This Might Say Something Funny About The Very Serious Argument About Tissue Versus Lips.

November 25, 2019



I am pissed in all honesty. I have no idea that people would really be able to hear the word circumcision, castration and not know what it means or involves. There are also people who confuse the term “unclean” and what it means. Unclean means that no one, the mom, will be around to wash and clean their body in the afterbirth. There is someone else making an investment to see how much work they can do or how far they can make it before their body gives out, especially without nurturing or support. Essentially the person is unkempt, and if there where trees instead of buildings they would see better what is occurring. Some people also mention and “normalize” what they or their body cannot do and do not realize that they are referencing weakness or disease in their body. There are people who have to understand when someone is looking for dissension. They want the actual insight or underlying message. I have also learned that there is a story, which is not actually happening, that someone is including my and others physical bodies in because of something scripted and the action to go along with the story that they have seen on television. Some symptoms are as visible as a scar, even if the language or understanding of how it got there is not known or recognized by everyone. Now more than ever some people need to realize that when things disappear from them it is something that can destroy them or already has aimed to. Sometimes people fight in the wrong direction.


If I or women like me are “visibly” sick because of other people’s bacteria or killed bodies walking in the area it is a triumph to survive the conditions and not give into the environment. Heal instead of focusing on the “word” someone might be trying to use “against” you and not to teach or help. If men have been castrated and think they were born with their genitals that way the women and girls born will essentially face sickness and weakness. They start incorrectly if they think that their genitals came that way. They also might try to make correct answers like “ointment” because they have a wound (mind you they do not understand it is a wound) and seek to make “ointment” the correct answer for everyone and everything. They also do not see when it is problematic to try to overstep their boundaries instead of moving with purpose in the direction where the correct answer for them is leading them. It is improper to be giving “ointment” as correct answers and heal all the way into where essential oils can change your life and miss the opportunity or keeps seeking to correct where that information is already correct. They also speak out of place continuously. Attacking the people who help is painful and problematic. If the men around you have a dead vein the woman and children can end that way. Some people have complained that I am on a normal coffee shop and writing schedule. I didn’t use “military equipment” to save the dead vein area. I know ways to heal or do what I would do if my hand was cut off to my wrist. I would write with my left hand and make sure to be able to articulate an entire book in a sentence. And one day if I did get a mechanical hand, I would not perform as if it has blood, skin and bones from conception.


When I first learned about circumcision it was obvious to me that it was a cut from a sharp object like a knife. Never in my life would I think people who, in my head, learned the same information would want to attack me for not allowing that to be done to my male offspring.  If you keep up with knowledge building you would know this would be like cutting a girls nipple off so that she cannot produce the milk required to feed her child. I would suggest people with smart phones and computers look up pictures and read more about what castration and circumcision is. Allow me to mention here how a gallon of milk purposely does not say anything about how the milk is from cows breast or titties and that the cow may have been drugged and raped and the offspring removed. If the gallon of milk says Cow Breast Milk, stolen from its offspring people would probably be more quiet and not make healthy lactating human moms fight about breastmilk. For some communities it may need to say titty. This can help them see what is normal for females to do after giving birth. Females come in all species. I am being “staged” like a chicken and cow milk mom by people who think it is normal or the first thing to do. They will also get biologically jealous and want me to be attacked in the anatomical way. They may not be able to comprehend or articulate the experience. This is why I will not response to arguments about where I live or bed sheets. Educated and reading humans know how to exercise and input the proper information for when people will no longer have the words or have the capacity to break through their enslaved security system to attack. In addition to this, this may look weird when it does not happen for all “moms” or people, because of individual treatment and who is being cared about in all honesty. I will not apologize for being taught and catered to in a way that helps me maneuver through anatomical responses and visual elements from employers and teachers who know that they people around me or going to be decoded or will be if I do not put my socks away. This is as real as having a schedule and someone knowing you will be at a certain location at 11am and wearing a particular outfit.


I know someone who gave up his life to fit in. He would actually throw something at me if I did not write this entire thing and include visuals. His words and access is in the wrong location. They need to send their insults to the right place and cannot. There are mothers whose children, due to schooling, have been made to feel left out and followed into spaces of humiliation. Women and girls who think the genitals are born that way cause a larger problem. People who are actually caring and not participating that may need to be more vocal because their children are exposed to words and feel the exclusion without full comprehension. A child who would not be near “milking” of castrated men can end up in the area and a mom would never notice because she may not understand how to respond to “excellent” on reports cards. The mom actually might not even know this is happening to other children, as in I learned this from reading and paying attention, however, I exist in the life spot that would not have done it anyway. People have a problem with my direct action. As in I learned that there is slavery and castration and I remove support or accidental support from my way of living. People are fighting at me for spaces to thrive in castration and slave like conditions or abuse. I am smart enough to understand that this will ultimately still be attacked. They also fail to see that there is a global and international community that can see when something is conquered. And you can see people working or doing construction for a guy from the Dali Lama when they could be healthy farming or being provided free food and living space. There are people with ulterior motives or lack of awareness that do not share or report on time. There are also people who have the one word and are happy when someone can put it into a larger context. I share information at the speed of living in a society where a female in the candidate for a US Presidential Election and there also being a first Black President of the US. Coupled with the understanding this in itself is a earned and fought for access in a larger body connect and they are then being showcased as the best and winning over people who have already been within the established. #DigATunnel.

I also can articulate that I am a victim of people not knowing how to learn without a school schedule or that schooling is in the overall formation. People are really bringing germs around people who have already taught them about showers and being bathed, regardless of age, to prevent germs, bacteria and disease. Money helps move society. What is weird about a writer who uses money to buy writing tools and keep their hands clean and relaxed. I also know my hair texture and can understand a luxury or when someone is doing something to my hair. I would never understand people who cannot see that on my own I put my hair back to my natural texture and never thought twice about it. I learned people speak to things or stereotypes. That is the first sign of no education, stolen language, newly learned language or low level learners. The experience is like spelling a word properly in a Spelling Bee and people misspelling the word ad you over and over because your hair is salon permed and pressed. Or people not understanding how to place the strength of their body even if they choose to use cars and other devices. Many people would collapse.


I was inspired by Sean Combs doing a marathon and got inspired to do the same. That doesn’t mean I have to RUN! There are multiple definitions of the word marathon and the help constitute the purpose of the initial creation or verb within the word itself. I definitely understand strength and endurance. There are other countries laughing because people like me would have a book and that not being there is identifiable showcasing a weakness somewhere, that would be searched for. I know for a fact in love and kindness there is someone telling me that my country is crippled because my amazing body of work isn’t showing up. People need to skip the car and talk and realize that I’m already at straight to the publisher at that point. Allow me to in solidarity speak and say that this is some blessing in disguise or something because people functioning as “germs” can understand the purpose and use it to do directly the opposite but with just as much power. I am strengthening myself to add combat to my inspiration. I know not to handicap myself and scratch and excel with the opportunities I have. There are ones I want where it is clear internationally I am the right person but people have done billion dollar debt competing. I have learned the strength honestly of “handwriting my way through college”. Now my mind will not see “all the things, icons and capabilities on the screen” and distract. The next time I get money I would just invest in publishing my book with the guidelines others have provided, knowing the next generations of investors chose to invest in chain restaurants or something. I know to publish knowing I am wanted by an international community that understands my dilemma even when I cannot or have not learned of it yet. They know how to interpret when a statement means “bodies are still falling”.

There is a disaster in half learning words. It is better to not know them at all than to fail at understanding that the human is in the category of mammal in the animal family. And that choosing not to read or speak in general would be better so you can go and survive, thrive and live with all animals who are not reading and speaking. It is self-destructive to fight to spate from the animals family if you are presenting yourself in literate culture. You delete yourself from the community you would naturally gravitate to and exist in. Half learning makes some people obviously in fear and visibly back down and not know they have opened themselves up to attack. There is nothing worse than an educated, speaking, reading and writing animal who will fight a gorilla with their bare hands, still.


Some people already have the route that is best for them. Television commercials and shows have “them” going inside places they do not have the etiquette or structure for. They may not even be reading a menu, they just know how to say pizza. Asking how much is a clear indicator of someone being out of place if the visual is provided. It is sad when they can see, because of television watching that caused them to enter, that they are being excluded and are unable to further articulate. Worse is when they can see who is not excluded in their peer group and attempt to role play so they do not look silly, but they feel it on the inside and no one who “belongs” there would be able to tell. They would see the after impact when they think they are going to see the person again and don’t or when they do they have a behavior that they cannot understand. These people often play with their money because they are exposed to items they have no need for, and do not see when they look violent aiming to say that about people with the obvious use and lifestyle for them. They lack overall comprehension. They often mess up their opportunity to be successful at work and community. They also attack and cause problems for people in the right area or doing those things successfully.

There is a girl who keeps saying “I think I should be able to start a fight and not get responded to”. I have also learned that people will report that I am interrupting their “delusions” because they do not understand the definition and overall concept. There are people who keep outputting “3” when the framework showcases clearly to the comprehensive eye that the directive is 1+1. I get attacked for inputting the correct data in society. I also have the ability to notice my role and how to cause people to showcase and have one time to speak boldly over me so that their information can be visible to a large body of people and get dealt with. That space may cause them to overreact and not realize if they keep saying 3,3,3 I will be somewhere with others inputting two. It is a skill to know how and why to do this. In addition to focus who and what can capitalize. Also presenting to people I love how I clear the space when I know people will make themselves sound like a complete ass, so they will have the opportunity to know to try to beat me up or be prepared when they see me to it to them.


In addition some people are surviving from chemicals in the atmosphere keeping people who are abandoned completely well kept. If a doctor gives you two pills to get rid of something there is essentially two pills worth and more of chemical properties that are cleaning and giving people essentially medical treatment. They are “healthy” but doing the absolute unhealthy thing continuously which is why some naturalist and healthy people are being hospitalized. There also becomes an attachment issue even in schools because “they” keep being around and think they have survived or been individually supported because they are around people who would not kill chicken to eat, even if they grew up eating chicken. Many people would have preferred for them to have died, so they can have an emotional cry and rebuild. Now it becomes an international battle of people sending insults about who can prevent, start or stop civil wars, world wars and people feel like someone is challenging their strength and a person will fight at whatever is doubting and it is no longer a personal compliment if someone keeps you “alive” so to speak. This reactionary response needs to be redirected for matters of public safety for healthy and willing participants. The people you save have major blind spots and would most likely kill you and walk by you to take your job and an opportunity to eat your salad when they realize what it is and can do. They will do this at maximum strength levels only to realize an opposing force they cannot see or understand is going to then overtake the position and potentially keep them alive or give them an opportunity only for more conquering. They also let them describe what they think should be removed and celebrated. Their description will often match their behavior as needing to be removed and the person they are attacking behavior as needing to be celebrated. They do not notice when things are already “in action”. Many people have already met the criteria for who they think should die or be removed. If a movie, visual or PowerPoint to see what the criteria looks like was made they would see it and realize they can now follow their own rule. When I am in these situations comprehension is always a part of my answer. There are people driving when they can walk to gather and are causing pollution and think they look cool. I personally know when to walk instead of take the bus while doing job searching. I also understand when somethings are for safety. There are some people, especially children in a school day who do not realize that if you report abuse or someone touched you the person you are telling might want the information to make arrangements to do that to you. The ad thing is when children get close to the person and they realize there was no molestation just a diaper change, a wash up, a person dressing them or sharing a bed because they were “scared” of something, the kid who is reporting might not realize the trauma the listener experiences because those things are not normal or experienced by the majority of people. The listener will fight for that treatment and reforms in school that principals who would have shot students are still adjusting to make some young people not realize when they are speaking to an “adult” who will kill for soap or a hug when they are scared. The kid also doesn’t realize how hard they are getting fought at because they are getting “free” stuff where people are working hard for things and are actually revering the person they want to get rid of. They will force the kid to do all the messed up things so they can steal in and that is what many children who report to not understand. Other people are actually getting healed by the person that has been reported because the kid cannot see where truth of the statement is language confusion or purpose of why it was done. Some young people cannot see when there language and timing supersedes teachers or when teachers are being reported by the larger body and not the at home influence. That is the major confusion. Some also have had to learn the hard way and multiple times that reporting or speaking has systematic interventions because people have been robbed from their speaking. Sometimes it is hard to know what is gone in transitions in society. I personally know how to do an assessment and acknowledge a good job, so there is no visual element of me getting those from people on the daily, and I do not insert their approvals where their response would include something I am working on progressing. Imagine talking to female school teachers or relatives who have fought for showers about an eight year old girl who has extended access to free soap and towels. I am annoyed by women who take up space from feminist gains, that they declined to participate in, because of what they will then do. They take the “high five” over the $80,000 for the position. Women who actually deserve this will be fought at and people will want them to take the “high five” also.

The problem also is with people who have grown up with access to visuals and comprehensive living spaces conducive to a family tree. They might now everyone and people have no clue who they are. They often push away the person responsible for them and for presenting them to other family for recognition. They also do not see they have failed to establish the healthy relationship when exposed. Especially if you cut off the person they have deemed responsible, you have disrespected them. And every time you show up and see that, that is the only person who wouldn’t offer you crack even after knowing, treason id what you have already done and you will be responded to by people who already said they will put you on crack. There is also the problem with understanding the work schedule, drop off, pick up and that they person will be back on a rotating schedule. This is due to someone else’s algebra. This is not admittance and approval. There are security guards and the ass backwards understanding of who or what is being protected. Some people cannot see to be successful in a particular framework they would have had to show up with a baby in “whatever is the teen years”. The are accommodating war like population control, even when they are not included. There is no privilege for them when they do not reproduce, even if others may have one. A child also may be walked out and cause constant interruption for the person who would protect them, as in jump in front of a bullet for them. They have to be walked all the way out by participating community members so the person can see what they have done, “to them”, so they will not protect them as they present themselves for treason and death. Whoever clowned the dude passing out dictionaries is a nutcase. There is also the ability of people to see intention if the person changes their behavior when they hear the word criminal, killed or jailed and make an alteration to their behavior, that shows dangerous levels of comprehension and that they will still continue. The actual problem also is from television watching and them living out characters that they do not realize are being clowned, killed, jailed or dismissed in the entirety. The character on screen may know and be going through the process. If you made it to this point, yes this is a long ass post, that you should be able to read and probably are reading because you are trying to clown someone for knowing about genital mutilation.


Here is also the thing, there is an indicator of people who have surrendered at the lowest level and people are trying to see who can tell. Some people are really just being criminal and participating with “enemies” and now want everyone in the same danger. There are people who have agreed to stay alive by secretly “removing poop from peoples behinds with their tongues”. They then have to go through life feeling the embarrassment of competing with toilet tissue and showers. They do not see how when they get exposed because of picking on someone when something “disappears” it is because the person is not showing signs of ever being willing or even thinking about competing with toilet tissue in a society where it is completely visible and ready for overall use. Some people make decisions when they cannot see that things cost money. I have to learn to laugh more. I will protect the women and girls who know and call men “dead veins” and “dead dick” and keep quiet only because they have already went against the person caring for them and disrespected them. Yes, in the spirit of health and wellness and economics I will advocate for “acrylics” over tissue and “doo doo lickers”. Paper actually should be hid from many people because they have no comprehension to see that someone will write a letter from “DooDoo Lickers Anonymous” and end up getting shipped to another country for one time use. Also repeating statements like “I know you changed” thinking it is a life transformation when it simply means clothes, shoes and underwear is a life confusion.  I laugh knowing my only request is that young girls be honest from Day One with a guy. They want to fight after they have realized that their phony has allowed them to get access to funds that could have been used for them because you let them live through a lie.


There are people who fought off words. They want to use “blood” which can also refer to a gang or something that happens when you get a scrape on a bike and not hear terms like period and menstruation. This has them walking blindly in “work” and not being able to have specific terms such as castration or modern day slavery by choice. They are also declining the highest level of earning in the agreement.  I have a friend who withheld information and fought people off for my best friendship without realizing that she cannot come hang out with me and perfume shop because that is what I do. It is silly withholding of information because now most others would be treasonous position. The biggest thing as to stop acting like “blood” is the correct statement. That is like calling cake batter, eggs. This friend is also over exposing people to the fact that I really just do not have on a four finger ring and that I will embarrass people with a Spelling Bee and special presentations thanking all those who poured into my life’s journey. All while using heels, a notebook, a pretty pen and lip gloss to be conspicuous with hopes that some guy comes angrily looking for me so I can mention I have girls group later today and a proposal for giving a presentation on Martin Luther King Day. I also notice when I am on to my next journey how people want to “do things” with me and cannot understand to just stutter and not go try to get all perfect to “hang out”. There is a way to be perfect in jeans and a tank top. Focus on soap. I’m excited for a new adventure per usual.

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