A Poem Titled Take A Bow

December 5, 2019

Take a Bow


Pardon me while I do

Showcase to you

That I am a star in most eyes

I have no worries about fried fish for food

There is a dilemma

That was also felt by me

What is the criteria

Because a mountain has flee's

I can see there is an obstacle

To a resignation

I have never been so serious in my life

Neither has my constituents throughout the nation

Where I am tidy

Contamination came into my view

I am being addressed

About someone else's results of being confused

Back up

In all honestly

There is a dry cleaners

A outfit worn once a year

Please back up out my space

With people who wear it daily and for years

Also notice when you

Make matters worse

Why are we arguing about a cream suit and golden purse

In all honestly

What are you celebrating for

If you can see my reach

Understand what it means to be worldwide

I would prefer that you

Correct your little fly

There is a distortion

Of people who insert themselves

Where they have no roles

And cause people who do

Do to the right thing in the spirit of competition

In the wrong way

There is only one answer 

In the spirit of what it means to reciprocate 

How many seats left

There will be no wave

You are weaker than you can imagine

My seat is high

The problem in your area is what you chose to do

They love women who give head for food

Not women who grow to reach levels of Maya Angelou's

As in childhood favorites, on stages, having more fun than you know

Always wondering, why her philosophy and value cannot go

There is only one answer

No thank you, I decline to participate

Let's just say my man decided to leave

And we existed on a date

Do not grab your jackets

Your words will be blue

You will stare into the darkness

Or die 

One of the two

They want me on stages

Eating and looking good

I just have to remember

That someone said I was no good

So no when I am at the party, a person people pay to see

I have to remember all the people who paved the way for me

The ones who love to see, to hear my philosophy and values

And all the women and men who have been deceived

By talking animals who copy what they see on screens

They cannot sustain conversation or bring actions to their words

They wonder why I do not hesitate or argue or cry

I already read in a textbook

I can notice they are of no use

That they socially have been tossed

They look like hecklers

When I know deathrow is the cost

They never even heard of it

That has nothing to do with me

How do you not notice you lost

When you want what I have received

I'm like totally Sexual Noir

And yes I know who it is for

However, there are parasites

That were welcomed into the door

I would have resigned

However, I can see my life in your hands

The public has received me well

You guys are actually dirty on the other hand

By more than definition

I will not comply

Who let "her" up there

Is why

All in agreement

Family, community and friends

No similarity

And yes the challenge is to you

How is this allowed up here

I'm serious and not confused

I understand voting

Court proceedings as well

Many will grab my coat and seat me as well

More than serious

There will be a crowd

Perfect completion

Only I would qualify for a bow



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