A Poem Titled Somebody

November 19, 2019


I can tell I should use a curse word

But I understand locational use

Somebody got me fucked up

Because of what I do not do

I do not speak like I am unintelligent

Or as if it took me a while

When was the answer not until the death

Only to those with blind eyes

A veil or something blocking their view

Why do you need to see gold chains

And a flight jacket to understand my attitude 

There is nothing missing

Except your implicit bias

I am not prone to unwarranted physicality 

Other than that, what do you not see

Out my face or until the death

Is as plain as the eye can see

I won't be on the boat

I won't be in your view

There is nothing missing

Except a comprehensive tool

Who did you not see here

That did not say the same thing as me

Pardon my french, as I pass out gold chains and gold teeth

This for some reason

Is not directly understood

Up out my face or until the death

There is no discrepancy in this 

Those commercials about vacations

In between the movie, with the point you missed

Notice something

About what you are failing to see

Up out of my face

Is not a bad thing to be

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