Opening Statement: Educated, Loved, Included and Age Are Different Things. #ThatSeriouslyFunnyThing

January 22, 2020


I will start with a brief notice for people who do not realize that in an articulate society people pointing out stories about women and girls being fought by their mothers or even killed by husbands is seen as keeping them out of danger or teaching them that they would never let something happen to them that they can foresee and comes at the hand of what would be called conquered. This is understood in articulate society and biological states on nature without words. Someone in the intermediate cannot see that they are bragging to people whose "families" or mothers have left them for "dead" and are thinking ass backwards about what they experience because of being the the vicinity of consumer culture. Many men and boys would stay away from certain women and girls, especially if they were not using media to create an alternate state of reality. Many women and girls would cry if ever asked to participate in "my programming". There are are men and boys in a mediated society that cannot see that "independent woman" is not the same as woman left out and allowed or thought to be in a household because of windows and doors and biological empathy. Anyone who does not see the difference between women and girls who are constantly "picked up", "watched" and taken over by family and someone abandoned may be very impacted by television time the is not assigned or regulated. It is important for many people to realize that media might be making them allow certain people in their space or share resources because they can understand they can get more or it will happen again.This is like a private message someone misconstrued as public information that is still very private and very sarcastic. I do care about race relations and mass incarceration. There are some people who want people to realize that they may have knowledge or a story about them, but if you "attack" them in a "military" uniform you are dealing with a "soldier" so to speak. Otherwise you would know to run at lip gloss. Something I have participated in does not make it always visible that I am the most qualified resource or it makes me not notice who needs the information or that something might be happening in the immediate moment because I am doing something or "not in charge" in the way you would discuss mass incarceration like a person who facilitates forums at high schools. Most people would not say that I seem like I am “violent” or discuss irrelevant things if they know that I have watched videos like this one below in the third grade of elementary school and responded appropriately. Yes, let me mention if I aim to tell this story, especially as a "child" I would be seen as lying or mentally ill. People will think this is not, has not or will not occur if it already is not in the works or formation. They need support seeing why people are "talking" out of place and acting as if people like I am when the obvious scenario of "funding" is showing up. This is testing someone's ability in the worst way ever from people who are "backseat television viewers". No, I do not mean like having playstation and tv's in the car like the one the guy drove that wanted to date me in high school. Let me clear something up the video below indicates happenings that are being sent from moms and dads instead of officers. I have lived in the crossfire of this happening and been told to not respond or say something because people cannot see when it is the same directive being followed. I have been taught and there is a difference. I am irritated when I have to fill in the blanks for people who should have the information already and put people in danger. Addicts, slaves and people in the trauma are staring trouble with kids who live like they win talent shows and have recess with other races. There is an issue with girls who end up in the school system in a mediated culture who fail to learn because they want something else and cannot see when their school teacher has never taken a shower. Then have a "weird" comment to make about this. 




I do not need apology but I do have religious philosophy and value at the forefront of what else I achieve. I can also see religion as universal. I would not be offended, but my ears will also always be active in what is required for me and what I need to know to contribute to the world. The people with my academic records and community participation now I know to be held accountable for knowing not to allow someone to make me an "accomplice" to something because of what they think I know. No, I never stole or something. This makes the other person unable to count, committing a theft, or giving. You may think I cannot see this entire situation or have civic duty the same way you may think that I never saw that video or it does not exist. #TheyAreWithMe #TheyAreBackWhereTheyGoTo #MYCMTConductorSaysThanksForTheTestRun. If you did not attend school, perform well you may think it is not fun and funny to have a silly email address because of a funny name schoolmates call you because of what you really don't do. Where is the focus is their concern. I am very aware of my location and my action will occur. If I see certain people abandon others will be addressed and receive the contribution. This happens immediately which is why it may not be noticed. Six Flags is an amusement park and no not a lot of people know this. Also, yes if you choose "other" on employment you will be treated like a "wild animal" because you are showcasing that you have not learned how to identify your social identity after participating in schooling. You may argue at people about what they are doing when they are being "black", "white", "asian", "hispanic". All people who mark "other" will have the same experience. These individuals also do not benefit from "date nights" and cannot conceptualize how to not normalize "unwanted touch" and then may want to be touched by someone in a particular way and keep trying to come around them so they can "force" them or do it the way they have experienced before and they want it in this circumstance from this person. Whatever I am doing is much different and funny when you are educated and not selling your body or "owned" so to speak by others. Some people cannot see the humor because of what they are actually left out of. I have a "sister" who would do a speech for me to talk about how I practiced being holy and educated and a contributor to society. She would share about how as a teen she fought grown women, old ladies, men, boys, everybody. She won't make eye contact with me and would try hard not to laugh so someone can see that I am practicing something and watching the excellence be called inappropriate as if the speech my friend would give will not show, what I did not just go ahead and do based on my real lived experience. I used the tools given to me, well. She can see from my view some grown men deferring and that is pretty much it and she can see where and what I listen to. Before I continue there are people who will know I am born into a family that experienced incest and addiction. They can see that those around me might fail to see that I am being better or successful and what they are attempting, if viewed on a screen would look like addicts, abused people and under educated ones arguing with me about whether my math equations are correct or not when they clearly are. Most community members would wonder why people keep aiming to bring my attention to what I am doing, to discuss something about my mother or father. These are people who exist like their is no government or as if they do not care. Like Condoleezza, I see the Soviet Union, I see terrorist attacks and I see arguments over oil. I also see people who would bow down to the Taliban and be scared to go to the Soviet Union having something to say. Let me take a moment of silence to applaud young women like Malala. Please do "simmer down" if you do not see the insult being sent by individuals, families and communities to those who would retreat and fail daily to see what is going on. The "you so bout it but you not on nobodies FBI most wanted list" group of people. #DerrickJenson. I guess I will say thank you for my attitude adjustment and learning that people have died in experimentation which is why I really should not be "at the wrong bus stop". I am working on something and wondering why there is gossip circulating about something I am not doing or have not done in years. #FreeAtLastFreeAtLast. I am disturbed by people who have watched something on film and taken up an identity that they do not have. People who speak as if "they hood rep them hard", when no one knows them, not even their teacher. How you supposed to be on "Ephesians" and making comments about my funny jokes about candy cigarettes and what everyone around me is doing. One time, one time business don't ask but one time. I think something about repetitive commercial watching has a "weird" thing going on. Yes I will. They fail to see that their is no room to "change" or "grow" because what they have presented themselves as or gone to hide is in the immediate area. I also hear Tupac differently when he says “who’d think in elementary, hey I’d see the penitentiary”, as a person who knows there is a such thing as a school to prison pipeline and those who can see it, understand and notice where exactly someone is in regards to what they are doing I can comprehend many who would “think” this.



I do see many people giving up their employment opportunity to other cultures and continents, even when they disagree while doing this in action. It really is not my fault if someone makes me aware of what prison is and how it impacts communities. I also am not responsible but I do help with communities of people who have heard or seen something that make them think that "rape culture" is something to them. You do look silly to the international public every time someone's "error" or life happening is blocked from public and others taught about by someone "shut out" or something. I'm like #HighFive. Let them clap at your sign and yes I have enough for my frap. #TeamWorkMakeTheDreamWork. I didn't fail with a student loan and then beg for money to come back and call it activism. The voices on "the black box" probably thought to joke about stuff like this #Iwokeuplikethis. You wonder why I am not "going to get someone" because you have normalized defeated "mothers, women and ones who have abandoned you and you still see them." I followed rules and you are doing something in the immediate area where others have trained to lie and misperform in the international public. We do that weird thing like actually eat at McDonald's and not sit around like people who act like they do because they saw a sign or commercial. There is a problem with people who grow up thinking "sorry" is a word when they are barely spoken to and never experienced being taught that sentiment. Keep denouncing because a lot of people are going to denounce you out of many opportunities like voting or learning from someone who would teach for free.

#WhatBankorGovernmentOfficialOrPersonInTheLoopGoneLetYouDoThat. I am not interested in errors caused by self esteem issues. Yes, this will look like lunch and all the countries will proceed to say exactly. #HAPPY.  This is as fictional as being "special guest". You still have over 3,000 Black History Month Figures to go. Pardon me, while I live through the adverse impact of toothpaste. I will not be offended if someone excludes me. I like to help the community and this has been acknowledged. You cannot make the connection when you do not see the people you put against me will not just wake up and walk out of the house. Let me say this perusual, as I have also aided with literacy and computer skills in other countries this is communication. People want to say I am left out of what seems large because is is 5,000 inside a larger spectrum of over a trillion. I am one in one hundred in the part of the trillion you do not know exist, do not qualify for or really excludes you the way you exclude people. It would be horrible to leave all of my commentary that I am able to make, like a person who would walk into the Soviet Union would. Can you see the hair relaxer I took out of my hair? Can you see the woman who works side by side with a man looking at me being a WOMAN. #NoWasTheAnswer. I am not sure why that makes people feel better when said in front of people you did not realize have said they would lynch you and put it in a text book and ignore you but your hair weave makes you get attention and you think you are a video girl. Notice man or woman where you think you "see me" is because of where and what you would surrender to and it is visible. Let me explain that there is a visible difference to the community of a actual high performing "student" and a kid who is being forced and punished into this. This is not my doing, they are attempting an insult and failing. They want to see the visual. I know a family and many people happy that I was able to share information that they would want available. As I sit and grieve the loss of my Grandmother Susan, I reflect on one of my inspirations for her writings and how she was able to get information. I can see a slave game in my face and see the intersection of awareness and challenge at the same time. Many want to tell stories about me and others. They tell them the way they share about the Bible and the stories in it. Many are in the state of waiting for someone to come back, even when they have heard the end of the story but do not see what they are physically doing. Many are just waiting for all my tears to go away to exterminate what is proving to be "more than less" and causing international problems. After going through school and passing at extremely well anyone who thinks otherwise is very impacted by "hair cults" and " television cults". I do not wander. I am always on task. I experience fear and hesitation in knowing that there was once no such thing as Kleenex and someone might "attack" if I reach over someone to grab a box of tissue to wipe my nose because it may have the appearance of something else. Natural reflex and matters of the heart do not comprehend tissue when their was no indication of this in initial psychological and biological growth. I am tending to people who want to heal from the pain of assassinations, threats of nuclear war, terrorism that comes from overseas and it being showcased boldy that if that wasn't my focus, YES I would be somewhere sitting like a "bombshell" all the time. That is my annoyance. The comments about me make no sense because what you see is someone working on pollution otherwise you would see the same level of strength showing up in another area. This information is important. Some people copy fashion and do not realize there is education and knowledge involved. I also notice when people combat those who are aiming to make opportunities for growth, change and awareness. I am a person who knows that people like Angela Davis do work against incarceration and there really is something eerie about being belittled or battled about the paradigm that is visible to those taking action. It is like the person who can read this sign and hear anger instead of “cheering” in the immediate moment.

People who have walked by this sign and are participating in life this way fail to understand why they are having to address particular issues, and not their own. The problem is when they push for people to refocus to adjust to this sign and make it seem like addressing the specific issues and needs in your own community is problematic. This is not so obvious to many people. I know that I personally do not suffer from attacks people would like to think. I experience the backlash of people's behavior when they code switch and make immigration and supporting  holocaust survivors they thing to do over addressing their own economic disadvantage, trauma of slavery the main point of their life and then want to jump into the cultural and celebratory practices that they have dismissed for the entirety of their life and even used "the signs holders" people so to speak to launch attacks. There are people who will learn that they are standing behind this sign or have already walked past it and look sillier than they could ever imagine. Which is why they fail to write about things that make sense, to them and others. I will always mention that these people do not know the government or whoever grades state exams gave me a the highest score when I write about "step teams" and my real life. Then watch people attack at this, to appease those who just called me excellent for it. They wonder then why they cannot do the same and realize the danger they would present to themselves after they see what they have committed to. I guess I will risk seeming racist when I have friends who share "rice and beans" with me, as I share my collards and cornbread, oh yes and our dashiki's. This is appropriate and may not seem like it when we then include "whites" who are being diverse with us and not the "black" code switchers who have dismissed and abandoned every and everything they would actually do, until it is time to do lunch or get the lead role as a video vixen; and, they often do not mind looking silly to those staring out the window at me responding. The fact that diverse includes the actually culturally appropriate people and not code switchers, captured people, people who failed to read or have an ulterior motive makes people like me know for a fact that comedy hour would be horrifying to those who would need support, "after the fact" only to realize many people who would be in that role are already laughing or thinking that is what they are choosing out of awareness. Even when no one is laughing and trying hard not to, the serious situation still has much humor. Especially when the people are attempting to compete at an obvious level of "no". I cannot help is some people have confused what it means to be hyper sexual and do not realize that all cultures do a "money dance" and their are women who would feel offended that certain groups aim to attack what they have code switched out of or cannot see they are doing just as another culture. It is when I am standing with people of mixed race and culture with the obvious sentiment being noted, that many fail to stop attempting to bypass the fact that there are a mass of people congregating with me and not aim to address me as "black" or because they know my name or some other whereabouts that I exist in. There are people suffering from people who cannot comprehend the difference between applauding access to school, someone attending or someone actually learning. I have lived in a situation where people are aiming to give directives and failed to realize from a calendar, a globe and entire lesson with a map that articulates regions that people are properly positioned, until the notice multiple McDonald's while in travel. I do not get confused about taking up my stance with the government or responsible party in support of integration for whatever purpose it was intended for. I will not apologize for being acknowledged as literate or non-compliant to oppression by those who see my response to the writing and articulation. Can you realize what it means when masses of people in present day keep pointing out someone's ability to "read" and in the same breadth articulating that their is no such thing as a slave or never has been. As in many integrated cultures should a few questions before they allow participation of people who have gone to school into their personal sectors. As in if there is no sch thing as South America, slavery, civil war, racism, Christian Crusades and the like by middle school or so to people who have gone to school, they should have no speaking role or interaction. There should also be a notice about young men who associate the "barbershop trip" for a "moms kid" with one that is respective to them and their identity. If you missed the picture of Crispus Attucks in a textbook, you are most likely missing out on most if not all of an entire subject or entity you participate in. Please remind people to stop associating themselves with something they have no actual connection to, because the controversy can cause grave danger. There is also a clear understanding of "grave danger" across a spectrum of people. I have learned a lesson about who or what shows or reveals itself to us in spirit and in practice. I have come to know the extreme measures that I may take or a response or reaction I may have but would not be aware of because the situation has not yet to occur from the pattern of behavior I can witness from people that have navigated around me. I also have learned to prepare for people who want to see like a "somebody" who want to keep checking on who is supposed to be doing what when they should be silent. Aside from racism, many cultures and people are coming together to help and support and teach people about the impact of things like soap and toothpaste and the impact they are having on community. There are people who are less than peasant, with no contribution to society who will go somewhere and distort things because they have bathed and even seek to bypass active and amazing leaders and change agents who have yet to hear of the invention of soap and teach in a way that leads people constantly to the waterfalls as needed for sustaining life and also to not overlook the rivers and lakes in their immediate area to get to someone else's path that includes a waterfall. Some people are not realizing the level of intolerance that comes from people who are naturally clean enough to enjoy the waterfall and not harm the biochemical properties and natural way it restores itself. Some people will need an attitude adjustment to see that they are in need of support services for the distress they may be unable to see they are constantly in. I should mention that there are people who even know that many buildings had to be abandoned or where cleaned once after scum and mildew built up. People behave as if chemical cleaners are free and readily available to them. Especially when they grow up with them visibly in the house, which is why the label says keep out of reach of children. They should not even notice them, nor think to get infected enough with something to need it or want to stay around infected groups of people. Watching television commercials or being apart of "other" people's trips to the store can also cause this chaos and commotion. There are people who have come to help, that do need to hear and read for comprehension and updates and also will respond to the response of people who should live like the ones who should not have something in reach. I guess there is someone aiming to say that they left me out of something prematurely, I am too educated and smart to care. I am not dependent and their comments come with no knowledge of me noticing where they defer at all times. Please do notice, that what other people can see is direct combat. Some men fail to notice this because they are used to the interaction of actual manly women. They notice the "biology" part, as in the different body parts and will make that truth, but fail to listen to the same people that will teach that the "stance", "pattern" and behavior that they enact is of a man even though you can see the bodily difference. There are people who want men that participate in this to see when men and women of other culture can see that the "direct combat" is showing a woman or girl who has won and will not continue to the point that the person cannot "get up" and it is racist to attempt this. Yes, the epidemic of soap, toothpaste and chemical cleaners make men often not see how much failing they are doing and send insults from slavery to free people who keep wanting them to notice that you are asking them to fight someones "employee". I prefer to partner. This is also making people think they need to communicate with words and most cultures can see the "code switching" blacks disregarding the actual racial category and also using words like people in famine. No one is going to start communicating with words unless in a "freestyle battle". There are people that think something is going to hurt me and others because they cannot see, that we can see that their behavior is of the "sign" and we are actually doing fine. I can see they are unhealthy and acting as if "we" are. They are making chemical usage mean clean when it does not. They have more often than not become weaker than they think and are moving quickly to get a "fix" that they did not know they were experiencing. In all honesty what would you want me to say as I literally come from a performance that someone claims no one was at, except for the full room of people who can pay $250.00 for a ticket. What should my response be, other than what it is? This also being earned at the level of not needing any hygiene products or material items at level of superior performance. It is like watching people on crack keep saying something to you while you are not on drugs and not wanting their body to pollute the Earth. I have learned to help heal the world of infections and hiring practices that come from these statements not coming in full because of someone rushing or not making the end of the day or week for something to be complete overall. It is important to know price and location of things like that in a world where people have movie theaters and see concerts on television that they do not correlate to a $167.00 cable bill. I am a humanitarian, no I will not respond in a way that starves people. I also do not make believe that people have access to health care. Some people are asking me to be a punk or saying that I am a punk, where they fail to see that my apprehension is at the level of being in the ocean and knowing if I take another step I will drown and nothing outside of that. That is also not fear, it is comprehension. Some people also fail to see the amount of resources people have and the point you may be aiming to make cannot connect when you want to say someone's room is junky because you are asking them to be on the speed of someone with one item, when they have several, family vacations to take and other things they are involved in. Also, note a person who is constantly being told that they cannot fight for themselves so to speak, especially by people who know they are in masculine territory and that the person is completely out of context. There is a person who cannot see that my schedule and level of participation is making me not "set up" like a woman or girl who has nothing to do. Otherwise they would not even be in the area. This will be explored and understood further, if you so choose to completely read this blog. I am learning the damage of having the identity of someone who would help free slaves and feed homeless people in the present day context. I am starting my "hell no" campaign today. I also should stop putting room in for people to "cry" without the tears leaving their eyes and I do this because I know they have been taught to suppress the emotion and fail to see when they person they think is taking care of them is not because they would leave the earth by rope, slave whipping, shipping, horse pulling, or just be dead before they would notice even if the person is blatantly doing this. I have learned to really not want anyone one my team who would still load themselves up like cargo, from people who went to use this statement like a smart ass to me and failed to see they are the person doing this. I also have learned that some people are around or causing trouble because they do the practical thing like take attendance at the beginning of something and then do nothing or use a template. They then argue with people who are doing amazing work and may silently take attendance or do it at some other point in time. That is often why they even get into the area because they have met the basic requirement and people like me know there is a standard procedure and may not do routine checks in the immediate moment and allow things to occur until final reports or something. I guess I am cure enough to be a person who people teach to survive a sniper, even if I was right next to the person being sniped. This makes sense if you payed any attention in class. Why yes, point out that me and the Latina's I am "acting like" are doing what is called not being a slave woman or on drugs to points of functioning sedation. Many people would stop making comments, because my messy room might mean in public that the person speaking this information did not do any work during the work day and the only thing keeping them is chemical exposure. It is positive when people with no identity misplace their identity and showoff what they have "declined" is makes people happy because they can see they have done a good job at something like keeping people out of the house so to speak. I am out like a person who does not have to be situated due to the residue of slaver and someone else just can't see that no one is speaking to them, because they have been on a set of other people speaking. This is my movement to help young people not turn into a dummy that just wants to be on television or not realize they are the person on television being described as a criminal and rapist that needs to be exposed because people are aiming to use systematic forces that they have seen on television that have yet to enter their life or communities appropriately. There is also another funny problem where people are cutting off actual interactions because of something they have saw on television and telling on people who are having biological responses because the camera angle in their mind is making them distort a story or situation. This is why many people need to not fail to acknowledge the update and what it is for and not make their mock "business dinner" that they are just having for fun because they are copying something on television override the actual information that needs to be shared or action that needs to be taken. I do wonder what "slavery" would look like to me if I had never read about it. I have to realize I have read about it which is why I may negate actual instructions for safety in general from what someone is witnessing and never had a screen or book to do so. I am safe, there are people who do not realize they are making something up because they think they should see me when I go out to the club or an event because they saw a film. I have had to learn to stay out of the way of bodily combat in an intersectional educated, religious and "jungle" like environment. I am aware enough to know to double check if I am suitable for something, as in can I get the information across from where ever I am, if not I do the other thing unlike many others. I should share that I have been taught that all people who live in a world with people who wear "prescription glasses" have some type of mental health issue. There is also a mental health issue being suffered by people who have children and community members who could have done well in school and gained employment or community opportunities and chose slavery even when they know the word, because they clearly missed the lesson in school and the person committing them to their request is clearly not going to make it obvious they can tell this. That situation, the "yes, I am a slave so what" and then wanting to do "Black Lives Matter" and attacking people ignoring them about it. Then people who learn about something after the fact and turn into something like a "runaway" and keep going to the most obvious thing or person that will send them right back. I am not in the part of life that is confused about this and I will nit be hurt when the problem is people making fun of lip gloss because they fail to see they would want some or have been taught to make fun of things they would actually want as a form of self-defense. Again, not all slave owners know about the Emancipation Proclamation or care or are responding in the timing mediated generations think people respond in. There are woman who have been defeated or failed in a particular combat who are wondering why some men and women would aim to distort or point out something that I have done when, what it is called is win or defeat someone. People with no mediated point of view will applaud automatically and laugh at whoever cannot see they are defeated over and over again and get ready to aim for the kill because they are actually hurting the feelings of women who could not meet or match this defeat and wanting to pull them in as examples. Many women and men from particular cultures seek my body language and opinion to understand why "they" do not see or understand they are defeated and that "we" are not responding to weak women or manly performing women. Some people cannot see they are asking overtaken women, to listen to me articulate what they cannot or the actual horror story that they cannot so I can say in the middle of the chaos and health issues in society my body was able to reproduce naturally and find safety biologically without systematic interruption and people cannot tell this because they have plans for next light year to go to the mall to buy something they do not need. Like when woman can tell they are with child even before sex education, a period or sexual intercourse because it is obvious what has started when you know words are not needed. There are people who missed the season of a show they watched that would have taught them that if they call someone multiple times from their workplace and the person calls back that the phone records will indicate this and the person will be applauded for responding and showing of no personal use. Some people cannot see that they are aiming to attack the women who bring them toilet tissue to enter the industry of "licking for cleaning" and fail to see the massive attack they will experience by people who have just learned about economics and know how to clean this way naturally and re-clean their body without anything. They are making money. There seem to be a bunch of "black people" who think that they are not "black" who cannot see that they keep fighting me and people like me because they are in the area of "black people" and would not have anything to say or present their delusion in public. Like the constant one of me not doing my science project that the school system has. Women and girls would like these people to go away often because they put words and situations where they do not go to, especially when it comes to sexual intercourse. I and others would want to know why certain people would keep pointing out a person is doing xyz up until the point of "violence" and aiming to get them in trouble by lynchers who have no plan or desire of speaking to them. I also am annoyed by the comments of people who did not grow up with toys as children and think they are ridiculous anyway. In all honesty if your man is near giving his whole paycheck to a woman for something, what makes you think this woman would feel sad or that society will not see that as a win. Most likely you not seeing the Crispus Attucks story. People are pointing out all the areas I do something culturally appropriate. Yes, I can tell when someone wants me to share that men who may be looking for a certain something are ignoring all the signals in actuality, as in not noticing women in lipstick and socializing with the woman who wears lipstick to an event or after work. The actual women are sending signals that people are misusing money because they should not have it and they are not the women that should be solicited, no women in the workday should. Someone also wants to point things out to people who already have learned about pigment. It would seem that people have just disregarded this information and they may think food is the thing to desire and not realize they are absolutely a "no show". I do encourage woman to articulate the "communication" of women who whimper to them that a man that has been reduced to a street walker, has misspent money which is why he is even in my area or around other women like me. They do without words suggest several showers to get the germs that come from their timing, out of your lifestyle. There are also women who would like to stand up for themselves in a mediated society, that they are just now learning about, to share that men and women in the present culture need to realize when a woman is not raped or even having sexual intercourse outside of biological reproductive responses. This is irritating culturally and systematically. It is obvious to those who can calculate but there a women who are annoyed at constantly almost having to go into war with men who normalize prostitution or relationship sex or pleasure sex when the action only shows up in biological congruence to reproduction. This is annoying women and girls without words and sustainable countries and careers that include no chemical agents, soap or toothpaste in the way particular people have learned to use them. Some men who are aiming to use systematic law to gain money do not see when they are in combat with women who will never speak or will put them to work and take money from them, even if it is in the way they shop for food. This is as obvious as "addition". It is annoying to see a person who can tell that there is someone who keeps aiming to teach them to do things in the way that caused them to lose their hair and be upset when they decline. The buildings and awareness of practice and procedure via television make people keep things going for no reason. Also, I have had two personal situations that are funny to me. Especially having participated in Drug Awareness Resistance Education Programs, it is realizing the people this includes even when you have normalized their behavior in the immediate area. It is also realizing from television watching some drug addicted families have been able to still do the actual task or duty, enough to have everything how it "should" be so to speak and their "failure" area is where the annoyed person, or person who realizes they are they "thing" also to resist so to speak doesn't realize the last direction they were able to speak to them is a correct one, even if they cannot continue the upkeep because the scenario is only there because they have watched a sitcom or film in the entirety. People may want to argue about this or may need to realize to adjust their natural "tic" to have something to say to just meet the needs of class participation when action needs to occur. They also may have missed the part of the Harriet Tubman story when people did not believe her, and what that means overall and where many people still may be or why the speaking should continue in particular areas. I would encourage people to think about what they have learned and go back to readdress something specific being stated that they may not have understood or overlooked. As in if no one believes their is free food, there will be lots of food sitting somewhere, nah mean. I am too educated to cry about some things. There are people who would throw me a Snicker bar and tell me to play with my curl pattern as I look at "grown men" who cannot see that their are people including me who can see that they are behaving like a larger two year old. Or that their living condition are for this and their body and habit does this even if mediated culture has helped them develop something differently in their thinking or positioning of their body in relationship. There are also people who cannot see that they communicate with technology but the interaction or result they are seeking will never occur. They appear to be doing this from a "ship" or captive like state. It is the thing about knowing how to take care of scalp, skin and hair-- even if hair weave is present. It is blood stimulation that is the thing to focus on. Some emasculated "black" men miss out on their life because they focus on the "hair situation where it is an actual signal of no poverty and aim to place impoverished women where even non-english or non-speaking women will gather to correct them. It becomes normal to "court" women who are eating food because their body is aiming to sustain a nutrient the same as a pill would do. No healthy woman mistakes this and knows the difference between eating for fun. The only reason "I" would ever stop writing, typing or sharing is because I grew up with textbooks and access to books. There is a non-speaking woman who is teaching me this and knows I should keep going and create the silent action like usual. The normal signal is "alive", but we are also in a consumer culture. I can name this and explain where other people's body language are "holding a purse" and still asking "what is this" and more than grateful to support people who can respond and acknowledge them as a part of humanity in general. Someone wants me goal. I aim for "belief" in every scenario that Harriet Tubman would not be believed, because I have been able to see her story in the entirety and also what people go to do after they begin to believe which is cause chaos that is irritating to people establishing society in the know. I am experiencing the internal laughter of knowing there are people who would know using a car for no actual purpose is crippling, and even participate in keeping up handicap stickers so people will know that is what is will cause but realize on the sign it says to take it down while driving for normal participation, while at the same time sticking around long enough to still look "cool" to people who have or are making the same mistake about driving. The "we" I am apart of are annoyed by people impacted by mediated society that have a "smart comment", "something to say"," or a cool comment" when it clearly isn't the time by design and sentiment. It becomes obvious to scientist and researchers and should be discussed so that people with no awareness of the theory or concept can understand why people are disturbing their ears and for what purpose. Yes, is the answer as to whether someone should want to have visible pictures in a culture that has an industry designed to showcase "others" in the duration of time that people would be apart and not separate but may experience a disruption from available content and imagery, that can also put them in danger desiring someone or wanting to get somewhere that otherwise would not be on their mind. Aromatherapy is also a real thing. Someone does want me to say "they are just conquered" because there is a better likelihood that they will read my work all the way through even if with negative intention. Conquered is what is being seen also, by people without words or textbook arrangements in their psychological framework. There are people who cannot see that they are aiming to teach about the "volume" of things to people who are already advanced in technology or people who still do not know what it is. I do not care what anyone thinks about me, as I teach women and girls a personal touch. As in if you have went to protect in your strength, if someone has went against you the answer should be latte over helping them not get knocked with a night stick. #EventPlannersRUs. What doesn't make sense about this? There are also some very educated men who would like women to learn to ignore haircuts as a deciding factor. Especially when Lorenz Tate looks good in Love Jones. Me and my "skwod" to not care about the comments made about us by women who would be abandoned by certain men and still hold them down in the "struggle" rather than support their community and have a girls night. They also fail to see they are pointing out "how fly we are" and nothing else. There is nothing wrong with people watching a "friend" compete and want to make sure the "friendship" still exist. No one argues about "dick" when reproduction is the factor. Sex work is actually a major cause, even accidentals, for reproductive justice. As in when men, boys and even females negate the reproductive experience but put a major focus on sexual intercourse. The women who reproduce are often attacked and targeted and not the ones sleeping with people for pennies and dislocating their voice box which is why they hardly start choirs, this was a message sent to me in bilingual. There is nothing weird about a mother who looks like her and her kid could live in a tree, because of over exposure to breeding and premature ideations of selling children and receiving something which is why they arrive in the first place. There are women and girls not speaking who would like men to stop attacking all the way into their life and routine because they have normalized the experience of manly women and do not see it is normal to not say a word and that there is nothing but an altercation that is going to occur where they want interaction of a breeder, manly performing woman or sex worker. Me and many women, girls and men and boys like me have been the victim of people who have normalized the behavior of people soliciting them for sex work, breedership or are competing with them at the manly level which is why they are in the area. The only area of emotional response is when someone wants to attack me for giving the proper description because I will not let a personal relationship override what is happening. I do know many woman and girls have died from the normalization of "working women" and people who pressure them, especially in their biological reproductive spot. In a mediated culture there are also people who do not realize that the viewer is inside a private interaction and they may take up a speaking role and not realize the person is going to be ignored or excluded or is being viewed by the listener in the scene as annoying. There is no reason to keep attempting to speak to a validated scholar because you know their, but clearly have no knowledge of what a scholar does and keeps aiming to navigate the area. Someone wants to tell me and others like me, that they cannot tell that by not being given a position, title or particular acknowledgement in a certain location-- when they themselves are putting the emphasis as this being the location for exposure-- that they cannot tell by action, assignment, title and interaction that I have earned something they have not. This may be due to exposure to suspension and punishment that makes them think they need to be asked to leave for a period of time to understand they are of no inclusion and may even have failed to showcase interest or active participation. Oh yeah, no I also will not help those who have disregarded me in my "Harriet pursuit" to share valuable information. Remember I and others like me are human and you will get what you deserve. Some people will be sticking to a very sad and harsh no, about changing their opinion about whether there is something called "Bloody Sunday". #HereIsTheJokeITakeOutBecauseIAmSmart. Let me also mention there are women who would want to warn men of certain cultures about when they normalize the attention they get from actual left out women because of what they have on or might look like. The key indicator is how or when they are talking. "We" are not laughing because "we" also have sat through a school day or religious ceremony. "We" are also realizing that what may cause us to speak is normalizing seeing people tell their secrets in television or in the middle of a story we are learned. As in, no, we probably should not be prepared for the part where someone lures us somewhere and will eventually pick up a weapon or attempt an assault, but we are. This of us to interact properly are actually "laughing". As in what is not funny about someone saying they attempted something and failed to understand the response. It is womanly of me to know when to just go and get another Pink Velvet Latte and hope someone sends me money to keep my virtual memoir up for the duration planned. No, I am not going to put energy and effort into hearing about how someone is concerned I have a hair dressing tool called a mannequin head because they think it is something else.

Nor do I care if someone whose education and social standpoint I can see, ones that have nothing to do with familial structure call me something like, ugly. I am also not opposed to my comedic endeavors of seeing if someone is worth me acting out scenes that happen in "Coming to America". As in yes, you can watch me go "arf, arf" across the screen. 








“You seem to talk about death, killing or something a lot”. This is the thought process of those who missed all the discussions about war, almost every day of school. Almost every day in a news report potentially misunderstanding what the deliberation is about and the fact that most are stats on who is winning. People spend every Sunday learning about Jesus being murdered, natural disaster, virgins with lamps and so forth. I would sound crazy to tell someone that it is bad to have spent twelve years in school and argue about women’s menstruation where everyone is supporting them with pads and tampons or towels and not understanding why you instead of them would be asked to leave. I should risk sounding crazy and say that Jesus was frustrated with a lady trying to grab his cloth that was really hard to get at the time, because she needed it for her issue of blood. He may have experienced it like the person who wants to take your sneakers off of your feet for some reason. I also know that books written by women were left out of the Bible and a group of men came together to select which books would be a part of the version most people explore to this day. I suggest no one ever get injured and slow down. I suffer daily from overexposure to really actual "dumb" behavior. Their are actually birth mothers who are "unable" to speak who would encourage behaviors from "Beloved" from the top of their lungs or tell women to "abort". That is the distortion some people face about what is occurring in life. I speak in educated circles like a person with international awareness. As in I have always wanted to be a mother, however, I also did give a written response about the terrorist attacks to my school teacher that was not an assignment and can see the delay and failure of many in life in general. I am concrete about if I didn't want to have a baby, there wouldn't be one with me! Many, many women would encourage women who do not feel the same to literally avoid the entire situation. Especially when what you are deciding is based on seeing children who have been bred or programmed. I also sound weird when I encourage men to "just cheat or something" because they have learned about infidelity or sin and not in direct correspondence to a "someone" and cannot see how to leave a "female" or just let "it" stay in totality and go date and do what they are doing. That is the equivalent problem. That divorce thing. That celibate thing. No direct ordinance and coming into contact or communication with those who do and know not to be swayed so to speak by ones who are slightly deluded. I am "rude" where I am exposed to prison sentencing, that can even be for being dark skin and I directly combat a certain behavior that derives from unawareness. There are people who should actually stop being offended by some people's commentary because it is slightly true and also showcasing someone "exiting" or trying to do something that goes against a particular scene. There are people commenting to be helpful about groups of people acting out "age" where even those who use it as a tool know that there should be no reference of. That will throw things of in specific culture and practice and make it look coocky. I am in combat with cell phones and people who cannot see the are excluded and being made fun of and often the cause of this because of awkward participation. Also learning about polygamy and that it doesn't mean you even see, know or ever speak to the additions so to speak. People have words and want to label "concubines" like someone would after and in noticing an interaction. I notice that I often feel like people should just "be quiet" and they are becoming annoyed because I am perfecting being in a academic space where there is no particular religious or community engagement and keep typing even if people are gossiping about the color of my charcoal face wipes and know this is cool or something. Someone needs me to get all mad, instead of "oh okay, better luck next time". I also get thrown off guard where other women will be "sucking and f'wording" with police and anybody and stuff and it becomes apparent that I am not veering off from something in particular or there is only a biological occurrence. I am learning to sashay and see if I can ace this interview I have Friday. There is a difference between clean and sterile and I am being targeted in an exact situation that would cause me to "turn" so to speak. As in yes with my knowledge, education, access and understanding a can of Lysol or lack of ability to get one is reason to move to another country to be sarcastic. I am also improving seeing people "flirt" with me or want to date me and keep joking when I am "running down the street" with "three hundred thousand dollars" in my pocket. I'm trying to see if I should set "this dude" up with a Black People Meet profile. Cross cultural communication, integration and all of that can become problematic when some participants have no actual role in society or their community. Some people only have one place to participate in something and some people are the "Queen" without words and really do not want to talk or know who they want to speak to at some point. Some people have to see that telling their "family secrets" is wearing their clothes in the wrong space. Assuming everyone has soap. Or ever had a significant other or know what goes on between the two. Knowing these things out of context might make people pursue people that would otherwise just sit, clap and be happy. I have learned to teach women and girls that they may experience and inferiority complex or fatigue from when they biologically or psychologically battle due to the close confines we exist in with other people's men, because being in the area will make us feel like a failure even when we are not or that is not a competition for us. The problem is when we are winning or losing for obvious reasons and need to learn to sustain that someone likes a person "ashy" and that we should use our knowledge to not psychologically and biologically digress. Someone cannot see by calling people like me "stupid" they are losing access to raises in salary and promotions. I'm that person, that template, that profile. This is obvious and not overlooked by the proper people. I will say if I have not already that no one has to regress because someone could not see the scientific method in action and wants someone to go backwards. There are also people getting laughed at because they cannot see who is in charge of employment and keep having an imaginary part as if they are in charge of what work is available or who has to go. Someone wants me to say something about my car. #Swinging. And if someone does anything else it will be seen by the international community. This is obvious to me at the start, like when someone keeps aiming to start, when we are at data. People who are making an assessment based on a movie will see they are onlookers and what they point out about people like me are that we are being amazing. They can't see it because they bought something out of place. This is my "new deal act", that someone thinks is not real. I will be "rolling" on sight. I feel bad for people who have taken the attention from community people over the acknowledgement where it should come from, because they get no attention. There is nothing better about getting a pat on the back from illiterate performing community members over a A from a teacher when it comes to an assignment. They are highlighting the person failing, as the person succeeding continues to participate in society in a way they would (you know what) to get to. #DownLowDownLow. Unfortunately, where people want to insert race I have "fam". As in the dude that is "white guy" so someone is like on my main line. #TellHimWhatYouWant. Something is wrong with people who talk because of grade or age. They often to not know what to do when they see no one cares the way they think they would or they just sound silly. As in "we" are doing minimalism and people with no access to consumer society but participate anyway think it looks weird. They are fighting someone else's fight. No, they really would not come for "them", I am already with the "gotten group". #NotMyFault. I have even learned some "Black" people make fun of immigrants and do not realize that they qualify for needing to apply for citizenship. They would be quiet or stop talking about the Mayor like they have taken picks of one's baby or voted in local elections. 


Many people make comments about me napping because they fail to see I have been on task and already completed something. They often also do not realize that whatever is deemed as authority in this scenario notice this and wonder why they come to them to address something they see me doing in my free time. The people who do this most often to not make the holocaust, slavery, colonization, Jim Crow, biological response, accidentals and more all appear at the same time and in proper context. Notice if you ever want to make an apology to me about something you have done that I am not aware of, the people you are speaking to might be protecting you from something. I am something like “bare-handed” and within five feet. I know someone who gave themselves an identity where society only see’s them as “dark”. Even if they are powerful and can contribute the disruption they cause is when they have no identity to whom they wish to interact with and also tells a truth that those around them have failed at teaching, preaching and or learning in conjunction. I do not even make eye contact and my first scene is not a wall or television screen. My behavior is what one would describe as “normal”. I do have a problem with people who “group me with them” even when others in one of my social identities tend to suffer from a particular problem that I do not. They fail to see that they should help me get construction paper and markers for the community center instead of just sitting and looking at the television or not responding because there is no “wear and tear” on their items because people are suffering from something and they do not have immediate combat or exposure to participate in. Yes, I have a fly girl, hood girl, pretty girl attitude. No, you cannot just sit there though and look and feel better than others because they are all on something like “narcotics”. I did well in Social Studies and Geography. There are more than one continent in my frame of mind. There are kids who grow up riding in the back seats of cars who see tires and other vehicles not “mammals driving” and for a reason that is unbeknownst to them. Let me mention here, that I would like to help with people who fail to see that they start a fight on their schedule and fail to see why I ignore certain things. If you are going to interrupt a fight you start with "well I have to get to work" you are asking me to fight against a commitment and whoever scheduled you in an entirety. I am specific about who. As in YOU have not done anything, the person scheduled and committed to employment or in fear has. Someone may find themselves in search of what is in the filing cabinet of a school system or for a curriculum that is a government document. Please notice, when I still want my "street cred" for the use of awareness of criminal proceedings, that some go happily into. I am also not confused about how I have someone who came for me, in the middle of an attack. Pardon my bumps and bruise and lack of appearance on the "School bus pattern" someone thinks I am supposed to be on and show that they do not realize that grade, information and implementation of work and assignments is the purpose and yes you can come into reality and borrow my things if you have earned the right to be seated at my performance level. People often do not see when they make ceilings and walls relevant in identity and conversation. They make a scholar in a library on task, someone's lost niece. I guess they do not see when I respond like a person who knows it has been (ummmm insert intellect here) illegal for "blacks" to read and that is even with the skill. Yes, please do notice the difference of someone having access and then getting a clap for when they choose to use it even when they do not have to. All of what I do is to make sure that people can get my point and see why location, their new learning or who is present will not stop them from seeing what I already can see and that I will not willingly let them bypass the actual fight they want to avoid to willingly go to handcuffs. That is a byproduct and micro racism that even the law would probably now realize and notice and take me seriously about my "sockem bopper boxing ring" that they will see is needed. As in when people do not see that there is a reason that cable doesn't have to be called "White Entertainment Television" and an obvious one. Also that the people you tell my statements want me to keep going because they are interested and enjoy them, not for the reason you would think or anticipate. Really abandoned children think that teachers and administrators are paying them attention. I would cancel attendance out loud. Let me also mention what comes with knowing that "black" or "slave" mothers where made to breastfeed other people's children. I can see who or what looks just like that to me and even if I am included I am using my education appropriately. As in yes, write a book instead of sitting giggly and thinking someone is going to give you a job when they have taken your breast milk and let you think it is crazy to run other lactating people into the area where someone can continue the pattern without being caught and make a person look "nuts" to anyone who would help if they could see that is what occurred. The thing is, I do not want anything where people are arriving with their excuses that are showing something else. Can I also mention that I have learned that men are calling themselves "raped" when a woman or man interacts with them in a timing that they usually masturbate while watching pornography, television or gaming. They do not realize that something is responding to their biology properly and or addressing where their death is about to occur because of it. Some people do not realize that is why they are angry or that other people can tell this. They also may copy people who openly discuss being offended by real human contact interrupting their screen play where they think this is hidden and it is not. They will then be shame when they cannot hide what is already being discussed in public and what is their actual participation level. I should share the thing about domestic violence, where because of laws, many employers and community agencies want people fought at or punished but keep aiming to force it into the household so that they won't get in trouble or miss out on their next paycheck because they can see that it is coming. Some people go along with it because they do not know what it means. Anyone with a comment needs to go back in time and see something about their own experience that they missed. Again, I can read, write and articulate where some people want to think it is not normal or that I cannot. Oh, okay let me share I am practicing not having a "tic" of thinking to pick up a weapon. That is why the majority of the population has stepped outside, confusion about something they saw on television and whose weapons protect who. And also doing things to aim to see someone's. Articulate people also often have to wait for a person to realize they are not going to get away with lying or acting like they where "attacked" and not responded to. It is obvious. People also do get PTSD from playing violent video games and people even after when the game is not being played are impacted. 


I do think it is somewhat problematic when people turn down opportunities that showcase societal advancement. Living in the era where Chrisette Michele sings at an inauguration reminds me of when Eleanor Roosevelt invited Marian Anderson to sing, even when she was turned down from another event.


I wish I knew that people do not realize that being addicted to something, does not only mean drugs. I have also had to suffer from being taught about the “who knows what they are”, which is referring to the police by people who have only experienced some happening where they come out of nowhere. They have taught me in a way I struggle with as a person who has a DARE Officer in school and one that teaches me about Stranger Danger. Imagine who looks like the actual crazy person to me. Most people are not around to give explanations. I am also in my life still very disturbed by a particular person speaking to me. A lot of people know I will not quit aiming to address this person in one location in particular. I suffer from the excitement or lack thereof that comes from people doing things like wearing their athlete uniform when there is no game for the day. Seeing funerals and hospitals might make people disregard statements about their bodies being deceased or diseased. They may also act like they or someone in the area cannot help them heal because of some other organized system they have seen. There are many people who want a group of people to see that they have only had exposure to me outside of one activity via the internet, in this cyber world that I have access to. If I had no access to technology I would be the best at kickball. This statement makes perfect sense without further explanation. This is me noticing when people should stop worrying about why I can type a paper while looking at notes in my notebook and not at the screen and with my fingers appearing to move wildly or something. I hope those people never had a computer class. I am not a person who turns on “my community” because I have funds for donuts and funds for beads. I would probably have more funds for beads if certain community members or people have not already strayed or decided to go against me and what I do. Yes, I have enough support for art supplies, crafts, face painting, ice cream trucks, carnivals, bouncy houses, cotton candy and more without even a ask other than stating the interest. What I choose still comes to fruition,  it is not my fault if you failed to choose “me”. I have come to learn that some “fake and phoney” conversation is only because we live in a world where sleep and knives exist at the same time. It is subconsciously hard to diss even a sibling or child that can reside in a home with you because they do not know how to just experience and emotion or pounce. They grab something and there is a such thing as sleep. It often seems like I clap or cheer in the wrong direction because people do not “boooooo” and throw tomatoes in the middle of church, work and formal events. I am about to start booing because some people have learned to speak over people who are actually being applauded with or without words. 

 The greatest answer of all time is, be quiet. 


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