Inspire; My One Word Call to Action.

November 18, 2019



I like to listen and watch Joel Osteen! I enjoy the way he articulates and strengthens messages and stories that I may even have heard or lessons that may have been given to me throughout my life. The message is able to be understood through the duration, has long term impact, and you can hear the action that is being described and would know to take a step. At least to me that is the case. Can I also mention his overall aesthetic is applause worthy. There are some people who fail at leading and providing concrete argument because of what they miss. There might be someone who grew up in a particular environment or with particular style of clothing being handed to them. This person may get the opportunity to be really amazing but may not realize that a visit to a tailor and a greeting card in this indication of success at a particular level. Something almost mandatory and something that people who have worked hard for “it” from a different angle would never miss. This is a signal of being properly equipped to lead an experience, even if that means someone on their team should be responsible for these changes. There is a word deep down inside you that can cover all the bases and reach people far and wide. Sometimes all it takes is one word to spark a movement. That word can be broken down, opened up, interpreted, understood and explained all along a journey. Whatever is your one word just know how to explain powerfully and purposefully in detail what it means to you and what the details are that you want to be comprehended and acted upon by others.

If I had to lead people with one word the word I would choose is inspire. Inspire can simply mean to breath, inhale. The ability to stimulate or motivate someone outside of yourself. To breath means to live, to take the first step, to meet the requirement for life. I think that people should choose one word to live and lead by and then be able to break it down. It's like making sure people know that your lifestyle version of class is an adjective and that sometimes it is imperative to keep the "G" inside. 



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