A Poem Titled Quiet

December 4, 2019


I'm quiet

You keep talking to me

You can see when I am chosen

When my words others want to hear

So you speak to me

I speak back

Then you cause chaos and fear

I'm quiet

You keep talking to me

But when I speak I have something productive to say

I do not know why they are mad

I'm quiet

That is always

What else would I say

Then you think this is not my voice

Because I spoke on time of a presentation

You have never heard me utter a word

Out of mere sensation

This is my voice

I am very quiet

It's that mixed gendered school thing

That is making people cause chaos and a riot

I am sleeping booty, I mean beauty

To say something funny

To hop like a bunny

To count books and money

This is a presentation

That is a sentiment of my voice

I'm quiet

I would still like to drive my mans Rolls-Royce

I'm poised

I'm composed

I'm laughing now that I can see

Someone notice what the school day did to me

That was not your voice

As in, I do not speak at the time of the man

I am happy to be quiet

And whisper only to him



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