She's A B.O.S.S. Hopscotch.

December 2, 2019


I was brainstorming an idea for what I call She’s A B.O.S.S. Hopscotch. My initial attitude would be to exclude people who do not know what hopscotch is. I am learning that I should include an explanation of the game and provide an in depth description as I design the activity. Essentially the purpose would be to improve the way people thinking about “start” and what that action means. There would also be a focusing on perfecting your stance, increasing ability, showcasing poise, understanding what to do with a break or alteration, building endurance, assessing strength and comprehending what occurs at the finish line. My idea for the last “jump” before the finish line is to make this “box” focus on strength and ridding yourself of who or what you think will be at and after the finish line. Sometimes we develop relationships and do not realize that a “cousin”, isn’t a person you like or a person who likes you. It is the box that helps assess the emotional responses to finding out that someone keeps talking junk about you because they cannot understand why you keep coming to the family cookout because they do not like you. They may be there after the finish line, but on an individual journey you may not realize they have competed. You may also fail to realize that looking for someone or something other than what will appear to you at the finish can cause you to lose what is meant for you, unless you know the way to handle your emotions, misunderstandings and purposeful validation. Lastly this “box” and finish line conjunction is essentially where you get your final results to move you to your next level. In the entire hopscotch there will be self-evaluation if you show weakness in “poise”, would you want to fight your way in to the “poise” competition. There is value in humility and/or understanding placement. There is also value in understanding purpose and what one is committing to. I will always remember a valuable lesson I learned when I experienced hitting my head on the edge of a trampoline during gymnastics as a younger person. I can know see in that moment that I was jumping and playing on the trampoline. What I should have been doing is gymnastics. If I am doing gymnastics that means I do not fail to take the proper stance before performing the move that I was learning. I also know that the gymnastics company most likely did not pay attention to the fact that they would one day have participants who go to the play area at certain McDonalds locations. That would be my initial focus with building my She’s A B.O.S.S. Hopscotch, purpose, stance and what it means to start and understand that there is something happening before you get to what is called the finish.

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