My Plan to Jump Out of a Birthday Cake, Be a Mentor, Stay Clean & Organized and See If My "Aunt" Has Room In the Trunk For My Big Feathered Hat!

November 18, 2019


I am starting to learn that many people do not have a place to share openly or honestly. Can I also insert here that employment, school days and scheduling in general make people miss out on people’s personalities and who they are in totality. There are people who often get exposed to something I am doing or saying and are in some type of shock. It scares me to death. As in when did I not come across as someone who likes pink and frills and likes to get the correct answer? Even if that means ignoring people who have comments about me experimenting with ignoring “under construction” signs while creating my website or ignoring them asking why I have one. I’m like ummmm you would have to ask the person in charge or something. I am currently trying to whisper something loudly to a person I call an aunt. Some people want to say that isn’t your family. I’m like ummm, okay, well anyway. Back to what I was saying. Regardless I am still trying to whisper loudly to this person about how I need room in their trunk for a big feathered hat! I have this idea about popping out of a birthday cake and trying to get this man my number. I need her advice on whether or not I should save my mint green bra with netted underlying, white and black connector strap and matching mint green thong for my birthday cake idea or if I should go with a sheer black gown. I know the likelihood of getting away with showing up like that is impractical so I wore my PINK mint green bra and panties today so I would feel better about life and have fresh energy while preparing for my girls group later today! (This is me trying to lean over and whisper my birthday cake request). Yes, I have always had this personality. Ssshhhh!




I have to clean and organize at some point this week. I’m focusing on making sure I am not making laundry day, a day that my clothing item should actually meet the trash. In all honesty if you know water cost, even from the sink at the house or do laundry as often as required most people would really throw things out and buy new ones. I wonder if there is something called National New Panties Day? If I was an elected official that would be the first thing on my agenda. The fabric of today’s PINK bra and pantie set feels amazing. Here is where I will also mention that what is annoying is germs from people who follow me around and have stupidity coming from their lips. They are people who do the metaphorical equivalent of going up to a bank teller to see if they can take $40.00 out when they only have .77 cents in the account. They often cause problems for me because they can see me in the same location. What they fail to see is that I am doing the right thing and they shouldn’t be at the bank tellers’ window unless they are going to take out their .77 cents. That would be the right answer, even if I am making a deposit, a proper withdrawal or getting approved for something. I have had to make amendments in the community work I do and get rerouted by people who would want me to see that “free soap” is my underlying goal. I also have had to deal with the fact that access to schooling makes people who would be my constituents and listen right away become competitive or perform as if they are the equivalent when this is the obvious no. People who are dealing with the data and research of access to schooling are now learning this societal impact. As in it is obvious if no one gave you money for, purchased for you or gave you a designer bag whether friend, family, or community supporters that you have no reason to be starting fights and arguments. Class attendance, school bus rides, cafeterias, fields’ days and school sports are causing people to equalize even in their family spaces when they have not even been included. They also make the mistake of not realizing that people who participate in government and politics most likely will not fight them and will let the proper political structure or system work the way it is designed to. I am better learning to ignore people who have designed fights with me, especially from character profiles from television. You can often see it in their eyes that they have something like “rabies”. And yes, there is miscommunication with interactions with people who do not drive. They experience a major delay and frustration. They often do not realize when they are not invited or that they never will be. They also do not see the silly thing they do when they copy or take on the behaviors of the very person they are trying to fight with and prove that they have the amazing behavior and personality. There is also a difference between copy and develop and a difference between who should copy someone when it is the actual thing to do. I mean if my mom’s or family members will buy me a fancy suit, going for a big feather had seems like the smart thing to do. Pardon my missing white gold name chain as I inherit all my little treasures that last more than a lifetime. There are somethings that we really do naturally and biologically the same way nails or hair grows. I am also learning that there are people who want to know about why I had braces if I have a high self-esteem. I actually had nothing to do with that decision and as a kid on their parent’s health insurance who might have some complications and injuries and whatever else, it is smart to know when to just go with the flow. I led a silent protest about braces and made no cosmetic choice about them. It is bad when people aim to address me in that area because they will notice that it isn’t a personal choice and people pay attention to me enough to provide me with xyz for life after 23!




One major life lesson came from a person I always revere with or without words. I am in love with living a life where someone can tell me three months ago to be ready on a particular day at 7 am and never speak to me again until they arrive on that day at that time. My preparation errors are being fixed. Other people’s timings, other people accommodations, other people’s disabilities or abilities that typically make it in to having “something to do with me.” I am definitely the person who thinks  you should have your clothes prepared and ironed all washing your body. Fragrance is before and after you get dressed. There are people who will watch you be perfect and aim to show up at their best just come face to face with you on the day that they can find a reason to say “you missed a spot.” Just say thank you. I learned about this thing called “one minute mentoring”. I am looking to develop this concept in the work I do. I think people should reach out to someone they would want to mentor or match up a person with someone they think they should mentor and even give a simple compliment. I would challenge people to decide who is one person they would bring a person they wanted to mentor to see and encourage them to do just that. It can take one minute to save a kid who would end up with too much idle time and “start trouble” by introducing him to or you who has been involved in community work that this person could eventually lead if someone simply took one minute. I will blame Missy Elliot if people miss out on the opportunity to be a one minute mentor!



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