This Is Happens When You Bring Your Own Comb and Hair Moisturizer to Get Your Hair Braided!

November 22, 2019


There is some information that is just what it is point, blank, period. There are some people who cannot see how the skill or reading or counting can come to life. As in I often have people aiming to make corrections because they do not understand counting without numbers. I always say one plus one equals two. Imagine with your eyes you can see that they answer is two (insert word, sentence or description here). Then someone questioning why a person who have a nail appointment to get clear and know you should get a manicure and pedicure. Also know that you can wear a handbag and makeup to get your nails done. I guess some people didn't understand the concept of word problems. I have realized that some teachers and instructors have advocated and begun to grade and correct assignments in class. This helps students who are going to get an F or a grade that is not an A (in all metaphorical terms) less susceptible to violence. Especially the kind they will receive from a student with all or most of the correct answers or the one that makes the answer of homicide in the obviousness of the way the person is interacting. Waiting a week for certain information, especially if the person did attempt to do well and still did not is problematic to the way they continue to interact with peers and even family. They also fail to see not to reapply the same method or attempt to rectify a situation after receiving the correct information. The most annoying habit is when people cannot see that “complete”, does not mean there has to be a school work related assignment. What is learned is that there are things that need to be completed and that somethings do not have to be assigned. There are people still dreaming, because they did not perfect the ability to complete and utilize correct information.


In regards to the work I do, I am seeking to implement the participation method and interaction as in similar to test taking. The win is a seat at the test and knowing that the pen should be pink. One of the test questions would be to break down the word “kinda”. I also enjoy a shared work and presentation space. There is also something important about knowing how and why to use a tool. I learned about Vanguard Mutual Funds and was interested in the fact that it is considered name brand. I am aiming to figure out how to integrate She’s A B.O.S.S.’s name brand component. This is when your “auntie” makes the best banana pudding ever, but you know to go ahead and listen to home girl who uses the birthday cake Oreos instead of vanilla wafers.

There would be would be six things that would need to be completed for participation. All in the same family would be a vision board, a story board and a professional PowerPoint presentation. The next would be a list of task to complete, a timeline and an editorial calendar. The timeline can span over a decade and is personal. Even if people see you while you are working or shifting and growing YOUR due date is what matters. When it comes to the editorial calendar, it is about realizing how to bring the items to life, off the “page” and to where you want them to fully exist. I am able to work on multiple things and projects and have fun with them. I definitely have deadlines and due dates. However, as a person who knows how to research and do data collection I know to make adjustments as I go along my journey to strengthen the framework I create and ultimately present to others.


One of the stressors is when people make a commotion because they cannot see the my program She’s A B.O.S.S. is not the same as the work I do as an individual. It is a program I created and as people build their own body of work I am ultimately building alongside them. If you see me working and perfecting my craft, the She’s A B.O.S.S. element has already been put in place. People being able to see and support women and girls who are advancing are important. There is a phase that I would want to look or work like Pokémon cards. Yes, my card would say that I would put a “personal” project on hold and grab someone lunch while they figure out how to keep their house that is at risk for foreclosure. If you need someone who puts an “under construction” post on their website or puts people on hold to finish personal projects even if they list that as number 3 on a priority list, well you just need another She’s A B.O.S.S. Pokemon. I’m sure she’s there working on all her amazing things, and guess what she chooses to play on to help with hunger over bringing you a snack. Another thing, in hindsight, before participants would move to the next level they would have reached expert level in their particular “lane” of work, behaviors, habit, career, research or study.


I made mention of something I was researching in regards to missing the opportunity to make improper investments in myself and then where some of my errors, complaints, and exhaustion could come from.  I looked at the amount of money it cost for my braids I love to get done and decided to make a “Self-care exchange”. Because for me, getting my hair braided is a part of my self-care. I decided to do my hair myself and pay me the same amount and use the money for myself. I laughed at the items I purchased, which means there are items I want and can afford. They are items I act like I can’t afford or do not pay attention to that I want because of choosing to have fun with my hair. This also makes me sit and hang around when I would probably make better investments in my time. I decided to trade in my hair braids for some moisturizer and my afro. Yes, I still have that $172.39 in change and Tommy Girl or Nicki Minaj brand perfume as a consistent choice (or Victoria Secret) is not even applicable as expensive in this scenario. Now a silly girl would make Tiffany’s or Chanel a part of this type of decision making. That girl will be in the deck as well. There are people who will think that my program is not intersectional when it absolutely is. This is because they do not see the situational strategy. Unfortunately I do not care if someone cannot understand how a woman can beat another woman with a purse. As in if your wake-up in go requires dealing with permed or formerly permed hair and that money is interrupting your budget that can be used for business and investments, it is not “racist” to let the go-getters in that category without that monetary distortion take the lead. Your “man” might need to see that the way you pay for your hairs and nails and even spa day although self-care is essential, is not in the proper bracket and should not interrupt where his and your investments should be. I am being silly using the “man” metaphor but you get what I mean. If hair and nails is your choice you need to spend some quality time where you purchase or get it done and see what it means to build. I will mention before closing out this post that there are people who think they can see or know how a business is run from seeing inside of meetings and conversations and office buildings on television. Some of them accidentally stalk and harass actual people doing business and their behavior as if there is something abnormal. No it is not weird to see someone who would have a company, organization or program invest, partner, utilize or be at the library! There is nothing more exciting to me than growth and development.

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