A Poem Titled Humanitarian Of The Year

December 4, 2019

Humanitarian Of The Year

In description

This is what you will see

Someone who will serve broccoli soup

To heal humanity

Even if you decline

Warm and tender care

Just know

That in action

I put my thank you's there

I learned about a man

Who healed the sick and raised the dead

I see people promote him all the time

And never do a word of what he said

Why do you, a man who claims the guy from whom I learned

Decline fish, candied yams and macaroni and cheese

Because of what I've earned

I've earned the right to show and tell

Everyone what I can see

I have enough to feed a million

And they all can have their own piece

Why do you decline

The way, the truth and the light

I went to heal the sick and raise the dead

And learned how hard they fight

And so be it

What I would want to do to honor this guy

Is know when and how

To just go on ahead and not share my fries

I have done enough

To heal and raise in my time

The message is clear

I learned a lot from that guy



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