A Poem Titled I Got the Month of May

December 7, 2019

I Got the Month of May

Here goes nothing

Where do I start

I received a phone call

That sent a signal to my heart

Showing love, appreciation

Apology and thanks

Ducking and dodging

Doing my anti assassination blanks

Quiet is kept

No mention or two

I remember what I learned

From the time things got switched up by some dude

Who just wouldn't lose

A black out of some sort

That is what some would say

A baby arriving

With a family and place to stay

In case I never make it back again

I would want to be remembered

For standing up and saying

Yes we can

No hard feelings

No regrets

I would tell him I love him

And dismantle every threat

Here is to

A world

Future generations will know

I got a call in the month of May

That's how the baby shower story goes



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