A Poem Titled Pot Luck

November 13, 2019

Pot Luck

People often like to discuss

How my goal isn’t to get out of the hood

Yes, I would prefer to keep it looking good

No, I do not puff puff pass

But I know to puff

The same way I know to use a plastic cup

Instead of glass

All the good girls get passed

Because of guys who cannot see when the human race is included

Just Boo them and make sure you know all Sugar Daddies aren’t white

Yes you can spell like there is time for editing

And use your waist line, that’s fine


I already told

That “we” call my blunt Diamond

I Sierra Leone

That is why I don’t buy them

I keep up with the Law

More than a trend

Four new agreements

Puffs kill cancer

Kills disease out of the air

Shampoo and body wash

For the work day

Many people care

The puff, puff

When they pass I play

They call my blunt Diamond

Kinky and Pink Moscato

My no is hollow


I’m universal like studios


My pilgrims and me

They call my blunt Diamond

Please excuse my back

When I leave

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