think this is noticeable

As to how bad

I focus on complete

Where you gather by community and race

I don't want no forty acres and a mule

But I will take what I earn in that place

Can you understand a man

That has been given a woman so he won't ride a donkey

Only to choose the woman as a mule

Meaning, I hope she don't talk to me

Legs kicking backwards, years later to respond

Other creatures have different vocabulary

You women are seated wrong

Why you want a mule, when you can have a lady

Why you turn that lady into a mule, so she couldn't teach you about a baby

How you can't realize all those people with and without books

Know you riding donkeys and that's what you would do

You would not know better and you would stop doing what you do

If you could see that people have seen men ride a mule

You are confused

If you think I would come back

If you put someone in my place

That can't speak, can't come in

All because

Someone is doing banter

Something was in my way

I would never have a reason

I can't see it any other way

I really hope there was no challenge presented

That is illiteracy

I am the don da da

And I always will be

This is departure

That's fine

I wish you well

I am the Queen Bee

Something made it hard for you to tell

Out here, where we really riding

Doing what we do

We can't afford mistakes like that

Watch someone greater than you


Chose someone else

That was not me

You have normalized disloyalty

That is what will be seen

I will bow out gracefully

And let you run YOUR scene














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