Grab Me the Mic: Etiquette, Personal Traits & Habits of Mind

December 23, 2019

A personal trait and natural skill or talent is teaching without words, or written documents and showing how things develop overtime. I show people their request. Some do not understand that life lessons are also taught the way someone would develop material that another person would be able to teach in their manner. I have people who have the ability to learn from me but decide that they would like to learn from others and that is ok. I and others honor their request and they sometimes have a hard time seeing that I will be teaching them still just the lesson of the person they requested the same way a facilitator would. I always showcase who I am and my method or way of using the same exact information and then proceed to give them what they asked for. I do not become concerned with comments or critiques when I am aware that I am operating in someone else's framework per request. I always leave room for people to learn from my personal ways of implementing and doing things but they will have to notice that I have facilitated for them what they have requested, often. I have a skill in keeping up the task and performing what is required the same as Halle Berry can commit to her role in "Jungle Fever" in front of an audience. People try to force me into their incorrect behavior and environment that they have made correct because of what they feel they have or have achieved. I many times witness people wanting me to act like someone who would starve them or make them pay for food when they would be invited openly to a feast endlessly. If they do not attribute this sentiment for what it is,  like behaving like a person who would not lure them to enslavement, if they miss the opportunity they would have to deal with the consequence of essentially not being able to come back in the way they would have preferred. I will always think people should leave spaces like the library if they cannot tell they are a animal or they should go live in a world without words. Most, if not all educated people agree. As in, is what I am carrying a purse? If you say yes, then how will you decline the wording that tells you animal. I should also mention here that I spent a lot of my life making sure not to suffer from an earache I heard about from Chris Rock. The funny thing I do, is look at people's comments who have this earache unknowingly, hiding it or for some purpose in particular who see me know how and when to go on a head and prepare for my own personal earache and act as if they are not doing this in the entirety of their. It is as if they then want to attack choice, pleasure, humor and agreement. #OneSlapOneSlapIWontChooseButOneSlap #YesThisIsFunny


Some things are like a cookbook. I can teach you how to make something with someone else's recipe and will not "shake" if you do not like the flavor. I can also notice if someone I have taught has a chance to taste my personal recipe and has to realize that they chose to use my time, skill, resources and energy that I extended to have me teach them someone else's recipe. I also am not responsible if they fail to present at the proper time the entree that was taught either way. Notice, there is no problem or anything to discuss unless you have the problem of living like a person who wakes up and see's a wall and not human interaction. Out the door is the better equation, not mindless stare that then makes people fearful of the sky, sunlight and grass. "They" really is not a conversation piece there needs to be the ability to name and identify. Whose "event is it", has nothing to do with who someone likes better, learns from better or is closer to. Being the lead or acknowledged for being the head of something does not mean that others will not be revered. When new peer groups com-bust their is the irritating experiencing of being around people, even if you end up dating or being friends who would fight against your for an opportunity. The problem is when they behave like this when their is snack for everyone and fight like there is only snack for one person. Where I am "non-violent" or anti-weapon and with a particular level of influence is why some people are still in existence. These people only become annoying when they start doing the thing like copying cigarette smoking because they do not pay attention to cancer, second hand smoke and the smell. I would like a certificate if I smell that good naturally. #LaughOutLoud #AnnouncedOverTheMic


In a mediated society some may require lessons on how they have aimed to adopt the patterns and behaviors of someone on the way to a gala, performance or life they have built and in doing so done this in a timing that does not connect or correspond with their present reality. There are men who may be fighting off women who would wear lingerie because of someone who wears a "crown" on a weekday and causes them to overlook a poised, proper and overall attractive woman because it is sweatsuit day in their normal reality. This woman also may be appealing because of where no access, error, current developing behavior or discrimination has them on alone time or in a deficit instead of in love and success. They also may be desiring this in an area that is out of reach and causing women in their area that can succeed to be presented to the public as absent minded. The woman who has a text at the publisher and is resting rather than running around pretending that she has completed something in a work day. It is also knowing that it is groundbreaking to help people discover things like having been "sexually assaulted" due to the heat that a vehicle provides and how people have to make biological adjustments. These are gains for science and society. People have to understand documentation and research as such. Also, how to you attempt to attack at someone after they have "won" something so that another can win and not realize that they already have "won" and you are now showcasing their ability to keep their composure, not exist as if these things are not occurring, have excellent responses, offer insight and still know that an informal fun basketball game is where "the guys" do want to hear about what is happening to me while keeping the hair relaxer out of my hair and reducing chemical consumption. Context. Yes, I will adjust my natural instinct to call you a loser and laugh and choose to gain the skill of empathy for these moments that could cut me off from what I have earned in society. And yes even if there are errors, mistakes, growth and development I will still be programming at the public library.  This shouldn't be something that people think is expensive to someone who does organized and group activities. I am laughing at what I have to teach myself and the trauma I go through. I am the "ilk that is so nasty" person when I find out you can try on bra's at a department store who learns not to think that way, because it would then be me being silly. Yes I also do know people watch to much television if they think that someone who has no televised interruption is supposed to respond to someone about thinking someone is a pimp, when they exist in the framework where they can see they experience the situation like a cashier. And that this is actually obvious. I have no response because if you do not have a television show blocking the reality you would see someone who is not putting make believe into a real life experience. That is why people will fail to see when I am looking at them speak "jail" to me. Very pointless or out of context or very unable to see that I am clearly doing what I am doing. Like the typing joke, that will turn upside down if you cannot see to really notice what I am going to do if you come to speak to me about it. I do get irritated by people being scrambled most people that would help or clear things up are getting annoyed by, yes, their smell that they may fail to tell that they have. I guess I should share that comments to me, sound like someone saying people at the pool grabbed towels, flip flops and water shoes. I will address the comment about my "typing" being scary with something actually scary. I would also hope someone can see an overall response. Also winning at being deep in the blue. I always tell the truth and people typically do anything to feed their addiction. There really needs to be an understanding of the fact people do not have to eat much and that people's identity's are often not being fed, rather someone's plantation worker. That does not see the vocabulary of the person minding their business, typing an assignment that leads people to want her to be published. 


They may take up the offer of the "crown" on a weekday habit and fail to commit to the development that will get them to the woman that is right for them and would have no "larger" commitment than to them, their goals and overall success. I will say some men are giving up their "queen" and "castle" for a woman who has aced living her life like a commercial and hiding that developing that behavior in that timing would make a man not see that there is something "off" about them sharing alone time in the same framework and their will be none of what they assume or expect. 


There are people who fail to see that etiquette is something to be learned and mastered especially if it is provided to you in more ways than one. There are wild animals that have etiquette, speak fluently in the language of the society and are not what one would understand as educated. There is also something worth noting about the fact that adult does not mean smart, knowing, professional or expert. Many people miss the mark because they give these attributes to adults who are actually wild and without etiquette but are trained to participate in a particular system. 


Women and men also with educated, read or copied behavior who do not realize the etiquette of someone who does not read, "learn so to speak" or wear, use or do something without purpose often put their being into danger. I personally have learned etiquette and been educated. I can see when a wild animal is using the etiquette of a space and still not being private about a plan to attack or support someone or something. My personal brand does not make room for "I didn't mean it". The answer to me is always that you did mean it, you were unaware of something at the moment and wish you could take something back might be the correct statement for you to make. Unfortunately you cannot read your way in or out of a situation that you have created with wild animals who speak fluently and have etiquette especially when you do not believe that this is real. 


You may have been sitting around a "wild animal" with etiquette who blends in at the party or at an event or is actually partying and there is no other place to be. Many people do not realize they are showing disrespect when you plan in due time for someone or something else that is not present or in your circulation. Even if I was uneducated I would have the etiquette of a human woman who knows "blacks" and "woman" can vote. That day you are expecting a particular behavior, pattern or look might be the day you do not realize you are copying extreme expressions of oppression. Some people will feel that I and others like me are non-responsive to certain things because they fail to see their is nothing to respond to or that a shoe in the venue is the proper communication. 


Looking at labels such as disability and thinking it would be like saying or making something negative like cellulite in a space where their should be immediate comprehension of that is occurring is problematic to society. There are natural teachers who are being "dissed" outside of class because of what learners and students fail to understand. Or what they "think" they have accomplished. I live in a way that men have separated from women in certain spheres because they to not understand what "breast" are. There are women. There are women whose natural bodies may be attacked because of the appearance of women who seem to be being adored on television and in magazines that have had extreme surgery, work-out competitively, or have physical endurance or routine that causes a certain body shape. There are also women who can have a similar shape as surgical ones and are made fun of because of those who would want this particular shape due to something they have seen and imagined someone experiencing because of it. There is also an issue in society with people who have experienced schooling or religion in buildings that make people "parent" like tyrants or people who are sending people off to war because they have received a prize. There are people who would want me to apologize on behalf of the confusion that makes people think that leading men have to wear suits and cannot be spiritual, amazing and participatory in society in gold chains and Ciroc bottles. This makes people almost abandon, misappropriate and make people into something they are not or act as if it is wrong to be exactly who they are. This also is an insult to people who know that their "ties" are whatever someone thinks is a gold chain or gold teeth and that is why many should not disrupt their attire if they are not strong in a particular area. There are people who would partner but are taking on the role of competitor where they are not strong enough or in the know. People are thinking something is "going to make them look bad", and not realizing that behavior will open them up for robberies. As there is an industry that shows of attractiveness with pride and many people are cutting themselves out of this and missing out on life. I will say this here even if it seems out of place, there are people who have seen 911 calls on television and are calling to report their families or communities members about things that are actually positive. Some of the calls say "they take care of me" but I got "popped" and saw something on television that makes them report things to people who would not even allow them to be born or included in slavery if they are. Many adults who have earned and fought for things are losing "job holds" and things they have earned because their children are stepping out, out of context and ill informed. As in making statements the day after the assignment about the holocaust, prison, slavery, economic decline and having something to say to the person aiming to get cheaper workers for their telemarketing company. There are people abandoning learning and revering from their life. I guess I should mention that I do have multiple sources of inspiration, still one in particular, but I would like to "have a seat" so to speak that I would earn like a particular woman that I think is doing something cool and I also decided how "I would lose as something". To a "sibling" or the metaphorical equivalents and still keep my "gangsta card". This is my point of view, my eye sight, my interpretation, my no shame. Other people may put shame where they want to connect and cannot. This also makes it hard to navigate a space, when the people who disappear due to their shame make it apparent and then also "inappropriate" at a particular time to show my joke about how one of my theme songs would be "t-shirt and no panties on" and then everything becomes a crime, no bonding and I get chased down the street for lack of better analogy. Yes, growing up with Carmen San Diego and Where is Waldo is making me do funny "pop ups" showing things I have learned from people and check to see if someone can notice what I am doing. I can tell that decisions would be made and transitions occur when for the first time ever you see someone in a tailored stripped dress, with sparkle fabric, attractive sleeves and matching toe nails when this is usually not apparent, and having full comprehension of lack of resistance or interest in dialogue in general in a certain space at a certain timing. #YourGirlGoneGetStoleTypefOfThing


Shaping, sculpting and toning are not going to do what a surgical procedure would do to alter the shape or configuration of your body. I am a person from time to time who will utilize cardio or endurance techniques to help with the impact of pollution, mechanical transportation and intersectional schedules and life practices. I know there are people who do not understand my participation etiquette. As in no you should not share space and time with those not in your "ballet" class paid for and private at that. Commercials make people think that someone isn't telling them that deodorant is a secret. No, I cannot see through walls the way some people think that they can. I do not know why people would have a argument with "me directly" as if I know that they are wanting to know about my personal meeting with a University President who can ask me funny questions like is my hair hard to comb, nor would I realize people would make a ruckus to people who to me are hardly connected to address me about "school day residue" that is always cleared up that someone else is prolonging while I have not clue of the problem or circumstance. As in, do you go around telling people the amount of money in your bank account, if not that is what someone of what people want to talk about is and they do this often. It is not my fault is others are misinformed or not prepared for a conversation or discussion. There are also people who make up "relationship" and connection and think it is the same when it is not. I have had to learn without words that yes, private school sounds good and I am qualified, but it's Catholic lol. Especially when something like getting a job is in my psyche for after participation in schooling, when I do not even have to work apparently. I really just enjoy contributing to society. I still do feel funny about going to a particular place because of the experience of becoming bashful so to speak and also knowing that their is internal turmoil. Probably because I have seen a film and it seems like this might have been the tipping point where I turn into something that will start flipping tables over with no knowledge of how to shift the spacial identity. I also will teach educated and well read children that they can see something say "peanut butter" and not realize that even whatever is rich knows that a war may have been fought to get this and that we should learn to spread lightly. I also have learned to keep going on my journey and realize people who are also being challenged by my desire to not put "items" where there may be an esteem issue and how hard it is to accomplish this or realize where you or others have already done this. Or where someone has taught you this and you know appear as weak in an area you would be strong in, or are now having weakness in areas that you can see or just developed and can learn to become better in and stronger at. It is always when pushing past that breaking point that the benefit, the better, the advancement, the stress relief, the "no actual problem" appears and a glass of wine appears as the answer to all of life's problems correctly. This is also when my friends realize what "weakness" of others or where they have put material items at esteem has caused. As in when I really do need to not be looked at as someone who would do a "Black Lives Matter" protest or see the need and they may see it or actually be the better person for it. It is knowing that I am the person that will bring a "live Minnie Mouse" and afford it to a god daughters birthday party and watch people keep trying to point out that someone is hood and broke when they are not. This is the dilemma when someone may not realize that the "hood girl hair weave" they have on is making people get confused. Then also wanting or acting as if my talent, skill and interest is supposed to be used or provided where someone's actual riot is. I am not rioting, I am having sushi. I will be a "monitor" and help with safety and discussion. That is what me and many others like em suffer from. The confusion about who is who or what is what. If you stop attempting to make me responsible for a "riot" or acting like their is no need for one then there is no longer the dilemma of what a person who can bring a Minnie Mouse to a parties real life experience and contribution is. Where they should riot the government, there becomes an argument with me about "living off a family" or something. The thing most people would do and then it causes hurt, harm and puts people in danger. Especially from the family or supporters who know I do not see how painful it is to see my pen with pink ink that is also causing me to do an assessment to see if it helps with my mental health and how to get my thongs into a particular location. #Funny


When establishing practices, habits and behaviors some fail to notice when there should be "no one" else to get back to. I will say I believe that people have adopted treasonous behavior and infidelity from watching the media. I have lived through experiences of what people have "made" up in their mind about me. They often fail to realize that they can go about their day and do not have to continue. I am like a "grandmother" who gives access to practically all my things and knowledge who has to argue against people who point out that my "children", grandchildren and thereafter need binders for school when I have diamond journals for them or mine that they can have. I am a person who challenges people about why "I" would have to curve my attitude when someone who works at a store has a problem with me buying "Mixed Chics" as a hair product. As in not only because I have a "white grandmother", but also because I can see the product, what is going on with my hair and I can purchase whatever I like. As in a robbery is when someone walks out the door. Etiquette is me knowing people do this and not picking up multiple items and standing at the door of a store for ten minutes to see if I have robbed something yet. I have had to realize that some of my life issues really are mine and I am associating it with location and who will be coming back to it. As in yes if I have a problem behavior that causes me to step on curling irons that are still plugged up or drop an iron on my leg that is plugged up when no one is in the house at the moment, the first answer is I will have a personal dilemma if I do not share this and the second is I need to learn that I am in "my moms room" and she can see or knows that it is plugged up so I also should not make that a question or point of contact. The issue is no I do not want to wash the dishes because I am suffering from burns that ultimately no one knows about except for me and I might be getting in trouble for not realizing to articulate this. The articulation of this would settle a lot of what people want to address. However, it is also me knowing not to make a fuss about something being plugged up in "my moms room", that makes me think their should be no fuss about me in the same metaphorical areas. I also know love is a word that most people do not know how to not disrupt in the form of an overall interaction. As in I can see that knowledge of FaceTime can really destroy empires. That why comprehension is essential. I am realizing the burns from the curling iron, iron and also a ear burn from a hair situation can make it look like I am a smoker. I also know to learn about what healing looks like. I have mention that healing can look like when a bruise is healing and you can see the shape of the perimeter and slight marks that are signs of healing and sometimes we fuss about the appearance of this instead of saying thank you. It is not my fault when people cannot see my lunch room comedy behavior or notice that I hardly speak so they have no clue what an actual interaction looks like or how funny I will think something is and drag it on and on and on and make it funny to the funniest of the funny. It might even be hard to realize I would have this ability. It's like noticing you are at the top of the beanstalk and this is your big chance to "win it all" or something. Like, oh okay and then let me lure someone into my lion's den isn't funny. I am a teacher with or without words. I am a preacher with or without a platform. I am "me" before someone developed a word or habit that makes people deem something inappropriate. What is so problematic about a person who wants to convince people to do something for the duration they are "Scheduled" so to speak so that they can also then "parlay" the same way without interuption or the stress or distraction of something they did not complete, prepare for or have to get back to when that should not be a thought in the immediate moment. 


The battle is when the "children" and thereafter become convinced that the binder is the overall correct answer and then find that they no longer have anything to do, and when school is over they have no ability or need to retrieve the diamond journals or pens that they can see are of use at all times. Nor have they done enough with their binder to convince "grandma" or anyone else to let them come crawling back for lessons about under garments and perfume and be able to have some and learn how to properly use some, whether you can read the direction or not. Especially when you should be able to. There are women in the "work world" who fail to see the items that are of benefit for them if they are in a situation where the job market is at a decline. 


I am also a person who focuses on "education" in spaces designed for that and economics in spaces that are designed for that. I have not succumb to others opinions about what it means to show gratitude, thank you, I love you, apologies, jealously, anger, remorse, repairing of relationships through action, as they should be. That is why people comment out of place they do not see that their is a verb that goes with a noun. There are some patterns and behaviors that you would want to disappear after learning to spell, read, count or some other interaction of learning. Notice if you have given your friendship spot or caregiver or spot of someone sent to save you to a person you need to be saved from. It is like knowing that tree's have been cut down on a premises because that is the answer or response given from someone who is not interested in following the directions of a household. Especially when it is because of something you watched or copied in the media and became attracted to the "set" or "design". I am not afraid to discuss women who have romanticized "attacks" or "caused" them so to speak because of something they originally thought was "cute" based on a relationship they saw on television. Visual exposure to body language or behavior that is attractive may cause someone to address a person or woman in a "poncho" and make a scene about her "breast" that can't even be seen. I will share this next statement the same way a deodorant commercial shares their product. I produce and practice by putting myself directly where a person who would champion me, pick me, mentor me, and send me to compete with someone else would be my competitor or the only person that should be able to defeat me. To further continue, if their comes a day that I defeat them I continue and turn around to bring them what they know need. I am weary of those who have become strong enough to defeat their mentors, teachers, supporters and do not see to grease their scalp before they walk into public, not go and announce a defeat. Everything should look like progress. The funny challenge of "putting something where they have nothing" and showing them that you are strong enough to allow people to critique and they should be getting strong in that area. Ok, so apparently there are people who cannot conceptualize "global" and on the macro level. I can see based on my friend and peer group when someone or something is being mediocre in comparison. If you attempt to do something sexual with me because you happen to be around my family and I know you from a particular association while someone is leaving me out of something that they cannot understand as global or mine, yours, ours at the same time as I can you may not see me contemplating "what the fuck are you thinking" and doing every action to find out. You may also not see me giving respect to people as the see me, my little self, maybe no so obviously being able to be seen as being "dead ass serious" and having no intention of calling a male figure or "big homie" which can make me appear alone when I am being scary the way a "girl" who is looking directly at you would be. Also understanding intersecting "hood" identity and not wanting to disrupt people because of what my, lived experience, shows me I would be able to to immediately. If you put a "nobody" in high esteem and keep aiming to cut across someone who keeps addressing you because you cannot see the global concept, you may fail to notice how silly you look doing this and how and why I would fail to understand when it is more than obvious in a global paradigm that I am in my proper location and others are not. Using me as a catalyst makes people think they should make mistakes and be forgiven and show up, when they do not see the larger schema and that I have the vocabulary and support of grown men who let me sing Ice Cube and show me "hello" on their beepers and make fun of the "men" other people are "sitting under" attempting to do whatever it is they are thinking to "little crazy cray" who is never going to get a skii mask for anything she would do, not attempt. It is matters of the heart that make me not just laugh when people fail to see they are completely not included in the way they may think. There also is different treatment and this is universal. If you work at a restaurant you should be able to see what a waitress is saying if you see her at her work time in the waitress outfit, even if you bump into her elsewhere.  YOU, will look ridiculous, not the waitress if you do something that showcases that you cannot tell by her attire what she is doing if it should be obvious in that space. I am looking at the order or service and the entertainment that is going on. Would you like me and the international public to address you with curse words that are not already shown in imprisonment and support to see how far a young woman can last with the men in a community being emasculated and not smart enough to see a sophisticated educated drink in the appropriate location. There is a barking dog, at the corner of a fence and now everyone can see it and it wants to get hit to feel apart. I know for a fact they cannot hear what I am saying or what has already been said because they are allowed near the fence. There is a clear and obvious difference and they have proved to be of no actual use. They cannot interpret who or what they are bumping into because they have allowed someone to make a statement at what appears to them as the "highest level". I guess I should just say thank you, that all the times someone showed interest in me, in a global schema, and my absolutely no response can be gauged. Someone wants to ask me who I think I am because of the small framework they believe exist. I guess I should know mention that someone knows I am Ms. Heritage Ball and that person barking and looking coocky at the fence is helping with research about behaviors people develop that can keep women out of juvenile detention when the are responding to a lack in the community. Please simmer down when you have no awareness of your city's mixtape and then want to "claim" something. Yes adults are suffering from children who have seen talk shows and news reports that then make more than emasculated men or men who are weak appear as strong or like someone who will be speaking before them, or even care about them. The "care" about them is the biggest problem because of the screen viewing. That person is not showcasing emotion about the audience in the sentiment of discussion or presentation. 


There is also research being done about otherwise healthy women and men adopting behaviors of drunks, drug abusers, angry married people, infertile people or people with secret identities who are trying to expose who they are to the public. It seems like they are picking up these behaviors from television and film because of the fancy sofa, house, car or trigger from a food commercial. They stray from natural development. I am a person who can have my own funds or know my way around and not stress people about things like "what I should wear for prom or a ball" which is why their is not an influx of people around me, just proud ones who can continue about their business while I do things on my own that others are requiring maximum strength for from them. They also do not see when their identity fails to show up because they are simply showcasing a template or that they can perfect the image in a show, commercial or store display.


I personally contemplate what it means to "lay hands" on someone or what "thou art lose" entails. Allow me to mention the desire to understand "traveling mercies" and praise for "safe arrivals" that might be masking a purpose that is harmful. I have learned to not become saddened when there are blatant removals and practices that people have perfected to keep me out of what I am not included in, even before I was born and leave me with little to no room to even speak. I also have seen movies such as The Playaz Club that make me interrupt my younger cousins so they have time to recover, even before they understand what "family" is or "who is who". I also know to teach that young familial members do not see when they will anger a "Dad" because of what they have done to a "daughter" they cannot see has a pre-existing and already established relationship. A roar may be misunderstood in a society where they do not come from people's lips. Putting these things into real life action have taught me to notice when people are learning to enact a seven day a week schedule even if they had no access to a clock or visual aid that would tell them the day of the week. Having my name written on the chalkboard as a child is the only reason I notice life in a way that people who only see the "time" and just get up do and have nothing else but a blank stare to share. This has made me learn to see when they are copying a billionaire or well read person they have witnessed on television. I am also realizing that people are happy, or experiencing euphoria from engaging with or laughing and enjoying something televised. Otherwise they would experience extreme distress and the emotion that goes along with the situation that they are in. Understanding etiquette that comes with or without education allows people to see the silly question of "why aren't you moving" or why someone is just looking out into the atmosphere and then sounding frightening when they speak because there is no script on lived experience coming from the conversation. In my writing there may be words that trigger some people who may have advanced without reading or knowledge but can comprehend something in their lived experience that may come out of error or come into the light with the proper language. As in people who experience complete societal failure and just have the ability to know something is spelled wrong and can articulate this. Missing out on societal etiquette are causing people to miss when they are being insulted or celebrated. There are people with technology who even look improper not knowing that they should not seek to control when someone is sending them a communication, rather check the communication when they have time. There are also people who have died at the level of etiquette that even a "wild animal" would have or correspond with and combat with complete enslaved employment where someone does not have to move a muscle. This is better when understood for what it is. I also do not want to change things in my life that come from the directives of people who could not engage in schooling. Want, does not indicate that there is not a need for this. I would fail to include that statement if I was not listening to those types of directives. As always I will say that I do not know when people cannot see something is a database or work space where creative work is still being done in real-time. I also have no problem showcasing the real impact of these situations. As in earlier than expected release times and access to what edits and changes are in motion. It is also not so obvious that I have heard people make statements about how things will happen when you are successful, seriously trying to get away with making "smart ass" statements or clearly sending in your girlfriend resume to someone who you are clearly not noticing is sitting next to someone because you do not suffer from rapid eye movement. #NoIStillDoNotSeeYou. There is also no need to think someone will respond to being talked about and notice what happens when they are being spoken to. My life motto without verbiage would be "how you scared?". Many have led their being to a battle and when the request is answered do not do any of what was communicated. They would like to say the same but if they have been successful at anything in their lifetime would know that this is not true. I have had people in my life teach me because they do know I am a person who is stylish, has been to a hair salon, given sanitary napkins, nightly showers and more who would fail to understand when some who is in my area does not care if they have poop or blood or anything on their clothing. I share this with the understanding that this is not personal the same way we know people migrated from Asia to America in a writing. This is where their entire interactions take place. I have interacted with people who have "habit" where I have etiquette. It is important to share openly when I am not speaking "negatively" with intention if I tell you that something you are doing requires a number two pencil because I can see that is not what you are using. I naturally am inclined to notice that the scan machine that will be collecting the data from the test will know the difference between the lead. This is obvious when you carry a pocket book #MySmartAssRemark. 




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