A Rant: That Laugh People Insert From Watching Actors and Actresses on Television and Film; The Real Laughter Throws Them Off!

November 23, 2019


Okay wait here is a funnier thing than you think. There may be people making list to attack a person and make bad things happen to them. In an educated society or where there are people they do not see have access it may be hard to "pretend" something is occurring to someone. You will aim to make someone cripple of disabled and may not realize the level or education of the people who exist in the room who are showcasing this is obviously not true, cannot tell you are attempting something bad or can and will not participate. They will most likely think something is wrong with the other person and think they do not have comprehension or understand definitions and will report them as such to entities that the person will be unable to evade. They also might participate in progressive society and showcase that individuals formerly in this space or people who formerly could not read or people who did not do work at the proper level have allowed bad things to happen accidentally on their part, but purposely on the part of the other. A lot of people are being saved and improper diagnosis addressed due to this. Sometimes sharing and reporting information may accidentally be paused or hindered. If a person who goes to report a finding like that, finds that someone in the area that is receiving this information is being resistant, that is also a note worth taking. Even if this is something you would want to do to a person, it would be obvious to see that someone cannot keep up with or does not have access to updates. There are people who make reports that say "she has purse, and I can see that it has stuff in it". There is a problem that can be identified when people do not see the obvious use or make comments as if proper usage is abnormal. I laugh thinking of being seven years old and holding what is known as a little brother sleeping in my arms when no one is there, always. That is the result of me, that is where there is no abandonment. That is my story. Most people would slow down and realize they are fighting their way through something because they know a movie has an ending. They may fight their way all the way past all the safety and all the times someone let them live to die or something. I even notice when people ignore that actors and actresses are acting and they might think that have that personality in real life when they do not. People also might pick up a tic of someone else's personality from seeing the mechanics vividly of it being acted from watching a film or television show over and over. I often realize that somethings in life are like people repeating things because they never finished the entire bible and keep waiting for a return of some sort. Some people, at the inception of literature know it takes years to read and conceptualize for many people. Some people are living as simple as people who make calls to report that they saw something wearing pants instead of a skirt which made people think they had a penis. I think I need sweet potatoe fries and a broom. 

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December 10, 2019

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December 5, 2019

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