A Rant: No, I Did Not Know There Are People Who Are Addicted to Toothpaste!

November 12, 2019



I had mentioned about when it is appropriate to 'give up". Many people do not realize when they are pushing themselves past the limit. Giving up is sometimes meaning going to the math tutor when you really can;t figure out the way to solve your math equation in enough time, while doing your homework, that will make you know you will be able to solve this equation and complete a test or quiz. 


Can I give a red alert that I am just realizing that there are people addicted to toothpaste. Knowing that "toothpaste" in the way we know it today was made in the 1900's makes me know certain things or how comprehend without explanation. I can notice that there are people who were taught that they could only have or use toothpaste if they had somewhere to go, someone to see or where leaving the house of having extreme symptoms of plaque and disease. This is why many of people developed a habit of seriously always wanting to go somewhere, fighting for employment, relationships, positions and not everyone can tell it is an addiction regarding wanting to get toothpaste and rules they had learned in order to use it. They also might have a bad habit of when toothpaste was in a jar and five toothbrushes  in the jar at the same time. This even causes germs to go into the environment and impact others who would have no idea what is going on. They also might not be "looking in mirror" people and may just feel very sick. Even from people who are coming into public places "clean", but really looking for a way to get to toothpaste. A way to notice that someone has an addiction is if they ail at overall oral health. They may ignore "healthy gums". They also are most likely to inhabit encrypted behaviors and bring up things to bring "successful" people or people who seem to attract certain things down to get to a resource to feed an addiction. There are people I know who would always want to bring up something like "remember that time your mom hit you" and I will be looking for the follow-up. As in, yes and I well versed in childhood trauma and generational ties. I have learned to respond to these individuals who fail to have follow up for the statement with " remember when you couldn't read?". I even am on record of people who I have given hair relaxers in the past complaining about that they did not get the "tingling feeling in their body". As in, I didn't do something that would addict them or rub it all in their scalp and I didn't fail to put the lubricant on their edges. 


I started doing this funny thing of doing a free write with my left hand. It really helped strengthen my muscles and open my mind and eyes. This also helped me give better feed back and critique. As in someone would want to look at the free write and say they cannot read it. The real statement is that the letters are squiggly and not as clear as the writing you developed using your right hand for years. However, I can still read the message and see that this can get the equivalent job done when there is no need for aesthetic guidelines. I also noticed that I didn't run out of grease and that I can use my soap to wash my hair if I left my shampoo and conditioner out of the bathroom. Can I laugh here about how I also put away what was left in my "As I Am" hair products to use for the day I might being public around people using hair supplies. That way I do not have to argue with them about Pantene or "I thought you said". This is what happens when you do not fail the lesson or learning in regards to #ProductPlacement. 

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