A Rant: Ok, So Maybe There Is An Epidemic of Too Much Logic Where Most People Would Be Sleeping!

November 8, 2019


I am totally working on a rehab for millennial's who think that employers, teachers, even scholars or superstars and doctors know what a celebrity or superstar is. There are people who do not realize they have driven other people to radical points of insanity because they want to be something famous like that have seen on television. They make assumptions about what they have watched on the television means and that everyone is aware or caring about this particular thing in general. Or when they get the opportunity they fail to realize that they need to be able to identify the sounds of different instruments or know to only wear their sneakers when told.


I was doing some research and read an article about “The Post Rehabilitation Slump” on synapse.org. The introductory statement made me write some notes. It made me think about how some people focus on an adjective or description and not the “what”. As in there was a statement about “positive attitude, hard work and family support”. I can see in this sentence that the “what” is attitude, work and support. There is this annoying thing some people do when they say, “but I don’t have a family”. This is where I realize the importance of self-defining. If this is brought up this same person would probably mention that they already know about self-defining, which has taught me to reframe my statement into “The Do Of Self-Defining”. Can you define positive, hard and family for yourself. In addition can you see the main focus?  I started thinking about people who found out about things like “eternal life” after they understood death and impose things to make themselves “eternal” without what I will call “healthy how’s”. They are in the mindset of living forever with an amputation, instead of healing the damaged tissue in their body by reading, learning, listening and witnessing results. They laugh when people are solving the “obvious” problem of dehydration.


Furthermore while reading I noted that some of us have a hard time understanding when “visible progress tapers off”, that this may be a signal that you are experiencing the final result. This might even mean a permanent scar or two. The article states that when the visible progress tapers most people “logically” want to start a new goal. I wrote in the margins “why are you using logic?”. I then went on to note that I think the focus should move into “what do you want?”. The logic some people use is sometimes “out of place” and can make them seem like they have a hidden intention or criminal behavior. The logic is because “you know what steal is, or you like someone and you now the overarching societal competitors and that you are triggered by statements like “I have to work” overriding the fact that you need to hang out with a person for five more minutes to completely avoiding needing a flu shot because it will take away the behavior or emotional response that sends you to do whatever gives you the symptoms and that a hug before running out of the door can stop years of depression. This article made me want to ask the question, “are you fighting to get back to what has injured you?”.


I think that media visuals can also cause us to live knowingly in areas of the unknown. I can see when I think I look stupid and I know what color eye shadow I want because I can see how it looks on my skin complexion before even having a desire to purchase makeup. As in, I can see I am the similar color brown of Eva and Tyra Banks while watching America’s Next Top Model. So years later when I but make-up I go with the gold and bronze because I am into a more neutral look. Then I play around to perfect pink make up palettes on my face and know for a fact if I am going to wear any blue make up that I would want the super sparkly frost looking eye shadow stuff that is “IN” these days and the only reason I go on ahead and try it is because I can see my friend on Instagram doing it and if I do not like it, she can have all of the stuff. This is a decision being made in other cultures, industries, lifestyles where the person cannot even see in a mirror and if they happen to be able to look in a mirror at the level they are receiving the make-up is where it is rooted in being done without them and no one will care if “THEY” like it or not because they aren’t really seeing it, in a way. There is also something noteworthy about realizing the ways that stories about you “compress” after years of education or when new babies are born or when there is no longer family gatherings like their used to be. Somewhere in my life I am still just the thing that fell down the steps when I was little. Or the cute thing people stare at and want to kiss and have no clue what sexual harassment is and aren’t actually doing that in the state of nature they are in.


There is this theory I enjoy called “the problem that has no name” from writings by Betty Friedan. I am making my own “problem that has no name” in regards to being someone’s someone or something. I will always remember that growing up “I” have never got up and went grocery shopping. I just happen to be with “so and so” that is going to the grocery store and is more pissed than ever and tired of carting around this thing that can barely walk.


The article also discusses how “wrestling with depression gives an insight into the pain and suffering of others”. The obvious thing to me in this statement that may not be obvious to every reader is to GET THE INSIGHT. Identify the problem, understand the occurrences. The article further goes on to discuss being a survivor and something about sharing lessons. I think many people are failing to share their lessons or are cutting out the stories that have caused someone’s success. This even can cause depression where people fight off the process and make people complete failures at the “moment” before their triumph. They also might not see the absolute survivor-ship or levels of success that then streamline themselves throughout people’s lifetimes. People argue with stories that are the equivalent of “survived the birth canal”. I will also think about the metaphor of wrestling with depression and realize that some people should go into another sport.

One of my major concerns in life especially in a work environment that requires different positions and educational backgrounds is when people focus on what someone else is doing. There are different things that different people do and that might mean that other people need to stop worrying about if someone should be at their desk, because they should not even have time to be worrying about that person. There is also a weird thing people do when they try to copy someone’s strength, rather than developed a similar one or see the underlying strategy. You may be copying something someone is doing where they received an A on it after learning it in class, where this particular strategy would make you withdraw from a course. I am the person who would accept the fact that everything in my life is a lesson that will help me survive new developments in war tactic that no one knows about yet or knows can be done or the danger of the aftermath. I am watching generations of elders and amazing people be thrown off by young people who have seen a sitcom and are “acting”. They are making improper investments. There are even television watching habits and mirror distortions that make people not see or realize when someone has a big attitude or their big attitude is being addressed. Watching things scripted on television might make someone step into someone’s territory because they think the person will take a ling dramatic pause, like the screen writer in that show they saw had the attractive woman do. #TakesPersonalNotesHereAfterUnderstandingSocialPsychology. There are people who have to learn to deal with identity or a new understanding of who they are, have been or have been perceived to be.


Here is where I chime in. There are people using language and strategies of literate or monetary wealthy people with the obvious “no’s” or unqualified visual elements that any literate or monetary wealthy person would see. It is silly to buy bread or fight for money or a job to buy bread when you have flour, water, yeast, directions and the obvious timing to make your own. There are people, like me, recovering from generations of community and family members who fight them for wanting to make bread and use the spaces and resources provided. They fight them off and then become combative when they go and purchase some bread, after being taught that they cannot learn and celebrate in making their own. There are people who want to use their conformity or guidelines to compete with people at the level of natural selection. They then argue that “I” have special treatment when they see me “winning” at life or the structural and systematic practices. It is the delusion that they aren’t arguing from the point of access. As in everyone in the argument has access to a school building for 180 days. No, I am not receiving special treatment for having sales tax (and knowing that everything I have done in life or know is as crypt as sales tax). I do not argue about why my three dollar purchase totals in the amount of $3.18. There is no special treatment in knowing that sales tax is six cents for each dollar and preparing in that way and always having the proper amount or the item I wanted or needed to purchase.


I came up with something funny to me last night, that I want to flesh out as a theory or an insert in a PowerPoint slide for facilitators and participators in my B.O.S.S. program.  I actually might make it into an entire presentation. It would be called “Are You Being a D.I.C.?” DIC meaning double income collaboration. This would be a part of my personalized S.W.O.T. lesson. As in what is the strength, weakness, opportunity or threat of being a DIC and if you aren’t being one, should you take some time to invest in being or becoming one. One of my weaknesses is not understanding how to fund-raise, because “I” am funded. This often makes me actually shift, rather than focus. For instance apart of my fundraising strategy is a “Buy It Yourself” Initiative. I love gift giving, branding and solidifying my mission. If you would donate $5.00 to my program, I would want this person to take $5.00 to buy themselves something from Starbucks or that magazine they really would want to purchase and yes of course, that OXI clean you might want. This idea should be implemented with the goal of still embarking and implementing a major fundraising strategy.


In all honesty, me getting my work completed on time is what throws me off from strengthening fundraising skills. Everyone with money complains or would want access to funds, when they have enough money from employment to not even think of stealing or monitoring any. There is also the issue of people who do not do work and fail to see when the work day or a task is over. Focusing on the fact that I want to make a correction with my fundraising, makes it hard to focus on the fundraising itself. I keep noticing the issue and as a natural humanitarian go and buy people Kleenex wipes. Most people wouldn’t realize that perfumes help keep bad vibes away from the person wearing the scent. I realized the days I remember to spray myself with my perfume are the days I biologically won’t even enter into an area with the “hazardous area”, even if what I define as a hazard is petty to some people. I was once hosting an event and had the wait staff bring meals to the panelist at their seating arrangement so they would not stand in the buffet line with the attendees. These are the petty things I do. As in notice the aesthetic, the impact, the purpose, the earned and the several seats that need to be had by who and why. Some people ask for explanations where there should be a simple “thank you”. There are people who will get mad when you push them to their next level. There are people who argue about what people are doing or contributing to society at the level of “why do you have pants on”. There are also people who do not realize that they are making their life conversations or spaces for growth or treating their life teachers and mentors like people who need to be interrogated or interviewed in informal conversation zones. The ones where you have been invited into someone’s space and can have a “free loofah” and lesson on why to buy a juicy couture roll on the day you learn to wash your designer jeans by hand right after you take them off. I will always add stationary to my family provided wardrobe and spending money. Here is where I can type, in the middle of those real life feminist job openings. Allow me here to mention the mistakes people sometimes make in error, comparison or lack of understanding. It’s like the day you go to the nail salon without cleaning your feet before you leave the house because you think about the overall process for your pedicure and not the sanitation, hygiene, and cleanliness of you as a person. You can fill in the blank with questions like, “Do you have a…….”. This might be the day you realize it is okay to be the weirdo that brings their own towel and body brush to a hotel. Be the equivalent of the person that is unafraid to share that there was an explosion in the middle of their science experiment in the chem lab, or that they walked into the hallway to talk to someone and it exploded or the person who knows to share the final results and be unafraid. Never be afraid to look just as crazy as the person who discovered vaginosis! Also, notice when you fail to see the way to set your work day or structure up so that the overall work starts in general. Some people can take metaphorical notes from "guest passes" at the public library being available and visible upon entry into the computer lab and then notice how the "attendant" might spend part of the day dusting even though their is a janitorial staff. This might be the moment you take the word "Work" or "Productivity" and break it down with some bullet points that are self-defined through deductive reasoning and educated comprehension. I will always know what a CEO and BOD is. However, I will never no say Chief Entertainment Officiant and Bored of Directors, no matter what people say. #WeGotItGoingOn

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