A Poem Titled Heating Pads

November 23, 2019

Heating Pads

Pardon me if I look incorrect

Because of other people's incorrect decisions

Or because I know what not to pay attention to

I also have attention giving to me in places where people are invisible

I do not feel anything if someone is leaving me out while I am learning

I am not looking for attention in that space

At all

I am doing the function

I am so included

That I would never notice

And I know that mosquito bites

Help get rid of dead blood

I have sensitive skin because people use hot combs

And no one who didn't go to school

Coupled with people who went straight into school

Can understand why someone cannot see a fight 

From someone who is teaching without language

A mother in pain and fear

She would pay me to write her story

How many free entries have walked out the corridors

Only to find out how hard someone fought for them to be there

I have never been uneducated running through the jungle

You ever seen someone have to get taught about bullets

Where no one wants to even use the little bit of words the have

That thing called repeat

No one knows where they come from

And people who can see cuddle is a feeling that includes a behaviors

I am sensitive to people being mean to people

I also cannot help that my nails grow long and they are healthy

There is no acrylic on me

On my own I buy heating pads for my stomach to feel better during menstruation

Women's Studies doesn't make me chatty

I refocus where I put my time

I don't schedule like a suit and tie

I guess there is a joke or something

From women who would never know

They have been left for dead and the person does not know what an ovary is

And they speak to what they should call a "dead bitch"

But they use proper English because they think that will help them get a car

The money for the down payment is what would impress someone you want to buy a car from

Sales man

I'm not apart of the group of people who wear's things for others to see

You mean to tell me, there are men who travel up the ladder

To cause the chatter

So other men

Can quickly grab their food

They misunderstand "not enough wood for fire"

The Hire

The Rubric

The Cupid

The Duet

The Respect

All require

An understood





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