The Truth Hurts: That Thing About The Right & Wrong Path! #SoInLove

February 6, 2020

Let me start here with saying that there are people who are more than responsive to people who cannot see what it means that it cost $50 a seat and when people or parents provide this and then others who cannot afford this at all are allowed somewhere they bring a disturbance that is more than obvious. As in when I support Justice for Jewu that is my real life and lived experience. When someone keeps aiming to insert me where I do not belong, no I will not understand. What I experience is a resistance that my response to is being showcased in more than one way. As a person who became literate at three years of age, there is no other place to address a situation including me. My response is honest about me and affiliates doing exactly what we are doing. Some may not understand that they will be fought appropriately. I cannot in all my correctness comprehend what I am being removed from or for a purpose that is not true, at all. I see the major drug epidemic and health issue. This is a sad truth for many who will experience healing and be unable to sustain it, or gain access or insight from me on how to heal before things even get to that point. I am not left out of societal participation, there are television watchers who aimed for a role they have no access to or talent for. This is a victory for many who are following the true and righteous path of their education, religion and society. I and my community address and organize in reality with people who have earned a rightful space. I have no other response than that a completely ignored group of people and one's who are outsourcing and going against the value that they aim to be protecting are proving why some advocates also need to listen to the people they can identify as "oppressors" and participate in certain strategies so the right people can be in position of authority and leadership, which many times includes them. No one, is going to help address the issue because of justified exclusion and economic gains that come from it. There is an error where people who have become literate later in life aim to adjust, my already beyond comprehensive input and clearly visible "no". It does hurt my heart to know by proper education and definition that a mass of people will and always have been excluded and have proven that they fail to see that they have supported competitors and aim to push this onto someone that is giving a clearly defined NO and pointing out that there are people who fail to wash their hair and body. They do not comprehend that if they are using "moms" and wait when things like that run out for others to purchase them they are not practicing health, wellness and hygiene. There is something problematic when people fail to see this and the impact it has on others health. I have had to learn to go double time because people around me, even having spoken and left, can leave bacteria in the air that already cleanly people do not realize they need to address.  I also made a "pact" in regards to an announcement about a "lynching" in my lifetime. This was to "find" the people who would suffer this way as a result of something "I" have done, missed or overlooked. I first stepped all the way into my community and apologized for the fact that my correctness makes me not participate in conversation that should not take place in the first place and almost makes me misplace rewards for those who deserve them. This includes knowing to not have any feeling about what has occurred as I have sought to save people from lynchings. I have realized that women reading and working are making what would be seen as a successful or impressive male to them, something that just happens to be in the area. There is no love and cuddling because there is education and access to other spaces. I have had to learn also to no negate all the "ballers" whose house I can live in because of someone else's error. There is a guy who cannot see the real consequences. I do suggest people find safety where someone else will showcase slight empathy and put a fight where there is typically a lynching. They also may fail to see that they have chosen the people who are saying lynch and should not expect any other response if they aim to go to community members who would have provided otherwise. I also will not let anyone miss on my real life "oh well", the one's I have taught and also taught where to respect. It is not my problem and that is what someone would want me to know, so I will sit in all my Bellinger Youth Award winning glory and help masses of communities as always and "we" will continue to ignore the masses of youth who are not at all deserving of anything other than a complete "ignore" along with their leaders as a response to their ignorance in times of victory. Me and my community are laughing at people who would think that "these kids look weak" because they do not know what it looks like to have people respond to their issues with the police or oppressive groups. Some people are attacking unity, collaboration, growth, development and amazing contribution to society. Someone wants to point out they saw me using my money to purchase daily items that are purposeful and contributory to society. I am a diplomat who can speak on behalf of people and the result of their oppression. Someone has removed me from this in a particular sector and has a group of people who have been exposed through education about the result otherwise. The people who have experienced this are not around to share and those who are aiming to teach are being blocked by television commercials, that even some companies have never seen their own of. I will teach men to stop correcting their women in a way that makes them "made up" and unable to sustain or perform without them or turns them into a different woman. There are very dirty women who are attacking at amazing women and also women who have been displaced due to this who succumbed to prostitution or manly positions and also offer the attack on women who still are performing their womanly duties and excellently. The behavior I have is the one that is not trying to fix the person who literally sucks, I am giving instruction and they have to reach the level. I suggest learning how to do assessments or about things like the scientific method. Someone who has a uniform on or a fancy dress and no money, then makes themselves equal to a person who has $500.00 and thinks the person should be responsive to something silly they are saying. Yes, it is as if someone wants to peek into an office window and say something to me without realizing that everyone in the office has a relationship with me that will ignite a response that has nothing to do with lawful practice. Some people perform this role as if it is true for them when it is not. I would laugh if anyone is struggling with reading in an office space with clear and visible supports. Someone might need to see this: 


Listening to this may allow them to see to not be impacted by people who are singing or humming along with choirs, performers and others who are doing something and communicating and taking on the behavior as if they are "speaking" or equipped to do something at that level. I have learned to remove "how" and just move forward if people have behaved in a way that negates that there are multiple cultures and continents. I am in love with seeing the impact of my philosophy and values and how it embeds in my leadership and how it works.I also teach in a way that causes people to see the "danger" in acting like "Barack Obama" cannot come over unless everything is clean or the good china is coming out. I also have to witness people who cannot even get information from me about proper prescription use and health care, when it is obvious I am aware. They seem, in one location, to push this off and the answer from others is going to be no, because the person I am in readily available and already in action. There is still nothing to do if someone lies on you, other than to call them the liar that they are. There are some people not realizing that there children are in public aiming to participate where they are a "no" and then pointing out a "lie" about me and others like me to address why "we" are excelling. Many people like me are suffering from people whom we have made no contact or interaction with targeting us because of a profile they saw on television or film. There are people clearly being left out of this type of research, because they should not apply. Someone is unable to see my "reach" which is why they cannot see that there will be no response other than, I am clearly doing something. Certain groups of people can see my response and want to know how many times people would want to live through it. There are some people who cannot see that they have a bad behavior of "just clapping" and fail to clap for the people in their immediate lives or immediate area. They overlook school teachers, community members, employers, presidents and the resources that are available. They often want to come after the fact or with negative comments that indicate the same behavior. I can tell that their are people responsive to people in leadership and people who know their strengths and weakness and will use that to compete. It is obvious and I can see where the obvious lack is, mostly where there should be the loudest applause and there should be no boasting. I am actually not repetitive where immediate support should go is where all the people who can just walk in their home without argument become my audience and completely remove the sharing to any other group. Especially ones that cannot understand that they have been told that concrete, walls that they can lean on and seats they can sit on are the only reason they have not toppled over. Furthermore, the most irritating experience is when there is a mass of amazing people ready and willing and supporting me directly in a area and succeeding and also failing to understand what is the problem in regards to coming, sharing and developing with me in a particular place. The obvious issue, is our laughter and ability to excel in multiple spaces, especially when I have provided amazing data, lessons and activity. I have had to learn that an attack I experience is when someone is being "called in as someone's significant other" and playing this role in what they experience as private but are receiving abilities of someone doing this in public, with no shame and no desire to do anything other. When this is untrue they disturb the necessary order and also cause incorrect conflict. As in when the "dynamic" person who is being proper is addressed as if they have spoken badly to a certain titles significant other, and that is not even what "she" is thinking to the point that I have to show just how irrelevant a multitude of "wouldn't even put you on a slave ship people" have copied something, and everyone is going to pretend they do not know from where, so I can keep going to get my Starbucks Frap. This same person is using me to fight for their life and for validation and wants support from me and people are saddened that they have failed in public to horribly. What is being experienced from me, is the acknowledgement and not being neglectful or deceitful. Also being wrongly accused of something which makes me, the obvious choice, come across as problematic. This person, woman, girl or whatever you call her does want "ME" which is causing people obvious disturbance. I have on this day realized that I should put more effort into addressing addiction, especially for those who do not know what it is, or do not understand it does not have to be "crack" related. In my life "drug users" are present, even as I continue my success, I see it when I do not know what it is, when I deem it a personal choice, or when the person is in my personal area and just going to be addressed. There is a woman who is a complete addict and multiple sources and communities would know this and be doing business and also not associating this person with properly participating in education, religion or community or they would not be in the situation. Also, understanding how fights against Native Americans, make "us" business minded where we would be preparing for seven generations or so. Again, let me mention that my level of education makes people sometimes not see that they are saying "NO" to something that other people have already seen me complete. They may fail to see what is happening simultaneously and vice versa. There may be someone I am preparing to give or say something to who is doing something problematic at the time I am completing something. I can tell someone wants to think that my personal belongings would have been a gift for them and wanted to see what I would contribute for them. The laughter of my peers and I will be that my contribution is about, the woman around the corner. This is funny to people who utilize literature. There are "older" men and uneducated men who need many people to see that they would not know how to make the statement "get lost" or cannot understand dating when they are not situated with furniture in the equation. There are people winning wars because of people who have been overtaken by the desire to "sparkle" when they should understand that where they are seated this way would be a temptress and also an obvious distortion. There are people who should not be shame to tell stories, especially when they open themselves up to healing and finding out something they may have experienced and been unaware of. There are people who aim to challenge me and people like me in leadership with their full strength. They often fail to see that all they are doing is stepping up from having been introduced to the "I Have A Dream Speech" and failing at actual content, development and input. I look "off" as a person who has been in leadership who ignores this sentiment or experience of accomplishment because of it. They hate it when society needs people who can read entire textbooks in a week, and they are overlooked because they are unable to do this. Then they use the March on Washington in front of people who are aware that Martin Luther King Went to College at fifteen and actually did his school work which is how any of those things got done. I have learned to find my blind spot, of where he looks dumb because he is advanced or complete and what that may have caused him to fail to do. I also laugh at people who have a behavior that makes them think they should speak, when a certified person is sharing and also understands "healthy relationships" in practice. There are people who step into the library and make fun of reading people and act like they would care. Also who would think that saying something like, "AmeriCorps, never heard of them", isn't something that would be addressed or responded to with a result of incomprehension. Also notice when amazing programs show you, what you should be happy about when the well developed response of people have excelled pull through time and time again, with warning. Some people in church are picking up the behavior of responding to people like they have read, are educated or done business. This does often come from television and film. There are people who cannot see that they are aiming to group up with their "racial category" while people are grouping with the grade or review they received on assignments. They want to point out behavior of this and do not realize they open themselves up to discrimination. There really is a phantom being removed, I will say this comes from signs and billboards that cause people to read the buildings they are in or the organizations they participate in. This may cause people to overlook people because they are identifying them by where they are located and not just as an individual. There are people who fail to see the inner works of systematic practice and what it keeps people safe from. There really is a reason to start and end at designated times. There are well-meaning people who would never experience bills being over due and even see police cars but do because something they participate in is teaching them that is is okay to start late and end when you want. I can see the importance of fixing errors like these because I can see how important it is to pay attention to people who teach me why I would not want to be at a bus stop that is not designated for me during organized participation in something. This is also how people end up making the wrong connections, which includes becoming an addict when they would otherwise be singing and clapping. I have learned that my timing has put me in view to people who are too impressed and I am often to attractive for them to not engage with me or aim to include me in things and would never know how to argue or interact without a strong fight that includes multiple things, that people on other timing would know how to handle these situations without. As a person who speaks, presents and more I am on a timing that would make it impossible for me to understand how to not be provided for all the way, even in my volunteer work, at the maximum level of my performance and ability. The improper timing is just like if someone starts the school day or ends the school day late. This is why some people may misconstrue their "Sunday's Best" with someone's actual expense. There are also men who have not been educated who should learn to ignore or assess most of what is coming out of younger people and women or girls speaking at a particular timing. I should probably take some time to write a little more, where I would typically just "jump around" and laugh internally. Someone may be thinking I and others like me suffer short term memory loss where we are using choice. There are people who want to attack my behavior of purchasing the 90 oz dish soap and bringing it home because it last longer and it is less expensive. Some people also fail to see when that does not mean someone cannot afford something else. I do this the day I would really want to buy the $6 Dawn Dish Spray that is probably 32 oz. I should also help teach that there are people who have been "tricked" because they do not know someone developed a behavior from watching television or may even have went o gain the skill but then override the "actual" person to listen to and develop from. There really is a problem is a person who is diseased or enslaved or excluded cannot see the way they keep making themselves relevant around clean and healthy people. I have language and a community where some have never heard people speak or only have heard them speak as preachers that would be on the likes of plantations. This often makes people who are literate and educated at young ages be labeled problematic because older people cannot see that "they" are the same as the scary person you would never speak to and their response isn't actually problematic. I would like full comprehension which is why some people are still moving about in their confusion and when they stop being confused I want it understood what they are experiencing. Someone is attempting to place something of family relation into my peer group and I cannot see what they are seeking to address. There are people who do not see that no one will give them a diagnosis and are leaving from them, but improper start times and dismissal make them think they are being included. Someone cannot see that they would want to "relate to me" or make a complaint of me when they cannot see it would be the same as the failing person in school wanting to become equivalent to the person with a high score or advanced placement. There are people also not realizing that sometimes they should not brag about how "well my man likes it" because it might be the defeated behavior that makes them not have to get up and do anything. Some women and girls also need to stop thinking that someone who will "be with them" thinks they are attractive or that whatever makes them attractive has to do with their face or something visible to the public. I can now see why some people say I behave like a "Latina". Even though I have had my hair done with weaves or relaxers before I do not suffer from being in a space because of attention that would only have been given to me because of what the "hair" did. Some women and girls who want to connect with me fail to realize why they cannot or why they should not expect me to compete. They also launch attacks because they can see that I am not being "removed" like them even when my little fro is growing or when I am going natural and on my way to get a shape up. They cannot see they cause disruptions when everything is going the "best"! They are also often confused by the work ethic and the input and output. They normalize actually doing nothing and continuing to enter into a space. I am going to share that young people have to pay attention to when their family has had surgery and aim to work harder at "self-care" where they may have been impacted. If you are aware of the proper timing of something you may participate in that goes overtime, start to cut yourself off or practice doing things in that increment. There are also people getting caught in things like the eugenics movement when it has already been declared the result and truth. There are people getting revealed in public because people have just realized that they are performing the behavior of something they saw on television, all the way until the scene where they should "ride or die" and they fail to do so. They then "report" on normal behavior or proper behavior in this situation. I will end by hoping someone can notice that people are not being responsive because where they think someone is being "defeated", they are the person that was sent to address the entire situation and has done a very good job. Some people want to feel hurt and are failing to see people who have already not cared. If you are a person who wants and has access to opportunity you should not hold up space in other people's lives as protectors if you are not going to follow through, because you want a chance at something else. This is disruptive. There are people, I have learned, who will fight to keep a disease and actually may only fight against it because of what they have seen on a television show, commercial or film.There are people who have to see that having seen someone do something, does not mean that they know you in return. I hope someone can now see, that whatever they may have called to address a situation is going to show some where in this blog specifically what they are designed to do and will continue.  This is my initiative to help people stop being confused. There is also something to be said about not arguing emotionally with accurate data. That does not mean you have to shrug, that means to address people properly and do the work as required with the information available. There is a problem if someone cannot see how this is not "free information". There is something about being specific about having read a "mothers" bible and not one that belongs to you. I have also had to learn to make adjustments due to people who have benefited from my correct in group and partnership. They often do not see they seek to overwhelm me where we should be sleep, exhausted or working at the same time. They also end up with issues that they want me to be apart of when the results presented in partnership indicate this should not occur or that I should not have to respond when I have done work in its entirety. There are some people who want the reward or advancement and have not learned to use the lesson. There is also actually something wrong with young people who have been seated at desk all day and failed to do anything, they appear attentive or non-violent when they are not. They also may be making plans that no one will be able to stop once in action. Some people just have to suffer from not realizing they are attacking their own people, while others are attacking or no longer have to because they have done it to themselves and something about having a toothbrush makes them not properly respond. There are also people who go into the school day after having experienced incest and argue like they are being attractive to someone in public or organized settings when they are not. People cannot notice they are being scared because of something they saw on television or film and not actively participating in something, that they even would win.The last comment is the one when young people cannot see that people are employed and being paid and not actually paying them attention and that they often find problems with they actual supporters because of this. This is the "good choice" based on several weeks of amazing learning about what it means to make one!

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