A Flirt: Oh No, I'm Doing That Up-To-Date Thing Again!

November 12, 2019


So I am going through my notes and taking deep hard breaths thinking about how eventually I am going to take my notes from my notebook that are highlighted and input them into a Google Doc. That is where the people who surround you that didn't learn to do well in class think I am being "EXTRA". Then they notice all their corrections would give a person with the correct answer a complete mental illness and force them into early bankruptcy. I guess they really need to live the experience over and over of people completing things and them just sitting there, failing according to the scenario "we" would be in. I am thinking of people who brag about being out of date or become confused when people are using an updated way of doing things. I really make jokes about people who start a riot about can we use "funtak" when the rule is that you should not post things on the wall. I am imagining using the metaphor at Dunkin Donuts to see if coffee can be free or not include sales tax in the purchase after they have seen all the advertisements and know we are in consumer society. Or if a crazy person can get away with it because they do not have a visible weapon. The fight against it and then wonder why everyone is completing their rejuvenation cup and not being groggy because they didn't choose to buy a "quarter juice" on the low when they should have gotten coffee. I am still laughing about how I was trying to see if the logo on the Dunkin Donuts cups where causing addictions and eye infections. I didn't cross out Dunkin or coffee. I can see that there is an over exposure to advertising and trash sightings because of scheduled pick ups. 


Okay anyway, here are some of my plans for the culmination of my handbook, workbook, directives, (cake box) or whatever it compiles into for the organizational part of She's A B.O.S.S. Can I mention here that my major fear is that they women I want to work with or adore will start a major fight with me because they are triggered by some of what I am aiming to do or are not use to having the open space for their real life responses (to be gauged, monitored, and adjusted). There are people that I am really pursuing as life long "BOD" members. I have secret names in my head that I made up for them. I even made me one. Mines is "Side Chic Sundays". The other names are "Lace Front Lady", "Hungry Hospitality", and "Booked Burglar". These names are just thoughts in my mind about remnants of core values that have a lot of exposure to education, banking and career. I decided to include that the people I am interested in working with are P.U.M.P.S. (Positioned Uniquely for Mentoring, Planning and Strategics). This is important to note. I also want to encourage those who I would want to work with to buy a new pen because I think "we" all suffer from some sort of personality disorder or defect that comes from writing with a black or blue pen or a pen with someones logo. I like writing with pens that have pink ink. Most of us have never written with our pen of choice and we keep the habit. Breaking that black and blue pen habit makes me know to try the Peppermint Mocha flavor at Dunkin when it is flashing on the sign in my face. The would also encourage the people I would want to work with to be intentional or learn to make decisions in a way that ignores logos, designs and grammatical errors. Let me just mention that you might be handling foreign affairs while you are also in the middle of a contest about who looks better, who has the bigger booty  and who has longer hair.This doesn't have to b a problem but it can be annoying when you keep getting "picked on" when you are not finished or when someone else is getting picked on and you sit through a 2 hour presentation of them giving the wrong answer. Sometimes there is a need to showcase "whose side you are on" visually. I am working on something I call "The Break-In Model of Self-Defense" for people I would want to work with. I also made myself take notes all the way to where I would want to say "blah, blah, blah" in a conversation. I filled in the blank for what the blahs could be


Blah- my significant other smokes

Blah-shrimp, chicken, roast beef and yes we have a vegan choice

Blah- My nail polish matches my outfit


I also realized how to benefit from smart ass people. People who want to steal your rent money and get mad when they cannot. I notice a "rude" thing employees at particular locations would think that I do. If I spill something I know there is a mop that they should be using frequently. There are employed people who think I should wipe it up. They also realize they do not do well at getting tips. I also have an annoying experience with people who would choose to do things like wear "Depends" instead of having a seat and doing what allows them to use a bathroom when they have that as a choice. I have realized that politeness can also drive people crazy. There are also people with low cognition who think I "am around stinky people" but they do not notice I only see this person after they have showered. I often think a person that would understand me is Teddy from Blank Ink Crew. He looks like he makes similar decisions to me. As in when I hear about the guy taking everyone's money in some game, I won't even give my $20 to take that type of chance. I feel like me and him would be the only two people with their twenty dollars. I would hire him as a "booty rub therapist". #ComeToShesABoss

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