So What You Have Haters? The Start of A One Year Lifestyle Examination!

November 18, 2019


I am totally brainstorming my lifestyle coaching and idea for a workbook. I decided to share as in the saying “tomorrow is not promised” is a reason to just go on ahead and put my ideas out there, even if they are not perfect! Here is what was written in my journal:


So what you have haters? Specifically, what are they causing in your life internally and externally. In what ways do they impact your mood, irritate your career, irritate your supporters, and impact your lifestyle?


One Year Lifestyle

First six months themed: On the run.

Second six months themed: Who runs the world?


No friend zone, No code switching


*Building Better Habits*


Identify three childhood fascinations




How did they develop?

Are their signs of them manifesting in your life? In what ways?


Identify three professional crushes





Use one word to describe what they have in common. List what you like and admire about them.


Mentor Mapping


Biggest Real Life Influence

Person who would write you a prestigious recommendation

Someone you would do a direct copy of


Person you are impressed by

Person that stands out to you

Someone you could learn from and also compete with


Someone who you feel keeps it real

Someone who provides opportunity for growth and helps you overcome obstacles

Someone who teaches you


Someone has no clue you look up to them

Someone you admire but know can be a bad example

A person who influences your behavior and can call you out

A person who affirms who you are


Answer the question: What hurt you most in life?



Describe an outfit you would wear on a Lunch Date with each person you listed on your mentor map.


Childhood Fascination Profile Map


Person who has had real life impact

Someone you would support for political office

Someone who knows how to highlight others good and bad


Someone you would borrow a clothing item from

Someone you would throw a party for

Someone you would let be a side chic to your man/woman


Someone whose husband/wife you would steal

Someone better than you in your field of work

Someone you enjoy learning from


Someone whose lifestyle you find attractive

Someone you look up too

Someone you love to death that people close to you compete with

Someone you would promote


Choose Childhood Fascination Number Three and Create a Profile Map


One you engaged with as a child

Favorite person to spend time with and learn from during that time

Person you would hide your attitude from


Someone who would protect you

A person you have a crush on and would hide from

A person who you feel makes everything better


Person you would tell a secret

Person you would keep a secret from

Person you would tell if you felt in danger or where going to harm yourself


How you approach perfecting your lifestyle really matters. There should be enjoyment, opportunity and learning. Being in the proper mindset is a big factor; in addition to removing distractions. Avoiding catastrophic thinking is important. Are you going to spend time thinking about how you ran out of money, or how so and so had a better presentation than you or inserting your back up plan into the way you take initiative which can cause an error in your thinking and focus. Where you focus on developing your lifestyle is important. When it comes to perfecting your lifestyle, “bring everything you need and nothing you don’t.”

If someone woke you up from your sleep and said “so tell me about yourself…” How would you answer? Could this situation make or keep you qualified for a job at a Fortune 500, the career of your dreams or the significant other of your dreams?


There is a “calculator” rule! The rule is to use the “calculator” in practice or for purposeful test taking that focuses on the ability to use the “tool” or “device” and now how in action to scan, input or provide the correct data. I hope this helps you do that awkward thing called “getting better”.  In my life I have realized I have a problem called “I Know”. Knowing sometimes does not allow or causes me to miss out on addressing “hungry now”, “sleepy now”, “need this now”, “should have this now”. I know there is food in the house so I don’t just stop at the store and buy the snack pack of tuna and crackers when my body is hungry and probably needs to eat now to avoid fatigue and give a boost of energy for the rest of my trip between wherever I am and home. I also have identified something from a scene in one of my favorite movies I always discuss “The Wiz”. There are crows that sing a song called “You Can’t Win”. I have identified crows in my life as early exposure to talking illiterates and drug users. This is very helpful to realize. I would suggest thinking of one of your favorite movies and identify something that might be appearing in your life and the way this identification can be helpful and an amazing learning experience. This correlation came about in asking myself a personal question of “Why do I feel sick?” I have realized that people who include me as a part of their attention seeking behavior are “hella” disruptive. There is also this epidemic of people who look for people for no reason in particular. There are also people who will fight for things you have earned or cause problems. Many times they fail to realize that in these situations we are all “test takers” that had the same experience and opportunity and what some have failed to see is what is getting handed back and the reward, decline or next step that goes along with this in particular. Here’s to happy healing, growing, learning and life styling!

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