There Is Comprehensive Confusion and Serious Issues Being Spread Like Little Rumors That People Are Showing Fear In Public About Addressing; As In Why Is It Not Obvious That There Is A Person Who Can Do the Immediate Correction?

November 19, 2019


I am recently realizing that there is an error in my life arrangements. I have people who I would love to include in the process of running my organization, along with showing the opportunities that they otherwise may not have access to. There are a plethora of people I have kept my eye on for grant writing, volunteering and presenting. I am now realizing that I have to make a major shift because they have not naturally developed the capability for having insight in regards to something they think I should be adhering to. Instead of developing in civility, leadership, community building, lifestyle and friendship development they participated in some “assignment” for someone outside of the environment that was currently being experienced. This has cut many people off from the reality, which makes it look and sound weird when I have meetings with government officials and speaking engagements. If you remove the “task” I am unaware of, everything looks pleasurable and like something these individuals would love to participate in. There is then also the distortion about who is in my network and life framework. Yes, I am still scheduled for events. This involves people with organizations, sponsors, government officials, budgets, fans, attendees and more. My major blind spot is that people who have shared time and space with ME, actually got involved in a situation that makes them have no actual time for ME. As in they are ill-equipped to deal with the version of me that could win a political office or that attitude that would come from a large body of people who would want to know why this isn’t obvious. There is a symptom of confusion that has massively spread among a group of people. Confusion can cause chaos and make people miss out on opportunities they would more than enjoy having. I hope people have honestly healed themselves. In retrospect they should see how their behavior is seen as interacting with the “wrong” person or being indirectly confrontational. I speak with confidence knowing that I went to provide room for something that I knew was occurring and did an excellent job at providing access. However, due to the lack of awareness, skill and ability of most if not all on a grand scale there was a complete opportunity missed to showcase absolute perfection at the point of access. There is a problem with people who speak about other people as if the person and their identity do not exist. There is also a natural and systematic law that will block people from access and promotion. If you cannot see to adhere to the person in front of you with this skill and ability, you have ultimately cut yourself off from people in the workplace, even identifiable partnerships, access to home loans and more. The person may not be able to see they are abandoning correct information and practice and showcasing an inability to interact with the reality of a person’s identity. There are people who have become or are developmentally retarded. They make literate purchase or engage in comprehensive conversation and then complain. There is a large crisis, to me, in regards to employee identity that is mistaken for something personal. As in there are people driving, having a home to live in, access to food because that is the protocol for the employee of the location they work at, not something gift or life giving for them. They may get confused because they know how to drive other places like the mall, church, movies or to visit people. They then might ask for gas money. They would notice if they sat and followed the routine given to them that all those things are not included and if they would not have a vehicle without a particular workload they themselves are not what is being given or rewarded to. Nothing worse than people who fail to see that the fact they even have survived is due to brand consistency of people or organizations they have been affiliated with.


Confusion also known as delirium can be caused by pneumonia due to inflammation and infection that interrupts brain function. People who have had surgery or are withdrawing from alcohol can be at risk for this. Symptoms of delirium can be not speaking clearly, feeling drowsy, impairment of short term memory, incontinence. There are people who will confuse conversation, wisdom and professional speaking with rambling. They often have contact with people through cell phones and lack of technological fluency and literacy. Many colleges are implementing technological literacy.


I have this idea in my mind that everyone knows what “lynching” is or that there is a method designed to teach people to do this themselves. There are many metaphorical equivalents that do not involve a rope. There is something awkward about people doing these things on their own, but it is only awkward in a particular way to me because I can recognize the entire process. I have learned people will aim to harm me if I interrupt. That is the message I have learned to send rather than sending signals to the person who is doing the obviously silly thing. It is obvious to me because I see it like a picture from a book or a film. I am also having no confusion about people who have been abused, hit with extension cords, almost murdered doing belligerent behavior. I actually am in shock that some people cannot tell that, that an attempt at murder is what it is. Can I share that I know for a fact that I saved my pupils with honesty. As in during a workshop while playing a game of “four corners”, I didn’t do something like lie about one day wanting a Navigator. I suffer in life where I am “pretty” to be people who are in charge of something because people they think are ugly are doing a “task” and I might be in the area doing work also or just relaxing at the moment. They never fail to make commentary. There is something that cut people off from my educational skill with and without words that could create the framework and teach them about changes, advancements, opportunities or reasons not to do a particular thing and they may have irritated the space for that access to learning. I am wondering why there are people behaving like people who would climb a tree with a rope tied to it that have been in my presence. I can tell they are in my face still because of brand consistency. This is my smart remark for today.

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