A Poem Titled Intruder Alert

November 16, 2019

Intruder Alert

I have no apologies to give

About my sarcasm and friendly nature

I want extra juice from teachers

Who taught those who came before me

And sat and watched them fail

So now every time I sit to close to someone

I am a molester

A protester

A male

I have been caught off

From teaching people the truth

I am something like Harriet

Jesus would mean nothing to most of you

They said my lessons

Seem to be incorrect

They sound like escape from slavery

But slavery is what they chose to protect

They said how dare you

Treat people fair and just

They said when it comes to this community

Discrimination and rape is a must

There is no laughing

I’m big time in the fields

They said here we have starving children

No meal can you provide here

Stay away with your morals

Your laughter and your fun

If you ever come here and teach about safety

We will kill you by the gun

There are one hundred people with a story

That said I was not included in the masters plan

Except to live in freedom

And run as fast as I can

There are people afraid of the bathroom

They think you should know they went first

They have no clue what is Lysol

Or what is the meaning of new birth

I am still being corrected

For my trip out of the womb

No, I cannot see a rape victim

If I am not alive to see into the room

My eyes have seen attempts

At murders, robberies and fights

I have also seen orange jumpsuits

On people who have done something right

What is a fight, between an eye witness

And the attacked

Have you ever been fought by a person

Who would have died if your eyes had not done that

They live to speak a story

They intrude

Because of what they cannot see

A failed attempt at ending their life

Because of what my eyes can see

Now let me stay focused

And make something clear

This is the end of my contribution

My optic nerve has served me for what it would need

I am attempt free

I know the laws around self defense

Likely to occur at any moment

I am not the responsible party for why another reproduced

I have retreated with non-violence, education, self care and care giving force

I will stand holding trophies, an itinerary and acknowledgment of everything I have done

I am sure to make your eyes sober, so you can see what you have done

There is no gun at the fist fight, no extra swings for pushes out of fear

I am not the aggressor for pushing my way out the womb

And I have legal rights to walk from room to room

This is my story

This is my song

My duty to retreat

Has been being fulfilled all along

Self-care and love

From those who need me the most

I will not brag nor will I boast

When things are justifiable

Without question or common law

I have no apologies

Imminent and reasonable harm

My words have the details

My paragraphs have supporting arguments as well

Have you ever seen a non fictional narrative

Tell a romantic comedy so well 

A fight to the finish

A life lived thoroughly through

I will have all my documentation

To prove self-defense

As they intrude



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