My Concrete Jungle Story; Showers, Healing, and Avoiding Other People's Problems!

December 5, 2019


People who take prescriptions sometimes have no clue what they are. They also may not notice when they take so many showers that they rinse out all of what the medicine is supposed to do, even when it is positive. The two week prescription from most doctors does not include their shower schedule and the fact that water will make it dissolve. I'm just jumping double dutch, listening to music and missing at the game of booty tag. I am not foreign to understanding that people will come at you and want your crown and title.


Is it safe to mention all the people who think normally healthy people are crazy because they cannot see that they are doing what it took a doctor, teacher and therapist to do for them. They make corrections that make people look or end up sick like them. Then they notice how many times they go through the process to get healed. What looks normal does not mean it is a good thing. I have had to learn that regardless of some people's abilities they will always be diseased, addicted, corrupt or crazy. There are doctors, police, government officials all looking in shock with me. As in please notice I have never been diagnosed with a disease, jailed, illiterate for the most part, what exactly are you challenging me about. I do not have to live with my hands tied like I've been in prison and I do not make decisions in my personal time that would cause me to have a disease. Some people are disturbed and I have to stop acting like just because they can make good food that they are not. Can I talk about peers and friend groups. I have people who do not realize that they met me at places like after school programs. They fail to comprehend why I do not speak to them during class or extra curricular activity time. They start fights and ask silly questions to me and then want to dismiss me when they need me most. No, I will not be sitting with you in rehab when I do not need it that is the type of fight they cannot see they start. I was privileged to have a DARE officer in elementary school.


That means I know to resist drugs and have had the opportunity to gain awareness at an educational and community level. Some people will never see how bad they hurt themselves, their communities, their families, their workplace and their countries. There are men in my life who I know to replace in ways that make sense for my life. There are people who aim to do bad things and cannot see all the people who will protect a person. I have amazing male figures from school systems who I have replaced religious leaders with and vice versa. I pay attention in the moment. No, I am not blind sided about who would get 100,000 from me in a particular scenarios. Yes the dude who worked at my high school that I run into often would beat religious figures at certain levels and yes there are times I would prefer to read T.D. Jakes instead of reruns from people who cannot see to just put the collection pan on a table. I used to keep a "Barney" bag in the trunk of my car with nothing put arts and crafts and supplies because I volunteer and do community work.


I also understand grants. Don't mind me when I take money from my check to make sure activities get done and community work gets accomplished over focusing on trips I do not need to clear my mind. Some people are in public arguing "at me" and cannot see that means they have decided that they do not want quality spiritual, medical or community care. I also cannot mention that I almost could have died from the dye from my clothes because I need to let them dry longer or learn that I don't actually have to wash them 300 million times. There really are wars that I am aware of. No, I do not have time for petty slap boxing people want to see occur with their minute point of view. The most painful part of watching people who are corrupt is watching when they get people hurt by people who would actually help them with their entire life. There is something funny about celebrating a person when internally you are in extreme disagreement and actually belittling them. The problem is when they know nothing else and you have failed to teach, heal and provide them with alternatives. I do not make up alternative realities or fit in to other peoples fake busy schedules. There was a guy I was "talking too" who really should know by now that if he came around out of context I would choose the guy that lives next door over his conversation. We would stare and not know why he wouldn't see that he makes no sense in that moment. Like why are you coming to get somebodies "borrow of sugar". I'm noticing some of the areas I still have to work on in my life. Knowing what social emotional development is can really seem like a disruption to other people. It is knowing that the amazing person who does awesome work isn't as smart as me. And when I am "smart", he is the "booty tag champion".


I can tell this is a fragment, but you get what I am saying. If there wasn't always a threat of nuclear war, I wouldn't be typing I would be hugging and smooching. That is the reality. I know for the rest of the day or whatever that stupid is stupid, addicts are addicts and crazy is crazy. I thank God for the lesson about resistance!



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