Fashion As Heritage: Three Pieces.

December 6, 2019

In the spirit of knowing that people will always have something smart to say about other people's appearances I have learned to celebrate loudly love of self! Style is style and who you are is who you are. As a person who grew up having been to a tailor, I know how clothes fit my body and love my shape. Even when my tummy goes from slender to chubby from life's journey and all of the transitions of new and developing participation. I have begun to notice that due to intersectional participation in life some people are not realizing where to put THEIR style! You may have a friend or peers who are performers, church goers and then go to parties or get fly to hang out. This might be impacting your wardrobe. Imagine being a "partier" or club promoter who has friends that focus on professional suits for employment and you not realize that you should be completely dressed up at the parties or in your day to day endeavors and vice vera. Your home girl who shops at H&M to grab a party dress might have a $500.00 routine for their church or performance wardrobe. You might be making the wrong alterations. Running into me on my headscarf and leggings day, doesn't mean that YOU cannot be in your heels and dress. Imagine someone being carted around by family after performances and events. I know there are some people who wait to dress up with friends. It would be a fun fact to know that by the time any of my peers who have "waited" or wanted to all go out dressed up and include me on that day, that my mom would probably make me have a limo or expensive rental. Then all of a sudden no one is ready again. I'm like yes please pardon me while I drink coffee in my big coat, purse, shea butter face, head scarf and notebook. There is a "we" on a timetable, that YOU may not be able to see or realize is there. "We" are on as if there are no cameras or television stations and if the things that are going on appeared there, people would be just as amazed as whatever it is their eyes have seen televised. Some people also do not realize when they miss the point or the day that they should be in their "best". That party you heard all the "celebs" where at on television in a news report only happened once. They just reported over and over what occurred. Also, you might be living off other people's down time. It seems odd to people who are "out of focus" about what choices are to be made. I once had a speaking event on the same day that there was an invite to a Fashion Week after party. There really is no hard decision to be made about where to be and yes I could "fly" after my speaking event but that would go against my wellness and minimalist practices that I am ingraining into my life structure at the time. This makes me pay attention to what I do when I am invited to perform for my friends event at a local venue. Some people think I do something weird when I am not trying to save up for a fancy outfit to sit at the bar, instead of fully participating in the events and nightlife culture that is provided on a platform. Allow me to also mention here about the time I discussed how I missed being on a panel that included bell hooks. The panel is like a roster, program outline, on the agenda. I had a lot going on in that time frame. I am realizing it is me needed to refocus the life alterations I may have made in the intersection. It can also be attributed to the Do It Yourself Culture. There are more than enough affiliates and loved ones who would have provided me with all the support I needed to be beautified and present, instead of "calling out". Mostly because I can comprehend that there is something called "sick days". There are miracles and blessings in every learning opportunity. In the midst of writing for books to be published, I am keeping up with my look by "stapling" my sweatsuits and downtime attire from the collections of BeBe, Shyfull, Nike and yes Ms. Minaj. I am actually inspired to potentially make a perfume, clothing or a care package that goes along with "readership". It will be a collective inspiration. Here are three outfits I feel totally expresses my ideal fashion and one's that are appropriate for my cultural self expression (In the day and age where women wear pants, or clothes at all). 





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