A Poem Titled She

December 10, 2019


Did you not hear me

When I said what I said

I will not take it back

Or leave anything left to be said

If I am not talking to you

Or including you in the situation

I have already boldly showcased

I was not talking to you in the conversation

If you gossip, over hear and listen out of context

If you address me I will respond

However, you cannot control what happens next

No I do not wear bare feet in community showers

Nor do I group together to create and experience that is ours

I feel like commercials and people walking in the background scenes of a script

Make people get to comfortable with the main character and not understand why they flip

How would you not like me

I have never spoken to you

I have fragmented pieces of information that is untrue

Making people speak and respond to something I do not do

It is like the day I performed Shakespeare in the middle of the quad

And a nobody to be goes to get her squad

She proclaims I am in an argument with a teacher

While he is simply watching me perform

They say I am acting

She doesn't understand what they said at her core

She thinks that means I am playing but in her mind something serious is going on

Too many onlookers, too much to say

I am going to relax and do not know why someone needs to speak to me in a way

There are times I am somewhat perplexed

People who speak with no identity and completely out of context

Ones who do not know how to play the background, their role and their position

Yes you can be Miss America and blend when you vend

And be in distress when it is said you have anger issues

Because other vendors want to offend how you spend

A vendor is a vendor

A usher is an usher too

A person in matching uniforms

Does not mean dinner after things are over includes the all of "you"

Also notice the relationships that are developed

If you speak out of turn and out of place

What happens next happens to you

Miss America can vend and blend

Even if the comments made about her caused you to become confused

You do not have to know her

Her products you do not have to buy

She is still Miss America

Whether she vends, blends or you buy

Notice I am not speaking

Nor do I speak to you

Unless there is a greeting or something to communicate to you

I will never know what happens

To people who vend out of place

Or use their uniform from day to day

My attire is described as fly

I am fancy too

I often refrain from commenting

But if I do

I will have to remind you

That you are not sober

So you cannot understand what you see

I would never mention this

If you would stop attempting to collaborate with me

In ways that require strong work and deliberation

I am on target, your comments prove their is remedial conversation

One's that should not take place

Or that would be addressed if people were aware

That access to resources and the way to get them are seen

How to use them not always

There are people who can see into your dining room

And start robbing people as they lay

They can never make it to be invited to dinner

They make silly comments when it is clear why I do not brag about the size of a house

I have been to the W Hotel

I know what I am talking about

Hand holding

Hip hugging

Love in the first

Since childhood some have planned a robbery

They commit to employment that is for food simply to buy a purse

They want to share the same sentiment

For my reason to be the same as theirs

These are my resources

I know how to use, implement and strategize

Why does it matter who bought my wardrobe

When you question me in your uniform after five

What is your intention

What did you mean to say

You must not realize

The difference between a friend, attendance and a classmate

You are the type to fight

Because you cannot see

That baking soda and vinegar

Is an excellent way to keep things clean

I am not in distress

Or confused about what it means to be in battle

I already waved

The highest wave visible to the naked eye

Sushi, shrimp and understanding how long you can live

I am focused on my diet and holistic ways to live

Before I enter

I am already aware

One can be Miss America

And the not the best vendor there

However, if it happens to be so

That the win occurs there too

Just notice the shared experience

Of I was also not speaking to you


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