A Poem Titled Look Ahead, Six Years of Living

November 15, 2019

Look Ahead, Six Years of Living

No, I cannot see the crypt bodies buried under the church

Even when they walk

There are buildings where graves would go

I wish more people would know

They would stop coming by for Turkey

The illiterate comments

Of people who cannot differentiate who is who

No, I will not interrupt the cuffs that came to enslave

The dummy, who can clearly see

That he made a bad decision

I am far from a victim

Something about TV

As in the incorrect spelling

The miscommunication swelling

Watch as I remove myself

And let the one who

Chose to speak for no reason

About how well he was taken care of

And replaced this in his season

Only to find out that without my purpose

He has no reason

No meaning

And he

To me

Can choose to lose

Because he can't see 

How when you read

And when your eyes see God

Show you no surrender

He is not smart enough

And went to defend her

The one who killed him

No, I will not be hurt

If my adolescent soul

Finds out that a infant

Died in my custody

Because he protected

The devil

That spoke against him

In his face

And will never learn

What it means to differentiate

Job well done

Is what is said to me

I will not be hurt by my adolescent soul

Losing an infant that was given to me

A privilege earned at six years of living 

They told him

I am




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