A Soliloquy: Unapologetic About When I Disrupt Your Sensory or Perception Difficulties; That Part of Your Brain That Cannot Handle Someone Who Breastfeeds!

November 15, 2019



Here is one of the most valuable lessons I have learned in my life, we are all apart of someone else's attack. As in there is someone attacking the person who reproduced you, your employer, your school, your man, your country which means they will ultimately attack at YOU!  One of the most annoying attacks I experience still to this day are people who comment about when I do my work properly or when they feel that everyone should work or perform at the same kill set, developmental level, position or capacity for growth. In my teaching and coaching there are people who will complain that I didn't do an error, failure or have the same leniency or correction method as another person. Imagine at the start of a basketball game when the "jump ball" is going to occur that the players on the court are talking, tying their shoes, going to have a seat on the bench, looking around, not in the proper stance to grab the ball or go straight into defense or offence once the ball is tossed in the air. In your mind does this make sense and is this going to be the best way to start, play or win the game. Most likely not. Notice that when you can conceptualize or articulate that I did not start with a calculator or pass any out that you can put the people you aim to involve in danger if that is the only way they know to do or complete something. What excatly would you like them to say?


There also is the problem area with the person who wants to complain that they cannot do these things or then realize after they have complained and can now see the importance of these things and wants to come back and my answer is no. They sometimes cannot see when they are now going to be redirected to see that they are having a problem with me as a person and not me in a position or with a title. They also have failed to see that, their question falls in the same category of talking during the jump ball. The better behavior would be to go back to the starting line or have a seat on the bench if that option is still open. Let me blindly mention here that I can be very problematic to people who are physically active or their weight and size because of going to a gym or participation in a sport or activity where they internally are pissed and annoyed and not being vocal about it. They attack the part of me that is naturally fit and also very excited for a "work out" of the intersecting kind. I have learned that I gain weight from being around these types of people. There are also people who do not understand stamina and endurance as a focal point.


I often wonder if people can see how they waste time explaining that they saw me "printing" a paper or assignment right before class. There is a developmental error, and this may be from watching movies and television. The paper is due in class and to the instructor. There is also a personal relationship that is established, in addition to the fact that they are looking at a person that would take the consequence if a printing error occurred as in get marked down for showing up late or go to class without it if there is a printer jam. I would make sure my instructor knows it was completed and even email it or bring it to the person at their office or mailbox. Even if the mark down still occurs. I will ultimately focus on the person part of the instructor. In addition, the printer is usually working fine and my paper is due in class. There is no problem with printing before class is the obvious answer and "you would look silly" bringing that up as a problem is the obvious answer also. There are people who do not notice that I will always be glad to offend them with my colorful wash clothes and the fact that I have good hygiene and wardrobe regardless of where I am working. There are people who insert themselves into situations the way a movie happens. Or they think someone will respond like they have seen in a movie or on television.


I will never miss out on an opportunity for someone to lose a pointless fight they have started by allowing them to see that the error is that they do not clean tier body and I would take a comment before I would hand someone something diseased, infected or untruthful. People who lie would think I would care or change an answer if it is or was "I was sleep". Pardon me while I do not do things that will cause me to die or miss a diagnosis. I applaud myself for showcasing when people's lifestyles are that they are haters, who like to start fights and cause trouble and have actually nothing wroth contributing to society and that they would rather be street walkers than educated women or people. I would tell that person she needs a colorful wash cloth in this day and age! There is a annoyance in my life when people who have no one that actually care about them start trouble with a person people adore. There is also something awkward about people who cannot tell the difference between a blonde and a blonde hair weave.


Pardon me while I continue to ignore people's delusions and make sure they can see that most of their teachers, coaches, guidance counselors and even community workers have not been talking to them. The majority of statements that start with "Good morning" when you are sitting in a group are being spoken to the group in general, as in the person would say "Good morning" even if there was another group there that did not include you. I also have to mention here that there are some "adults" who actually still aren't developmentally appropriate for being on applications such as Instagram. People who think positing a picture in a swimsuit is being a hoe. #ExitStageLeft

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