The "Pink Box"; The Cause For A Catastrophe!

November 7, 2019



I’m going to go ahead and say that often there are people who aim to renig or do not understand how to resolve a situation they have created out of their own ignorance. I do not leave out or take back the parts of my life experience that are like the requirement to dissect a frog in a science class. Somethings are really just a life requirement. Why renig when you can just miss a day, or notice to focus on something else when that particular life course is over. Participating in “dissecting the frog” even when you aren’t interested but can see what to learn from the overall equation is what makes all the difference in why people pay attention to my ideas even when they come in shades “pink and fuscia”. People will participate in my “dissecting” and leave with a major take away. They might even realize to take the ugly girl who never leaves the house and invest in the grocery store so they hire beautiful cashiers. Uhnn what?


I am going to be focusing on compensatory strategies and this understanding of using other “pathways to bypass broken connections”.  Some people do not realize to stop attempting to fix a broken connection or stop giving up pathways. Some of this is like an umbilical cord that won’t let a life threatening substance pass through into a newborn. I am also figuring out how to answer this “when will I get better question”. As a person who designs workshops, teaches and wants to do lifestyle coaching. Can I also mention I learned about this “cool” thing called “post rehabilitation slump” that I want to alter to address specific issues that the people in the line of work I do face. I can even laugh at myself and think about how as a writer I am refocusing the way I use a pen, pencil, notebook and computer. Imagine how many amazing stories aren’t being told because the association of these tools is homework or employment. Yes I print documents in PINK and know I can afford it because I do not need any “school glue”.


I recently discussed my idea for a Pink Box. This is inspired by the black boxes that were found in all of the debris from the twin towers attack. I’m still trying to figure out the way these black boxes survived. These would be self-made. People can choose to do it alone or in a group situation. Here are the notes I wrote in my journal about my Pink Box idea:


Who should have/find the Pink box?

What is the Pink box?

What should be in the Pink box?

Where should the Pink box be located?

Why should you have a Pink box?

Why should what is inside the Pink box be used?

When should what content is in the Pink box be used?

When should information regarding the Pink Box be used? After it is discarded? After the info is compiled and the information is shared with leaving the Pink box out of the entire discussion?

How do you use the contents of your Pink box?


I would also create something that would help people discover the things that should be inside THEIR Pink box. I am still aiming to figure out if I should go for metaphorically or of their should be a real catastrophe in the experience of when the Pink box is opened and returned to. Yes, the scenario can be as petty as there is a new female employed in the office you work at and you need that $50 lip gloss you stored in their to “accidentally” wave around on their first day on the job!


Okay, so furthermore in exploring what completion would look like as an overall statement for my BOSS program, which for the moment I am going to call participants B.O.S.S. Women and Girls, and the way it would be identified. Understanding natural law and the way a queen would bring scraps to the King after providing for the jungle. I am thinking that completion is what is done with the scraps and it should fill some basic requirement that a person who wants “glitter everywhere” is putting off, ignoring or even making fun of. For instance I make Lifestyle Boards; an industry requirement might be a vision board. The scraps would be to do a vision board, register to vote, or some other “mandatory requirement” for the particular life you live or are building from. Some B.O.S.S. Women and Girls might be experiencing success or euphoria where the “king” or what they put in that area that should receive the scraps is dealing with a superior, an accountant, a topic where they have to hire an expertise. Imagine being a wife or girlfriend who thinks about “Administrative Assistants Day” and goes to buy a gift that your “man” can bring to the office for this person. Scraps do not have to be associated with negatively. It can simply mean that the last piece of construction paper we have is the black one, but luckily you have…..”Glitter”!


I am really going to pilot my lifestyle program. Before I can do so I have to be my most authentic self. I am going to share something I wrote in my journal that I would probably overlook sharing in general. I wrote it in third person. Here’s for sharing:


“The people who compete with you automatically turn into “Pinky”—that remains the focus on a work day, when they should be eating, when they should be completing tasks and assignments or showcasing skills and abilities. They might have some good attributes but they have a hard time displaying them in the correct location or keeping it up without a focus on YOU being in the picture. There also becomes a question as to why they choose to use xyz as the tool to compete with you. It is not that xyz is a bad thing, it just isn’t something you do, are doing, or do inappropriately. When you do do it a person will most likely enjoy it and have an overall better experience.”


I think most people need to analyze what they are being given in their life and make proper value associations. There are people who often cannot see when you are practicing something, even non-violence, and the way life will test you. I have learned that sometimes removing an authentic slap is violent beyond measure. There are people who annoy me when they challenge information and participation I have earned in spaces where only 5 people can even come. There is a difference between being accepted into a publication versus having money to print your “coloring book” you created yourself that wouldn’t qualify for use outside of a professional network of people who understand how to make their own thick borders around images that should signal something in particular. In the self-publishing realm some people do not realize they just have the money and the people who will use it are like people who would know to take a shower if they poop and there is no toilet tissue. There is really an epidemic that people should be aware of sooner or later of people fighting violently to start reality show like situations or movie scenes with people they would otherwise never interact with or would choose to have a different experience with. There are also people who sometimes aim to insult you and what they are basically saying is “you have a life”. They point out that “you fell during a hike because someone started running to keep from falling themselves and bumped into you. Can I also mention that growing up in “hair styling culture” is hilarious? I do avoid or become irritated by people that hold off an entire day or lifetime because their hair isn’t done. If you wouldn’t walk out the door and complete your day with or without that fly wig on, I will ultimately ignore you. People like that do not realize how and when they do not actually exist in the way they want to or think they do. There is also an adjustment issue for some people who have gone to school and sat in desks. They cannot understand how normal it is to sit next to people on a coach. They fight people out of normal space and often fail to get enough hugs to participate in the happiest parts of society. Yes I would recommend people sit in their desk at work and see if they can get through an entire game of solitaire, Tetris or some interesting reading. That way you know you can sit and do work for fifteen minute straight and when you pull out an assignment you realize that in fifteen minutes you got done what you would have gotten done in 2 days. There are also people who fail tor realize when someone will not be disappointed that they left them out of something because the person is still doing what they enjoy. It is the other person/people who are missing out on their ability to be in the audience, class, or life structure that they would benefit from. I hardly use swear words because I often have already showcased when I do not give a "f,u,c,k". This can be noticed when I have all my items prepared and deadlines and price points. There are people who want to call me racist because I not allow for delays that deal with "hair", even when I am in "hair style culture". No, there is no time to stop for a "press and curl" before this gets to the post office. Some people cannot see where the request makes no sense and need to plan better afternoons and weekends. They also fail to see when they are aiming to pick up the habits or schedule of someone who is doing things without employment or someone who has blended opportunity. Why get mad at the girl who knows to have well oiled feet and get a polish change down the street on their lunch break. At my core I am "circle, circle, dot, dot, know I got my cootie shot" and "my booty shake from the left to the right, my hands up high my feet down low". And no, you don't have to listen to people who make no sense. As in you don't have to listen to people who aim to make you live your life like you are going to die of the disease your xyz caught while participating in bob sledding, when you have no plans to bobsled. There are also people who will make fun of you in life because they got left out. Whatever is "adulthood" is a major illusion of some sort or thinking that someone won't come up with a major plan to put worms on your head while you are sleeping-- when you can see they are forty or something. I'm just going to focus on saving wildlife and understanding what an oil leak means. 

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