A Poem Titled We Fell In Love Already

December 4, 2019

We Fell In Love Already

I learned in my day

That all these people did not grow up with toothpaste

And some still hardly know what it is

I made a choice for myself one day

To go on ahead and learn to live

I can see the purpose

I can see when it is of no use

I can see the generations of people

Who will put themselves and others through abuse

I would want to save

All the elders and those in the unknown

From generations of people

Who cannot understand how to live without toothpaste and a phone

That means they can hardly communicate

Let alone speak a word

Who have you come for?

Their answer is frequently unheard

I realized I would die one day

For lack of how and where

My grandmother wears wigs

When she knows, no hair is there

Or when it is for fun

She see's the concept that this generation will miss

There are people who still have not drank enough fluid

To ever take a piss

Their laughter

Their love

Their deep stare

All the disciples gathered

No cell phones or toothpaste were there

I learned in my day

That I would make a life threatening mistake

And with due diligence

I know how to pay homage by baking a cake

There is something amazing

About being in the know

And sending love with sweat and tears

Who would of thought

That cell phones and toothpaste

Could be the reason disease appears

I am listening

I am learning

I love to stay neat and clean

I am happy to do this myself

A biological green machine

I smile

I wave

I am happy to have learned

There are people speaking

Who have yet to say a word



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