The Time I Fell In Love With Kontomire Stew, Pounding FuFu, Running From a Stampede and Sharing Electricity!

November 18, 2019


I had the time of my life when I interned in Ghana. Yes, that is me hugging my life away before leaving from the kids and making sure I did not miss out on the experience of squatting in a concrete hole at school to use the bathroom! It was a very amazing experience full of real life interactions. No, I am not the code switching professional. My journey to the motherland started with inspiration from someone who was going on their own expenditure. I decided to create a gofundme, save and earn to take my own trip to do some amazing work and living in another country. My mind expanded in college, if I had other life patterns I probably would have taken up study abroad. People fail to see how to take that type of trip is growth and something very positive to embark upon. It also wasn’t the trip about connecting with my ancestors. I wanted to volunteer, explore and connect internationally and globally using the work I was already doing. My journey started with helping compile information in databases here in the US and I was excited because I had done work with them before. I then went and had lunch dates and discussions so someone could see what type of situation would be best for this experience. Before I left my mom purchased my suitcases and I hung out with a pal just in case I died or something.


I spent time in Ghana volunteering at a school and interning with a micro-finance organization. There were no street signs in the area and I had the time of my life navigating through the environment. I became a big family with the people I interacted with. I even ran from a stampede that occurred where there were two concrete walls. I laughed as school teachers took me for a drink in the middle of the school day. I collected stories from women who started businesses or who had businesses saved. There was a cool meeting with some officials and a chief who had a picture of Barack Obama hanging in his living space. I fell in love with kontomire stew, pounding fufu, eating with my hands, sharing electricity with other cities and countries and understanding the message of “you are invited” while people are eating and offering their food.  Can I mention the way interacting with the community taught me that there are people who cannot see that you can smell fresh and bathe without a shower. I really learned to understand that there is a problem with making washing your body or keeping your body clean about amenities. I completely loved the experience!

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