A Poem Titled: I'm Like

March 11, 2020

I'm like,

Fights for religious freedom

Freedom of speech




All at the same damn time

I look at smirks from Latina women

And draw a blank

What is so funny

Right now we thinking about what China "thank"







I really can't see how you can't see

What everyone here is going through

At the same damn time

Vietnam wars

Assassinations of white men

People die everyday, B

What's really going on

What you saying

What you trying to do

There is a make-up artist

How your lipstick and club night make you rude

I'm like


Ya'll think I'm saying something else

Yes, who think it's a problem to sit on a shelf

What are you thinking

I'm like can't you see

Ain't nothing in the bodega free

They like I'm just happy I got a job

And they can't see

I was eating barbecue salmon for dinner

And bought my own cheetos at 3

Who watched a movie

And snitched, so someone could snitch

That ain't hardly having a world to say

Why you tryna' indite me

About something that look regular to me

On a scene where it look regular to you

Because of a casualty reported on the news

I'm like prisoner of war

Why you counting on me

To have a word to say

About something I won't B

I'm not reciting someone else's lines

As if this ain't my life

I know how to quote

And bring my own statistics out

I'm not going to the end of someone else's story

I do not have words when a scene can get gory

If I go back in time

And write the words I learned and speak them to you

You would never, ever, ever, ever

You would do better

Just know

Say so

What you mean like

I'm pimpin'

I'm gimpin'

I'm livin'

I'm givin'

I tell no stories to myself when I am alone

I do not create stories about others when they not in my zone

I'm still looking like a eight year old gangster using a phone

Hello, who dis

I can hear the sound of your voice

I don't know what it is

We ran out milk or something

That's all I'm trying to say

What you mean how I know the number

I also know my address

I run around like coconut tree's

But I can read

I think I need some help

You ever see people who live

With a number on their door

Still aiming to figure out

Why these scribbles on the door

I'm like 380

By now I forgot the rest

I really just want some potato salad

No let me get a scoop

I still do not know why older people keep doing what they do

I'm like,

It ain't my fault you never seen a beeper

What you mean like

I'm really tryna' see what happened to the home girl chips

And they aiming to start a fight

Yes, what you saying

I'm speaking, they say I'm all talk

That is called a wrap up, a essay a book report

This has been considered

This has already been done

I do not know the world accomplish

But I know I have a hard knock one

This is life

I'm like,

What is going on

You ever sit at church and get mad

About the message of a song

Like for real though

What do you mean

I went to this school I heard about

Because it seemed to match my life

I picked my own teachers

And listened also to the ones they gave 

More than just my stereo

My feet hit the pavement I feel brave

Confidence, that's what I exude

She passing bills over the counter

Rolling past gun shots

Of people who never had a dollar

How you ever gone know

What you ever gone do

When someone comes for you

These words are real

These stories are true

Queen Nzinga

Knows longitude and latitude

Don't expect me to step up

When you reveal yourself

As already having walked out

And begged to be cuffed

I know the territory

This land is your land

This land is my land

Not a tree to swing to and from

No grassland in my sight

I see the buildings

I see the bricks and mortar

Even if I put the pencil down

I am protected by a warrior

This is the song I wrote

That would never get a hook

French fries

Make you tell lies

And ignore this smoothie I shook

I spread love

The way that I do

Can't stop

Won't stop

I'm like,

Since when did you not see

Everything that got said

Just a question I can answer

Who'd think in elementary

I'd see the penitentiary

I'm like the pipeline, the way it's all set up

The people probably sitting in your face

Who sound crazy, when a "kid" looking at it happen in her face

This is the route because of something that has already been done

Let me show you another one and another one

Coming from a person who

Can answer the question that they hear when an old school record plays

And realize that a multitude of people think this is not something important to say

Tears from my finger tips

The pain that makes me strong

I have twenty one answers

And none of them would be wrong

I'm like,





Pink Weave

After I already know

A thousand and one things

She told me


So that's where it will be

Can you hear your banter

And think you have gathered to speak

I had to learn the excitement

Of what people see

They greet and hold conversation

But something from elementary school must be going on

They repeat the news reports

Which is why they do not get the words wrong

No one knows how to think

That someone will pick the remote up

Like switches, extension cords, all that crazy hitting stuff

Something is driving me crazy

People watched something and want to be adult

That makes them think they have developed

Enough to get what they see

There is a problem

You don't want one with me

Yes I can see how things are passed down

I'm like,

Slide to the left

Slide to the right

This is me




Freedom of speech

Fights for religious freedom

All happened by the time you speak to me


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