A Poem Titled People

November 18, 2019


A step in the right direction

People who do not realize they should not say a word

People who protect disease and bacteria

People who do not know what it means to die by a sword

I got taught a major lesson

About where I get taught to stand

Those people over there are too be killed

And they will kill you and steal like you are a man

They cannot read, even if they can

They fail to write when they know how

They keep speaking to the dead

Because they think caskets will come out

Yes, stay where you are going

Look straight ahead

Those people are for dying

That is what we said

They may have misunderstood

We guided them in your attack

You won an award and they called it plague 

That is how not included

How silly and how subdued

They see your amazing progression

They fail, by thinking there is a need to fight for food

If you have walked into a building

That has provided you with two meals a day

Why would you fight for the safety of men

Who actually have nothing to say

Their words have no meaning 

They drive to extra locations

Or ask for rides without reason

We guided their attack

They will continue even in your season

We are glad you see the reason

Do not cry, they have died

They do not understand that their bodies will not be leaving 

They are more than pushed, they are more than popped

They only survived a little, because they washed dishes and couldn't stop

We encourage them to wear gloves

So they do not get confused

No one washed them up and made them giggle

Dish soap is giving them tickles

Otherwise they stink and the mass population could care less

You are invited

Look ahead while they face their death. 

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