Trigger Warnings And Bullet Points; Shared Conversely

January 27, 2020

If you watch the video in the next blog, understand that thier is a drill being run to this day on people whose families went down in the fight and young people who continue down that path and do not learn and succeed properly. You may watch that video called "Bloody Sunday" and want to go home and make some changes effective immediately. There are even family members and community members who you will weep about or may have revered improperly and need to make major adjustments. Allow me to state the obvious in a world where people have been exposed to text, even if they do not read them, that most if not all writers form their experience or theology with one person in mind. There are people who have become aware that multiple people have add access to things like "Bibles" but essentially there are only two or so people that are identifiable recipients for reading. This distortion sometimes makes people ignore the preacher, teacher or figure that they would walk a million miles to hear from. There seems to be a blockage where people want to get to me because of what they hear when someone says rope, including that there is something economic. No one is going to give up their seat or ability to receive what they have already experienced as great lessons. I will not overlook those who have always been, to review something with people who have initially declined. Some will point out what seems to be a lack, all it is, is when other cultures have accidentally went to copy something and have the ability to make a fix that will make them of use to society and their family when certain people in my cultural group will be unable to. Let me mention that my life is a long list of interruptions from people who have been included in conversations by people who do not realize that everyone has not gone to school or that due to internalized racism they attack people at levels of excellence that others cannot reach but can see someone get attacked for when, that is the right thing to do in particular situations, that those who are attacking have no exposure to. Why yes, please do continue to investigate instead of celebrate in the most obvious of celebration area's about things that directly showcase illiteracy and mediocrity in real time, where there is no remorse for ones actions. As in the days I respond to people who would put on hoods and not reveal themselves and then are addressed about my navigational responses that are more than correct, those are the days I would pull the phone lines out of the ground and sky. It is like someone arguing with me about what "Mary Sutter" did when they cannot read or asking why that is not important when they are in graduate school. There are people who would do anything for something and do not realize when people will let them keep going and insert "their own" into an equation. Especially in areas where women have learned how to protect home and space so that the men in their lives can compete. This has been taken away from many conquered men who send their women directly into battle or respond mindlessly to things in regards to them in the middle of a journey that will then have other women proceed and bypass a man who even may have superior skill. This often happens when masculine performing women insert their voice into a space unknowingly. There are people who start organizational battles where individuals should be in organic pursuit. It is like interrupting someone in the middle of doing something that is going to get food back "home". People who do this at particular levels showcase errors in the system or thinking. No one should think to bring speaking into an area where there needs be none and wonder why someone speaks in the area that is designated for this person to do so. The intersection and cross fire make no sense, unless the person is the opposition and then will be treated as such. I am now being irritated by people who perform at levels so low that I have to give international high fives and laugh at anyone who cannot see that if they are in the same space as me that this is validated. As in, can you notice I perform here when there is access for women and minorities. If I am typing and publishing you may fail to notice that I can see that you are the completely emasculated, or not doing anything male or female that is being pushed as hard as a male counterpart and being upset to see a woman doing womanly things including in the way they do their work. It is the suffering of seeming like one is failing to defer, when one can see that access to learning to read is available and so is voting and that they person requesting the deferment have not adjusted to modern society in a way that I can visually and participatory see is proper. This information will teach that all people in a particular space should understand that "animal" is a category and mammals and humans fall under this bracket. Some people make something false where there is combat for "food" or resources in the immediate moment. I would sound ridiculous if I say someone is laughing at me about the way people aim to put education barricades in religious practice as I send heartfelt praise through pedicures. As in yes, we are dealing with what would be a billionaire and world leader but someone keeps adjusting themselves to you are a 1st grader when I am a 5th grader or you are 30 and I am 50. People who "we" can see have not come far enough out into the "battle" to see the accomplishment. I have also learned that many people in our generation suffer biologically and psychological from the societal restraint that knows that there is a border and oceans and cliffs that can cause imminent death. "We" will look like we are lying because of some structure someone else has identified us with in the immediate moment. The answer is still "no" to us. Then here is the thing if I and others happen to be "so and so's" and we happen to be educated and award winning what about something like "me" being in the library is making you bring a challenge or "me" advancing at my level of education and suffering the consequence of what will occur if I do not make you think you have defeated me. You may be looking at the impoverished, war torn or lack of something that is coming from the community and society that has impacted the library and associating that with the overall purpose and economics.I do suggest people realize what women in a space has done for access and safety. As in please notice people getting ready to get their "night sticks" back when you think this is incomparable because you treat me as if I cannot read. In this regards I am like the "educated white man" that you cannot speak to when I excel academically at an early age. What I am doing is not incorrect, you are being challenged by the fact that I am a girl and may have never seen this particular process occur in real time. Or the impact of the irritation validating, me also and others like me getting ready to want to use a "night stick". This is not racist. Here is a sentiment to explain the experience and if it seems jumbled or confusing it is because no one has ever actually spoken to you, in general: 

The above articulates and experience of when I and others understand a statement I make as truth but those in the area are not aware and/or will never become exposed to the fact that the information is correct and validated out of their sight. I and others like me are often challenged by people who fail to realize the immediate truth and then the immediate attack experienced by people who would protect them to convert or weaken them and also make them less empathetic and put them on a trajectory to go for self even when they come into an abundance of resources. No one with twelve years of access to education should be seeking to validate anything I produce with an "amen" nor have time to navigate the area. They should be involved or doing something. Amen's do not go here so to speak. I put my excellence at "woman" which is why some people feel something is not occurring because they have not realized that they are in the actually "manly" or masculine space and this is not in reference to sexism. Please do take some time to notice my contribution to society when my ability to participate in a space comes from being regarded as "cute". This is someone laughing, loving, learning and acknowledging that me and others like me outperform and navigate levels of "Lifetime Achievement" at "cute" and also will not seek to override those participating at initial response with those sentiments or having earned to those levels by competing or requesting those accolades. While also being more than humble and grateful for what "we" have received and proceeding to do what it is that we do while others can see "you" under perform because the "female" you see doing this could just sit and put lip gloss on all day in the space. This is millennial justice. I have also learned when sometimes I will just be a "casualty" and others should pick up this skill. There are also people who benefit from my non-violent demeanor and people who will protect me often end up in a fight with me where I am resisting them and they would like to address something that I cannot see. As in if someone is situated in an area where we are looking forward or adjacent so people can visually see in other area's when this person might be attacking and I cannot notice and then in an attempt to fight at the person or address the situation, they would have to get onto or into the interaction a space that is already psychologically guard railed off and would have to bypass many. The experience for others is like watching an occurrence like it is on a screen and wanting to get in on it. The problem for me is when people put emotions on to "me" like I am being "tricked" or responding to anything other than what I am doing. Most people do not realizing in this instance they are doing the same thing and just from an angle not so visible until another enters into the scene. Let me also mention in this statement about people who fail to see that people with material items and consumer goods who they aim to interact with as a person who has none can seem "messy" mostly because you cannot see how you bypass all of their items when they are situated properly in the way they where given to them from their family and then expect them to organize overwhelming amounts of material items, where you will not back out of the situation for them to do so. Their individual items are tidy and you would notice this if you stop walking past the entirety of situation. If certain people have something to say to me, I will say that they cannot read. As in when you can read, you know there is something to do and also know how to revere someone for something that is not academically or intellectually related. There is also a need for younger people, especially in family and organized schooling to realize that a person they go against will get addressed in a relational capacity. As in a mother and father that have cared for a daughter experience a new child as just that. I have also learned that people who have not developed in the school system need to realize relationship building and when someone cares for children who grow to have attitudes with them because they are aiming to figure out why they have "disappeared" or if they "left them. There are people who put themselves in revered positions when they are not or put people in danger and act like they are not being "attacked" all at once because of people establishing relationships and then being scheduled elsewhere. 

No, I do not care about a check in as to whether or not "you are still in my friend group or still love me" because you do it like a person who missed the lesson on racism in the textbook and whine as I type and think something is mean when you get a death stare or dismissed. As in, you are breathing is a real life reason to have something else to do and not be checking on things of that nature. My literacy also causes normal life lessons to be interrupted or rewarded with job experiences because I can communicate back consciously and without effort and because of the sentiment I return. Where there would be a good job or don't do it again I have already drafted a business plan and restored based on my own development and overall comprehension. This can someones make me and people like me actually mean and cranky when we should just gloss and sip. I am moving forward with my gloss and sip movement so I do not start competing with people aiming for citizenship who really need to work for their families so I can put a glitter star in my planner as having met a new challenge and become one step closer to my lioness dreams. I guess someone made a call one day that put me in the, line if fire so to speak. I mean what opposing group wouldn't want reading, literacy, natural desire to collect history and grow something to be seen as nonexistent and silly. There is something fun about understanding what an independent contractor is and how two people will forever be barricaded and blocked saving a mass of people who need it. How they will endlessly have all the information, resource and skill and be challenged about where it should go to or why growth isn't occurring and have to realize why on their own. This is when it becomes important to know not to let pride come in the way and know that if someone asks why certain situations are happening that they have an equivalent or worse in their own story and that is what the people who would want people like "us" to keep going want "us" to know. I should also mention that people talk to outfits and affording shrimp seems abnormal. The day people say that "we" have been able to get by all these other people and "she" keeps blocking something because so many have failed to teach or comprehend that there is only one table with a "setting" and it is not my place to fail because others have allowed you to overstep this. When someone goes to give me an "insult" I will see if they can notice that this is while they are speaking in the library. This is my gallery, this is my song. 

 "Just Be On a Date With Me, Forever"

 Like, seriously.

 Allow me to add the predicament that many well meaning people are in. It is the one where their private affairs and business is being spread among people who should not even have access to them. They are being challenged in the most ridiculous areas. As in the day a working woman with a salary, is being put on some type of "trial" by a group of people who should not even have access to her or know about her in a particular context. There are people who do not realize that they are creating peer groups at 9:30pm when they should be at work and then claiming to be scared or bullied by the people they should exist with and understand are doing exemplary work. If you start an argument with someone like me, and bring in a group of minimum wage or unemployed peers into the affairs of working and well-kept people who will show you that you are bragging about pushing off your peers, co-workers and the people who employ you without realizing this. People may help many times to see if the person can see that they are attacking the "peer" group that is being established at 9pm in the location they should be at and essentially launching unwarranted war and familial interruptions. The person who I have experienced do this points out people doing work, at work time and then enjoying the rest of their day and acts like people aren't living or are then being extra. How are you staring at people behaving like they have a particular employment schedule, when you should be having the same ambitions or down time as them is the question many people would stand together and ask. They then bring people into the area who will actually get their feelings hurt or cause arguments because the person who is out of place makes it seem like, I and people like me are interacting with the wrong people when "we are not", however, "yes we are" because of context can be said at the same time. There are working people who would be dominating in their field who are in an entire wrong placement. I have learned in my life to realize that sometimes what seems incorrect to me, is actually correct for someone who has failed at something. They may look "off" to me because I once shared a space with them and are not aware that they failed in that space and what they are doing signals that to the proper people. There are people who have to learn to be specific and recognize when to give a compliment, as in "I like your hair" or "your work looks great today" and then leave from the person and not create relationship because you like their eye shadow. Some people think I am weird because I am in LOVE, LOVE, LOVE with what I learned about internalized oppression and pin pointing things in my own life that would be the same thing and being bolder and bolder about them. I do use the theoretical framework of understanding that people do this in regards to "skin complexion". Identifying what is my version of "skin complexion" that someone would attack and then making sure I do not internalize this is something I love to do. I choose "skin complexion" because that is the "born with thing" that is totally silly to have a complex about the way people would want some people to do or the way some people are then able to dominate because of it. Some people think not following internalized oppression schedules is problematic. As in, why would you not feel bad about your skin color because whatever I am doing is making people not able to get away with things they typically do. I have actually learned that in a mediated culture young people have begun to speak to people or listen to what they would actually call the crazy person because they can understand the words in the immediate moment and then have a psychological experience that makes them put it into proper context on their own and allow them to continue through the duration and then they realize the person has already been sat out and other people are wondering what "communicated" them all the way into a particular space. I have had to suffer a life of being "stalked", while also being literate. As in, I would get kidnapped because I talk properly and people who may be keeping me safe may be doing so without words. I have had to learn to ignore people who have inserted themselves into my life in area's they do not exist. As in I can see that as a child someone aimed to start a problem about my school bus stop being near where they live because they happened to see me. They are asking people to deal with a situation that does not exist to me or occurs when I am properly independent. Where some people may be able to have a little pat on the head, I and my "friend" group are going to "go off" and this is obvious. Some people look silly saying, "I stalked someone and now I want them addressed so they do not attack me for it". What would look so crazy about a "child" you stalked playing with her items and living her lifestyle that you stalked all the way into? Other than you stalking. This is like following someone to where they have an interview and acting like they should not be there and thinking you should be able to request their private information. I will say what I suffer from in my life is people who do not do enough work in the work day and then attack relaxing people or have conversations that make no sense to "THEM" because they should see there is no energy for conversation or purpose for that dialogue where they aim to insert it. They make people who complete things seem like they are incorrect.There are some people who will have to realize that their "parents" are even confused about their behavior because they are acting like what would be appropriate or successful for another "child" from watching commercials and things like Disney Channel. They are developing the wrong habits and wanting to be rewarded where they will not be. As in they would get applauded for folding towels and should realize the consequence of behaving like the child who will get a reward for throwing tantrums. The people with this experience feel like people are attacking them. It is also awkward for a person who has to deal with the attack of an unattractive person who has developed a behavior from watching television and wants to say "you got fat" and fails to notice there is no response because they look so horrible that it makes people like me wonder if they have seen themselves. The answer is usually no. What they have seen is someone else's pantry that is in the place they can live and assumed it as their own and grown an esteem that cannot be attributed to anything anyone has ever done or said to them. There are things people want to explain to people who may have had something or other to say because they have had access to a "calendar" and make something true where it is not, some people have to learn a stronger ignore of wanting to go "back" to address people who have already been addressed and cannot understand it or need it over and over again because they keep noticing that it is "Monday". There are people, especially women entering the work day that need to realize that not everyone knows a schedule and sometimes they may be establishing a relationship on "Monday" with a man who doesn't know what a "day" is and is just present in the area. In addition some women are having attitudes with husbands and spouses and because of their reach because of education and political involvement are attempting to leave spouses, boyfriends, community and more for something that would even be seen as low achieving to non speaking "animals" in the wilderness. There are people whose eyes have been "over exposed" to literature because they did not engage in reading it fully. These are the people who keep "jumping" over everything to get to the one statement that they then use out of context and without the battle that was fought for it.  A funny thing I do is applaud proper behavior and send messages to the people who have "taught" and established such so that they will not feel depressed about when a person is "not working" and see that "their method" still does and that there is a difference. Where people are exposed to school systems and do not learn entire concepts there is a decisions that is often made without words when slavery is discussed. Many of what people are dealing with unaware are people who, would identify as slaves or having psychic trauma, who are going into the absolute behavior of someone who would enslave people, chain them, whip them, stop the from running away or go all the way from the south to the north to find them and trash talk to them. They fail to see when reverse psychology makes them do this to themselves. I have been impacted by developing the identity of not wanting to put people in danger, this attacks my adventure spot. I have more bumps and bruises than can visibly appear because of ingrained safety methods. I have metaphorically fall out of a tree and broke my arm and aimed to climb back up. I have learned that there are people who fight violently for things I have earned the ability to do, they see my wardrobe or spending money or things I have earned and practically try to push me out of the way to get to something they cannot achieve and do not deserve. Many people cannot see they have started a war like or gladiator style fight with me and cannot see they will get dissed because I am alive and blogging and the look on my face indicates I can understand the overall occurrence. There is music playing where my next statement would go.There is also a such thing as wage slavery, some of the people who are about to have their checks snatched are ones that keep peeking around the corner at me and all metaphorical equivocates  and I have an attitude that is going to cause controversy. As a person who us professional in developing the proper education and life space for women and girls I teach women and girls to recognize when they are being successful and bumping into the man, who has failed but is present in the area because of manhood and the intersectional issues being addressed. Some women need to see where to relocate or use their education when they are no longer in a school day so they do not become manly, or weak and perform or exist in a dominating territory like the failing man. There is also the blind spot that comes for high achieving women and youth where people who are applauding them in contemporary society cannot see that they are not including something or doing something because they have other things to tend to, that will not interrupt their lifestyle. The rest of what someone might want to hear or see may be disregarded by what the person has access to or the fact that they can take a break or cancel with no reprimand other than the annoyance of viewers that they do not know are there or should never be able to reach them and only can, slightly, because of technology. There are people acting as if technology has always existed. Yes, it is obvious when people have been overexposed because they cannot see when to get out of someone's space or see clear and established boundaries. Here is the confusion spot for many, let's say you see me with a role or responsibility that is clear and obvious. If you choose to use technology to step outside the space to challenge this, it may take a while for people to realize how much of a error they are in or how much danger they have put themselves in attempting to override something. There are people who cannot see that they have failed to give proper attribution and that what they have created or designed will not work out because of what they have chosen to leave out. Someone is being "tall" where others are being smart and being confused by this. It is like a giraffe thinking someone isn't going to climb a tree and get that fruit before they do, if the fruit is the goal. Focusing on what the giraffe is doing is a clear and obvious no. I am so literate some people attack at me because it appears like what is a "stalker" is something I am allowing. This showcases the illiteracy of others. The backlash of the health industry is when people are arguing at work on proper timing and wanting to make it appear on someone else's surgical time or jail time. If someone cannot understand enough to completely eliminate something then no, I would negate participation. There is someone aiming to put themselves in my life and causing people to have something to say where they are of no existence in all honesty. Stop including me with people who have on poor beggarly clothing and behavior when I do not. My literacy also makes people attempt to address me for things that have nothing to do with me, like who an adult has over 'their home" that I live in and because I can read I speak properly and respond correctly where people are looking for aged or locational responses. There is something being showcases about why people should be removed from a particular area because it makes things even start or occur when a person would not understand, in the way someone is attempting it.  I view certain things as an automatic attempt at assault and not relationship and so do many women and girls who are actively being righteous and not knowing that someone else's behavior is causing them to be spoken to or attacked. Because I am educated and well-dressed does not mean I know when someone is aiming to send sexual advances the way other speaking women and girls would, especially when that is the only reason they speak. Someone is aiming to put the word "fight", where there is only one word and this will not change. Ever. People are expecting from me and others like me a response that indicates we cannot see what something like the government is already doing when we can. It is knowing that a building you walk into says "government" on it, and realizing many people walk in and do something at it and will look in successful people's face and ask what does "government" have to do with anything. Someone does need to share that students who fail but have classes in second floors of buildings attack professional and high performing people who may be on the ground level or in a basement. It takes a second for their F to show up and for them to realize everyone else around them is simply being correct. Someone is asking me "captain of international hood queens are us", to notice something about instruments being missing when my peer group has sports practice, shopping trips, arcades and other things we are doing. It would take me ten light years to notice and two minutes to collect without asking and show up and "shut everyone down". This is obvious, to "us". There are also people hoping I can send a message to help young people see that they are responding to people have seen too much Judge Judy and Madlock and that nothing they say is correct in the sense that they do not have actual access or authority in the way they aim to insert themselves. They want this to be true of me and others when it is not. No one who is successful under the law and practices that have no mirrors are caring about attacks on "pretty". As in, these people do not have enough exposure to even know they would want coffee, they do. They are using household lotion. There are people who need to see that people may have actual bad attitudes and talk like they are all that and they are developing this from the television or in the "slave fields". I have had to hope that people understand that people show in more ways than one who will be handling what, and often yes for ME. And yes I have to just laugh now knowing that people who look incorrect to me, are doing internalized oppression and white supremacy perfectly. I also am not ashamed of knowing that there are people who suffer the confusion of film watching and do not respond in the NOW. I also know that I sometimes have to a "specimen" even if I can read and develop an attitude about it. No one is going to stop making sure I do not drown or think that certain people where unresponsive to my awareness about a kidnapping, which makes ultimately two people in the middle of "west bumble" at all times and cars are the only thing confusing people. There is something funny about saving myself at the same time as others from being a backseat driver. It is knowing things like I  am registered to vote and getting put in a car by someone growing up makes me show up in their timing and appear as if something is not. I will actually always wonder why people who by definition look silly, will not listen and then think I am the silly one. Also people who have not gone to school, who cannot see that lots of people are speaking and writing to each other. I would just need to adjust my life to realize some people cannot see what jail is even though they have been to it and they should stop aiming to make other people go for no reason. Some people cannot read before they are going to get "employed". I am reading and aware and not going to do something that is clearly problematic. I also really have to just get over knowing when people are just going to sit and look silly and not realize that the people they saw on "tv" are not even going to interact with them.  I can also see stolen furniture or one that comes from sex work, using this as an indicator of something will go over my head and others like me. Some people are calling "slave" successful, and I am learning I guess to not argue so to speak about this. Oh so, apparently I am getting left out of something but I have to get seated as the best and then am unable to help or give the obvious information in the immediate moment to people who could really use it. There is a difference between people whose bills are up to date and people's who are not. People can be homeless and live much better, this is obvious. I feel offended by the ignorant commentary, when it is obvious that I have the correct information. Anyone who thinks circumcision is born that way, that police uniforms aren't new versions of something very specific and that "Black" or "African American" isn't a racial category is incorrect upon arrival, waking up or aiming to do anything. When people want my help or support, is where I am in complete diversity and racial democracy and peace. The answer is the obvious no, and the argument about bonding with people who did "xyz" to "them" is null and void at that point and more than obvious. I have to sit and wait for the "heros" that they are in this moment to dismantle the last "crack attack" because the men failed to do so by excluding the proper women, like me. I am also withholding comments just to support a particular someone in a situation that is beyond his control from growing up. Like when people mention that people will be responsive to my health, life and safety and should feel shame to see what they have been through. They may fail to see it because they are still identifying with someone else's experience from television. I guess I should make a list of "slapped" people who are not slapped because of know about death row jail sentences and I do not want a short stay either because I am saving my "goodies" so to speak. This is funny to literate people and readers. Let me mention to a generation of people who "love me" and others who do work like me to death what it means when they say "No, I didn't get an email" to someone speaking to them from an administrative standpoint and they say this to lie and get away with something without realizing you are saying the person responsible for communication did not send an email. Many amazing community people are having this experience. They many times do this to their "favorite" person or groups of people. Okay, I see that some people are in the middle of interactions without even knowing a sword exist. They call out the behavior of people who do. This is the irony of people apart of a mediated culture that has mandatory searches that they are unaware of for media causation of academic or professional response. I have the weird behavior of the person who would be marked as N/A because I keep having the equivocate of a number two pencil, like all should. They then call me out, when I am beyond complete. This is where I get ready to almost find some sticks and matches to help out with something because the behavior is annoying. Yes, last thing people who are speaking to logos and brand names and not realizing when a person has just got a Nike hoodie for the first time and it is a milestone and becomes attacked because people include the "hoodie" in a group and not the person and then actually attack everything they are accidentally or make "poor" jokes that they begin to understand for the first time. There are men and women but I will focus on women and girls in particular spaces who are being inundated by men and boys who females put in a certain group or area because of a logo or name brand and they cannot sustain in the space and become violent or aggressive. All people like me have the same report or profile that come from people who have normalized indoors or the feeling of being trapped that way. They also many times fail to see the problem of the integrated school day where children are gossiping and bragging where it sounds like telling or reporting a problem and even making a normal joke. Apparently I am or once was the cutest baby ever" and the delusion of adults has people not seeing that everyone would want this title. I even think I got accepted into college as "cute" and then happened to be the "best thing since sliced bread". I will conclude that I have chosen to input my thoughts where other people's attitudes or out of nowhere commentary would make someone think that the "sun does not rise and set on them". I help young people and people in general re-frame their thinking. It is when people say "oh she got whipped or beat up or hit", rather than saying " the person or I am or was on drugs and had a emotional response that made me pick something up and swing or attack who was in the area." This is important for children who frequent a home to see because it may happen once, multiple times, or once in a larger schema that isn't easily understood with work schedules and clocks. This is when people should realize that their "profile" is what is being attacked, or that they are simply the person present. Anyone who would aim to make that the focal point of an insult or rise to success most likely says conversate instead of converse. I guess I can share here that I would know to add for specificity that my "target" audience would be people that would still read without the pressure of a school assignment and enjoy chapter books, conversely. 


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