A Poem Titled Right Time and Right Place

December 3, 2019

Right Time and Right Place

This poem is due

To the fact that speaking

Is a thing

The lies people bring into my space

No tears about confusion presented in my face

Only his arms too be wrapped around my waist

Always in first place, the taste

Right time and right place

Who gone catch a case

More focused on where I wanna be

Than who gone fight who, cause of who, who tryna see

Infiltration disguised as surprise

Someone's mind filled with why's of others false reality

Watch me climb over, until it is time to roll over

Now you can see

What you did to me

In response to something

I can't see, something I would never be

So grab if you want to

Just notice something that you cannot do

Live in a lie you responded to about me

Because of the support and compassion you cannot see

No, we never left

We proved to be the best

You went your way

We went ours

Residue that healed with beautiful scars

I climbed over, until the tears where over

A kiss in life, to a question of why

And now we present to you

A dream, that was able to come true


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