Before You Walk Out My Life.

November 26, 2019


Here is a funny thing I am beginning to understand most people do not notice. They fail to understand expense and where it exists. Some people do not notice when they are in conversation with someone at the expense or taxes that paid for public education, transportation, supplies and books, employment, food and college level resources. Things like the public library actually aren’t “free”. Someone has paid and a person utilizing the space should have toe etiquette that comes from an education or family structure that was paid and provided for or a service that is providing them access to the space with or without those things. That is still an economic cycle that many people do not understand exist, where people like me are saying “clearly” and staring because we will fail to understand what is problematic about having the outfit I wear on to be at the library. I will still never know how to respond to people who cannot see why I would be making videos on Instagram when I am a professional speaker and presenter and also give presentations on social media. It would be obvious to most people and scholars that I would showcase the proper usage and what people are excluding because they are inserting their data like a character often that they have seen on television or a stolen identity from a peer. Also when they fail to notice that people who are using the tool properly will have patterns that resemble each other, the same way you would use APA format for a paper. I am also a person who works with young people and chooses to ask about funds for ice cream socials, pizza and talks to their teachers and drives them places when they are leaving school early to get to work. There is no argument about why a person like that would bump heads with someone that would choose to deny young people access to actual activities and programs they can plan to essentially make them no longer useful to society. I laughed realizing that I grew up speaking and learning English. I am hardly aware of where my communication is misunderstood. If English as a language was not misunderstood for the term “positive”, most people would never start a conversation with many of the people they start them with. I am often heartbroken, as in “was I not scary enough”. #Really


How are you taking or following direction is important. Sometimes we fail to hear messages from people because we cannot decipher the code. Anyone with a recipe and reading ability can teach you how to make a cake. Not everyone can start from scratch or come up with the idea of creation of what many know today as cake. People probably would be more inspired by the person making the cake from scratch and be excited to see what it taste and looks like, even if the person doing this chooses not to make the cake that way again or perfect it. Also notice how a person may go pick up ingredients for something they will be making later in the day and a person will act as if they have appeared to do nothing all day. The people with this statement about doing nothing all day would most likely usually look for the ingredients to bake a cake in someone else cabinets where they are dwelling at the time. They would also most likely fail to notice flour and sugar in the absence of a cake box. Then if those things are present and they cannot figure out how to make a cake, they would also lack the skill to bake sugar cookies. Many people do this in the “in zone”. Some people need to stop watching televised sports or pretending to. There are people who would wonder why I laughed today watching the news report at the café when the volume is basically off, because they must not see the caption provided by the news station. I am reading the caption and watching the person report.


There are people who often want to challenge spaces I have earned. I exist with people who can read the word bake and know all the actions to take and comprehend what is being baked can end up somewhere with decorations. I am on at “bake”, like Cake Boss could come and hire me and I would know what to do and how to listen to a directive. Some people are showcasing a strong disagreement with action. If the arrangement is “entertainment” that means action, participation and includes a lot of elements. Some people fail to see that they are wanting to use a word but complaining about all the actions. There would be funny looks from someone who does not understand why someone would be around and not comprehend that political presentations, clowning people, singing, reading articles and strip clubs all are actions that can be categorized as entertainment. These things can also occur over a life span.


This is the most annoying to me, when people do not understand brain storming. They think brainstorming means that you have to state the word and use chart paper. Brain storming is an activity with or without words. Some people argue with me publicly, and do not see the response from the majority of people because they want to “witness” their own argument. I often use analogy from college behavior. As in if you are a person who does not use the entire “two weeks” to complete an assignment you will often have an issue with me. Yes I will add the statement from the morning news about something that pertains before going to class. I also realize that if there are two weeks in October to finish an assignment that means that you have had since early September to start the assignment because of where it is located. It should also include what you have learned and comprehended up to that point. And no, I do not abide by stereotypes that would exclude me or previously have and are ingrained in the system. I will still be contemplating my PhD while “framily” as in friends and family are smoking weed and getting shot at or something. #JustDontTripOverMyBag. And yes, I have a group of people who are “scary” I guess and we all have the privilege of slapping each other because we are the on the same page about laughing if one of our friends shot themselves in the leg during a group huddle. Not everyone can participate in those laughs or understand how they make sense and when someone is still essentially a “good kid” or whatever. Being prepared is called being hyper by some people. Let me add I am also not the “hair weave wearer” that has gotten access into spaces when “whites” and “Latinas” and “Asians” and “blacks” do not even know it exist and that isn’t the persons hair. If I can slam dunk in general and you find out you cannot actually make the team and when you somehow got access only managed to do good enough to hold space for someone else to break during the game and then failed to be good enough to pass out water, it looks silly if you ask how long I will be slam dunking as if I am having the same problem or scenario as you. Also recognize if that was the case, I could be brought in as a coach or owner and people would notice the care I take of myself.



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