"My Sensual Journey".

November 19, 2019



Touch is a feeling, a sensation. Touch is considered physical. I remember being a washed up and lotioned up and smiled at as a child. This is love, this is intimacy, this is care in action. I have made sure to not replace the tender love and care of bathtubs and baby oil with physical interactions from people who would attach themselves in an unhealthy manner, desire to fulfill this intimacy spot with the wrong kind and not going looking for that sensation. When the touch, feeling or sensation of that kind is fulfilled that means this same love, this same intimacy, this same care in the form of action has shown up and no it does not have to show itself with the same action. I have learned rules, regulations, health codes, privacy, public and many other things in my life that sometimes interrupt sensual experiences in the most natural form. This does not mean that sensuality has not occurred. Being honest about your feelings, what you like and dislike is important in sensuality. Using your wisdom and your knowledge is also sensual and a part of an overall sensual experience.  Knowing how to do so is the key. I am able to understand when my mind, body and inner being is having a sensation. Both separately and together. The sensuality of knowing to clean my own body with body gloves and not learn or develop a habit or behavior of teaching myself I am unclean, unwanted or untouchable. The art of washing my body and teaching my mind what it means in the deepest of ways. Sensuality is understanding a touch, a feel a physical interaction can make me giggle, make me wine, make me smile, make me sleepy, make me upset, make me hesitant, and make me excited. I am aware that not everyone has to confirm my sensuality, know my sensual ways or approve of the way I love myself and cause others to love me all over properly and appropriately. My sensuality can cause uproar in people who are unable to pervert touch in my essence. A journey leads you to someplace or to someone. Be open, be honest, trust your intuition, your body, your senses and you will attract what matches your sensuality.

I have learned how some people do not hold in high regards their intimacy and that they will allow many into their sacred space. I have dealt with the aftermath and the treason and the problems that come from this behavior of others. I have interacted with people who talk to themselves, walk into walls, and never have been touched in a way that brings them to life. I am neither shameful nor bashful about my sensuality. I am also not responsible for other people perversion, jealously, or distasteful request. I understand my beauty inside and out. I have no regrets about what I have learned and experienced in action, in intimacy, in life, in sensuality. I also am not responsible for the feelings of others who have never learned to name their feelings and experiences. I am amazed at the sensation of trusting myself, of loving myself, of caring deeply for myself.

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