That Mistake You Made Not Realizing Your Fitness Instructor Would Want to Go for Coffee or Come to Your Wedding.

November 18, 2019



I have realized the major disruption in my actual life! It is the one where people eliminate the people who are in their life. As in there are “Black” kids that are now adults who have made their teachers random white people or the person at the hair store a random Asian person. They have given them no identity which is why there are “fights and conversations” that include me where I have actual classmates and teachers in my life space whether I see them or not. There are people who keep ignoring actual people in my life because they make them a white man or white woman or an authority figure and do not name them or give them identity. This is what makes it so hard to see the obvious of me being educated, well liked, skilled, personable, published and successful Adults experience this when they act as if a piece of paper approved them for a home or apartment and neglect the actual person who is providing them with that opportunity. That is why they start fights or make me their equal, superior or something included when there is no relation other than walking by each other. It would be a sad day to realize all the things people got cut off from because they ignored people or make Richard Simmons the same as their fitness instructor. A fitness instructor that would probably be interested in getting coffee, helping with your projects and coming to your wedding.  


Creating an identity off of television and movies may cause people to do this. Interactions become violent when a person cannot sustain their persona and have made null and void any person that would allow them too or that has already allowed them too. People like me who do not do this can then seem aggressive to people who will be in shock to notice that professionals are going to show up swinging during the fist fight parts of my life. That is what they fail to develop when they make the person who cleared their “Section 8” a random bum or talk junk about them. This is obvious. There are people who mimic or create themselves in roles in my life as confidants, advice givers, mentors, role models when they are not equipped to do so. I once had a young person I know see me having dinner at the Omni with an adviser, mentor and friend all in one and her mentioning it caused rumors that would not make sense to people who do not neglect or delete their real life supporters, influences and role models. The way the conversations take place showcase that there is some developmental brain error or an adjustment that needs to be made. I have learned to really have to recognize my intersectional participation in society and create strict boundaries. Yes, I will wipe the table with a napkin and sanitizer before sitting down if it looks dirty and no I do not realize that there are people who know I cannot work behind a lunch counter but fail to understand what that means until the last day of their life training. The day they realize they cut off their supporter from “way back when” and now can never get that management position at a highly established restaurant and sleep in on most weekends. I will still always fall in love with Jodi Foster and Bonnie Ledbetter’s work. Some people really do have to be regarded as street bums and people in placement to learn to be in a healthy environments so there are not cooties on the cleaning products people like me naturally use and purchase. I am still going to research and developed theories about people walking up stairs and using elevators. As in where is the insult about using a storybook, to tell a story during a youth conference and at what point does a person not realize how silly their commentary is. I’m guessing it is when they are using elevators, stairs and schedules to get to their destinations. I would say it is the equivalents of showing up to try-out for the basketball team and not having any legs. There is that awkward thing people do when they think it isn’t a good idea to be happy and share about having been able to take portraits for someone who has been a mayor or be excited to see mayoral candidates. I mean honestly who doesn’t enjoy getting a “good job” and admittance into a community from a community worker and person on city council who “loves the kids”. I do not pretend that my running through the halls in high school and being allowed to “save my ass” was a privilege given by imaginary ghost.  There is also something worth noting about how my tendency to avoid trouble by choosing to move quickly to make a change and to also put myself in position for housewife, side chic, cute person who types all the memos you forgot you had before suffering consequences that involve jail, suspensions, complete removals. I guess this is what happens when you acknowledge people and who they are.


This epidemic of ignoring people causes problems in the area of people fighting and also people putting too much pressure on me. I’m like you need to find your guidance counselor, your aunt or vote where some people are attacking why I am not super fancy, with a brief case and a perfect proposal. I mean the problem is I do have those things at a time when they might even need a televised role model. The attacks are intersectional in nature and no I do not think that they are only happening to me. The real problem is when people have people out of order and do not realize when “go get coffee for everyone” is the obvious or the thing not to cause an argument with when you are told to do that. There are people not realizing what it means when someone writes you a recommendation, shares information and especially people who provide you with additional resources. As in I do see your potential or how YOU could benefit from this particular opportunity so here are the ways to participate based on where you are lacking. I will say that there are some people in professions having major trouble in this area because they cannot figure out how to politely say “well you fucked up”. So they are being quiet or shying away from that part of the conversation. This makes some people feel entitled or walk in or around like there isn’t something that needs to be adjusted or fixed.

I remember getting an opportunity before entering a university. During this opportunity I started at my highest level of performance and allowed for those around me to see where the distractions and discrepancy came from. However, I focused on not allowing this to deter me because that might be the same scenario and something I would need to overcome. I can still see where I would need to develop some of the skills I learned in regards to how to retaliate to people who irritate me and cause distractions, after I have received the highest level of my own personal achievement. Having reached my highest level, my retaliation method includes aiming for the highest quality consequence and recruiting high achieving supporters. As in everybody just turn your time sheets in on time and don’t tell the person who I am trying to get back so they can be late around the time payroll is really going to say NO to late submissions.  This is when you realize to really aim to clean your shoes before they enter into your living space. Some people in our lives are like those little build ups of bacteria and they can become powerful and strong. Thanks to products like Lysol, you too can save your life like I did. I will say over exposure to watching the Cheetah Girls made some girls have an identity crisis. Unfortunately for those girls I am totally “cause we are sisters, we stand together” which is why they keep wanting to get into my area and dominate. They just want to “look” or the stuff that goes with it. Yes, you have to know how to use a Barbie. You cannot just have them for any reason. There is also this epidemic of dealing with girls who can just sit in the house and play with Barbie’s who can read well and ride bikes and attempt to run away and get really far compared to the pout they should just have for five minutes and then hide in their room.


 Let me also mention that sometimes having these “special features” or high achieving access makes me bump into people who are really in “snitch” duty and would never want anyone to know. They are people who act like they would do anything for a brownie when there is banana pudding available to them . They walk around with “important” people and are sure to look like them. They would capture slaves, rob people, pretend someone didn’t do their homework just to get a slice of pizza. There are people who also cannot see when they are asking me and people like me to compete with people who repetitively do things that pick up germs, bacteria and rely on a medical fix because of the people they know will not be able to make the distinction. There is nothing more annoying than the comprehensive bacteria that come from people who just move up in the grade system and never learn or develop. They bring up things that make no sense or as if it has no further context when it does. For instance there is someone who wants to feel so amazing for seeing that I received a B on a grade in college. I actually was making my own personal fix because I was also doing community volunteering, conference planning and presentations and more. I realized where to make my fix to make my A show up on the paper for this particular course and person.  I have no confusion about the fact that this can occur over the longevity of my life, that is an error many people make. As in when you see the itinerary, I am probably scheduled to be able to get an F and a week to complete whatever was missed. In this equation, I am getting a B. I also do an intersectional include. As in education is included. I also look at the amount of time I have to learn, digest and apply the overall lesson. There is something about timing, as in seeing time on a clock or dates on a calendar that are making people cut themselves off from their life experience.



One thing to note is that I will not make adjustments about my life because of other people’s stereotypes! If you walk yourself into the Lion’s Den because of a thought you have, if the lion one day happens to bite your head off, well that is kind of what you get. There is also something about shared space that makes it annoying to have people around you who want to start a fight and the largest word in their vocabulary is “dusty”. As in how to I argue in terms of photosynthesis with someone whose insult is simply “dusty”. Especially when “spoiled and oiled” would be the actual annoying and winning line in those particular scenarios. I also make people uncomfortable because of how when it comes to arguing with me, I have a personal choice of saying that the answer to a certain questions needs to be 0 before I make a complaint or comment. This makes people on the “down low” or “saving this particular act for if a situation gets sticky” get a little aggressive. It makes me show up competitive past them in public spaces. This is actually as funny as it gets. At the moment I am privately trying to figure out how to be funnier than Kevin Hart and Kramer who had said that “racist” joke, no I will not be focused on the pile of papers I already sorted through and now just need a binder for. You feel me. #ThisLittleLightofMine. I also want to make sure that my main squeeze in life would know that it is important to be a little scared of someone who would make room for him and his wife or side chic in life just so they can see if it I me. This is a result of me reading novels about murder mysteries; I really do think one of the authors was a guy named Terry. I cannot be too sure at this moment. #ToInfinityAndBeyond



I have also learned about visual learners and people who learn from you outside of the confines of a schedule. I am definitely a person who avoids medicine as a first resource or letting things get to that point. There are people who would want to know well why did you choose to use Tylenol at one point. Paying attention to the reality of your day and the other people included is important. You may have made major life adjustments that make being around smokers and hair weave wearers in your life cause a headache that could kill you or someone else. That is when you would know to use the power of discernment. I also know I have healed from ear burns and heat that have been really close to me from hair styling. I could actually take weeks and a bottle of Tylenol before the little tiny bit you need gets to the part of your body due to metabolism and body trauma that you may be unaware of or not know how to deal with. This is just like how I learned what can occur to me from shaving. I still will do it, not every week and slower when performing the task. I also am not failing to use shaving gel, cream or the one that has this included in some form. It is important for some people to realize they need to stop eating meals for a while and eat soup, broth or smoothies because of their body slowing down from over digesting overworking to process the food because they are not using the energy or again from body trauma that makes it hard for the nutrients to get to certain parts of the body as fast as they would need it. Self-care is important and discernment is required for success of your own personal health and wellness in reality.

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