A Soliloquy: An Applause "Foreskin".

November 4, 2019


First, let's say that there is an overall experience where everyone should be in bed. There are people who look at me and will make statements about people like Huey P. Newton was on "crack". I will look and them and continue what I am doing and involving him and his body of work. It would never occur to me that the person who brings up Huey P. Newton would not know he was college educated and completed a Doctorate. This makes him competitive and also in general a target for upward movement in a progressive society. I also would not realize that there are people who are upset about whatever "letters" are in the first place and that they also get upset when people who have taught them their ABC's aim to teach them to read books. The letters seem to be scrambled and it frustrates them and they believe the person is wrong and gets mad. People who automatically understand to read will not understand people who are actually causing chaos or aiming to figure out if they are supposed to put the letters in alphabetical order. There might be a written document that was taken apart by someone and is continuing to be taken apart to this day because of someone who only knew the alphabet and thought it was out of order. Some people as consequence are even teaching the alphabet out of place. Where there should be an entire religious creed or doctrine people are void of language and ability or reciting the alphabet internally. This is why many do not utilize church as a resource or outlet and pick up a consumer behavior or habit that if they had read properly or been taught properly would not even think of or understand why they should not. There is also a problem when people are selected as being someone with excitement or an awesome behavior when people do not realize that this is due to a skill or training someone around them has or requires the to have. A person who is surrounded by children may have the etiquette to be around them but not actually interested or able to pursue the long term process and identity needed. This will make some who have interacted with this "behavior" decline people who do it naturally. There are also women and girls who will be confused or deny having been raped or assaulted when an assailant actually discusses this with them because they have learned about sex in school or had it before and cannot tell the difference or respond in the immediate moment. Television watching also does not help because people may insert a reality of someone else's into an experience coming from someone who has never seen television or even lived in a house. In a society with buildings developed and people able to navigate and live in "households" it is hard to see someone who is literally sitting in the wilderness or actively being crazy in your face. There then becomes a ripple effect that people have to arrive from. Some people will swear by doctors but attack when they see data and reports because they only see what gets handed to them by a nurse. There are many people who have to learn that you may make an assessment because you can see everyone at a bank with an account, but not be able to see the amount. There is something equal but you may miss out on what you have been looking for because the person with the amount you require shows up for you when you have already been diverted or tricked out of what would be yours. Notice if you are noticing that someone or something is "out of place" you have inserted them into your life, where they have not put themselves into yours at all. Also people who understand what win or lose mean may fail to continue the required action that should be happening and attack those who do. In what world do people argue about cell phones being cut off when most of the population does not even know they exist. I have learned in my own experience I have traveled from watching "one" of something to bring resources to people who I can see need them. If it was televised it would be seen and understood for what it is. Also there are people who cannot understand when "everyone" is essentially in the competition and who or what to let make a decision. People often comment that they "put me in my place" and I did not notice or I listened. Yes, I will always take the direction to keep me away from the machine gun or from living like a debit card isn't money. There is also something silly about the way people attack people after having sat through twelve years of school. Some of the questions and commentary will not make sense or the body language. Then people will not notice that whether televised or understood through learning and participation that they are still coming "at me", which means I am doing the thing that they would then want to create chaos about so they can be the one. I had to heal from people doing this because there behavior, especially the one where they come into the territory and then cannot perform or bring unwarranted behavior will make me nervous to say I am sad or my head hurts. They will try to compete in that moment and do something that makes no sense and bring extreme complications into the safe zone or final destination. The most annoying thing ever is when you do not notice people being mad because some how they learned the color Black, while learning about colors and fail to understand race relations and Black or White as a categorization. These people often cause a fight that takes years for people to see. I even laugh knowing that being born into a society where things are already occurring and people are still rebuilding from wars that got turned into alphabets because people reduced the sentence makes people not see when my son mine as well still be attached to my hip. From my behavior there are also people saddened when they can see what delusion they have believed and are essentially locked into. The most important being when "blacks" who think they are not black learn about slavery in an integrated school system. Not knowing that all types of people have been enslaved can make people give up their real life freedoms. Trust me, I will never fail to miss the communication that someone as isolated themselves from an entire group and does not want to be treated to lunch. There are people who have given me signals to teach me that I accidentally interact with humans who actually have no human contact and that is a worse experience than racial profiling. They often do not understand this due to television and spending money in the wrong direction or thinking someone is joking when they say they need to contribute and also do not understand that it is the television causing them to think otherwise. Some find my behavior aggressive because they cannot see that they are burning energy off in places like gyms and not seeing that they fail to protect themselves and their area because the energy is burned out. I have also learned that people can see something is untrue because if it is in a academic space or educated space the same way you can see that $99.00 isn't $100 is the same way you can see if something is unsuccessful. You would also actually need the goal. People often argue with a person when they do not see who or what they actually need to get information for and how quickly. Many people also cannot see when they are causing a fight from a psychological disturbance like being on a slave ship and a in survival experience. There are also people who have learned from me that they wish they had learned to actually stop aiming to speak "educated" or "professional" in social discussions where foul language is the only way someone will really understand the emotion they are seeking to portray. I will never not behave in a way that says "get on your job" if I am a person who would literally sleep and relax all day but have to take someone's job because they need to see how the work should be done. And a person who would sleep, barely talk and eat soup then mediate does not care if someone talks trash about them while they are doing what they are doing. There are also people who cannot see when they have done something in error like fight against each other at "family dinner" and not actually combine when proper to keep themselves out of danger in reality. Also, when you see the natural instinct, no one who knows people will travel a thousand miles for a walnut is going to get mad about people's comments in gluttony and someone's social experiment that they may have accidentally bypassed or walked into. The stuff I write looks bad if you failed to adhere to what should have been done at some point in your lifetime. Some people are also serious about not having kids that will grow up in "sin" because of what they have experienced and will go to the ends of the earth to terrorize the kid that would develop because of the conditions they already created. I have realized sometimes the point is to finish. I read the story of Cane and Abel in elementary school, I often get targeted because I do not create the easy space for someone to attack. There are also people psychologically who can see an error they have made and would not want someone to live through something "they" think will happen. Also people may fail to realize when everything they point out that I am doing or address as something the feel like they want showcases exactly what is real and true and also that people do not know how to receive their own favor. There are also men and boys growing up in consumer societies who are fighting against women since they where children because they want a handbag and when they become articulate they will not say what they did. And no I will not be saddened when people walk all the way into a space where something is already understood to tell someone something they can already comprehend. There are also people who argue about "eat" because they get confused when people provide a plate of food. I can seem rude to people who exist this way when something in a space is already absolute. Some people also disrespect their family because of television and copying others and not learning. There are fathers sleeping because grandmothers are alive and still able to provide what is needed for life. Some do not realize that their father will not arrive unless someone passes and that they would hide from telling who they have given up in life because they incorrectly participated in schooling. If you spend your entire life searching for a lie about something that happens on a bus as if time and a calendar exist you are already in error and No should be obvious. If you have to search like in the wilderness you should not speak and once you learn the answer you can still get your resources. I will often say that things should be communicated. I am not hurt if people have to teach me that there are speaking outcast, illiterates and people on a rotating schedule in the area and that I have to learn without words to see and understand what they are doing. There are people struggling to see what they are doing in the aftermath of a learning experience they are in conversations like failing test takers who keep speaking against all the in correct answers or want to step up with the one correct answer they have. It is not my fault or concern if people sit themselves or others become "low" in society or participation because they cannot understand a word, terminology or occurrence. There are also people who have had access to a certain field of work and input these corrections for people who have working families and some people get treated like they do not. There are people who act as if there should be an open play area when they should not because of what they see has been designed for kids who have been abandoned. I understand a specific concept that nothing "bad" has happened to me the way people would want to think because I know people who will line up and showcase that they would be the one if that was the actual case in verbal, silent, natural and systematic positioning. It is awkward for people to realize I am outside because I have money, when there are people who do not know it exist. I would be sleeping and only seen Shea buttered and dressed up. I guess you can say I am not apart of the hustle or broke. That is fine. I also laugh at people who have no ability to get the wardrobe they would actually want and start fights with people who wear what they like. I am sad about television shows or commercials that have accidentally caused children to commit to things they would say an extreme NO to. The people who they commit to cannot see their why and they would be in extreme danger if there is some romance involved in the equation and a person has fallen for them and finds out that there is some other purpose for the commitment. In the situation I live in "brace face" would be a comment that would make a lot of people feel bad because if they understood the rationale they would want the opportunity. I laugh at how condensed people share and experience information. There are people who know I have a Nana that died at nine and do not know I have a white grandma I learned about at eleven and spent a lot of time with. This often displaces my point of contact. Yes when I say my grandma died I will be thinking of my Nana and how learning about my actual grandmother makes me not seen when someone is targeting or attacking me or cannot see that I am doing my work and not including race or some other acknowledgement of identity. People will think I am lying if they know about me and I do not know about them when I say something about my grandmother who is white or vice versa. This makes some people not notice I am doing the correct participation in the learning environment where they are aiming to do something else or doing something incorrect and not being able to wait until after submission for the results. I will actually not be upset if someone thinks I am in their face because I am walking across a room and now can no longer provide them guidance and helpful information as a peer before the showcase to the authority figure their final answer or thought bubble. In my generation I am not sure if what I write would offend and I know not to not write what I am writing because of a lesson learned or acknowledgment of someone else's feeling. I also do communicate where people who may be "oppressors" or whatever have not had information but may also be able to see through what I am stating directly to them that the information would be irrelevant  due to systematic structures in place or how they already structure their household. This is not going against or being in cahoots, this is my personal contribution to my natural humility and understanding. I also will think things are funny at the same time as who or what might be "oppressive". I will in action let someone know if someone can get in through the surge protector or electric socket. That is why people see me "shocked" in a territory or with a symptom as if that is not what I am doing. Of course some awesome people cannot see how many robberies are happening through phone companies that make people see the "internet" that they would never know existed and know to even target someone for something, they themselves cannot even see they have. Some people need to pat themselves on the back as they recover from second hand smoke they never knew they had. Also not change there pattern or behavior when they are recovering from some sort of attack that would not occur from a particular person in the manner that is may have because of what is a pipeline they have created from access not granted to them in honesty. There are people who will also feel like people are making them look silly because they cannot show up for a person when they have done a good job and make them feel sad by their behavior because no one would be able to tell why they are not excited or "showing up". I will say this even if I am reprimanded there is an experience I have with people who must be training to go to the military or die or something and have attacked or ignored all of what I do and then not died or not gained access to the area they expected to go to and are having totally in love feelings and reactions for a person they may have dismissed their entire life. The lunch lady is still going to serve lunch regardless of what people are feeling about her. The thing about those who return, not because they have completed a task but because the ultimate end did not occur the individual may be hurt to see that the behavior is one that will be showcased in general and that you can tell the difference between personal and personals. They may need to feel it was "just them". The extreme danger is that if they ever make it to a certain point of contact certain things you have gained will be dismissed in the areas where others have created loops to protect personal and organizational weaknesses from showing. There are people who have failed to realize that they are listening to the directions of people who often spend their money in the wrong direction and continue to pursue and create a scene that would showcase in public they have not been on task or noticed that the reality of what has already occurred. Some people think I should share about my radical domestic violence and rape checks especially in marriages and households. Mostly because the day a woman learns the pathway to divorce her husband due to something is the day they can find out that she grew up having pizza sometimes for dinner which is why she fails to cook or notice something about finances. This is a actual smart thing to do. I also do understand marriage and that there is a big difference between what occurs in them when the same or similar words appear. I should say that some woman who have begun to have access to certain spaces on their own cannot see when a man is doing well but things such a circumcision can cause wives, girlfriends and significant others to not realize that even speaking is alerting to a weakness and to keep or save a marriage you may be fought out of an area that would tell a secret that you have already confirmed you would not actually share. There are also people who do not see when something can be labeled and defined but in this equations there is still banking, educating, shopping and more that should still proceed. There are times when one should just receive a compliment and also make a much needed adjustment when an announcement is made around you in love and honesty. I can notice a strength I have where if I am the sweeper, I do not start showing loyalty by preparing myself to have a seat at the dinner table, even if I make the proper jokes to showcase articulate interaction in the shared space. It also is not weird to stumble upon someone who can sweep in a mansion and be found to become the head of a colony of people elsewhere and laugh at the sentiments of picking up a broom in the area. It is obvious to particular eyes of this equation. I can also count and can see where certain things are irrelevant. I know in life I suffer where people do things like get loans and not realize the consume the education or the house or the car and stabilize something. 


No, I will not understand how someone I communicate with or comes into my area has built a relationship with a mob of people, if everyone is supposed to be in bed. Someone keeps trying to point something out to me, that I would only see if I wasn't asleep in the designated location. I also will not change my truth because of something that comes to my attention or what other people think. If I am being attacked because of a phone call that got made because I walked in the store when I was eight years old and someone does not know to wait until I get to the register to see that I have money, no I will not act as if I did not win a University Presidents Award while everyone is chasing me around like I do not have money. Let me add this if you are supposed to be virginal in a particular area and people around you choose not to be and end up navigating spaces and bringing others they cannot be upset when natural sensors go off and the actual virginal people fight like they are supposed to and without weapons if that is the case. There is no other answer and if only one person follows the proper rule and pattern and calls themselves by a name they cannot adopt in a certain context others will still naturally respond. You do not have to include me in something I am not including you in also. In addition when are in the course of action for a particular goal, things will happen. I know someone who wants to claim someone "raped" them and she said it to my face. If you are on the schedule of being in bed and not in a group formation outside of the context, no I cannot hear "assault" when you speak to me.There is no where to fit that in, in this context. You ever see someone whose goal is to put the mail in the mail box and then they go back and sit down and everyone is running around talking trash and have yet to accomplish their task. If you understand mail and what it does, you can see that is a pretty big task. I am also that person who knows that there is a certain number of people who will end up in the NBA and my body language puts a No into people's spaces where they think they have a chance at something like that or where they do not realize they are aiming to bake a cake where there is no oven. What is enjoyed or hated by some, can be loved by others. There are people looking for an entry way to argue. I made a funny comment about how I reward people who acknowledge me where others are oblivious. The people who can see crisp white where there is off white during "game time". There are people over exposed and commenting about how I am the number one draft pick because they have some material item that makes them think they are in the league. I had a scenario where someone wanted to force me to argue to get people the right answer because they did not agree that the answer is for the others to do their assignment or be quiet. I chose to to pick the battle that would ever make me open my two lips and still did not but put the correct behavior to showcase why this person is the one I would ever go back and forth with. This person navigates spaces I do, when it is game time and are proficient in their role regardless of what it is and the consequence of the wrong answer would be death with no repair. This person would want to do a blink off or prove me wrong if they could not see that I have the right answer even if my leg was amputated at a banquet. There is someone with false information taking me off the roster, this person is failing to see every roster I am on to prove and showcase something. Imagine looking at people who start a war because someone is commenting on the facilitators that focus on youth and then later focus on one's that do other topics. There are people who smile with me when people comment about what I do when I am not in a "game" and not wearing my "gear" so to speak. It is very embarrassing for others if someone in a particular space asks why someone would purchase essential oils. It is the same as if someone in a certain space where they should be virginal fail to be able to understand why someone wouldn't understand a particular occurrences or be actively engaged in supporting them through the biological overall occurrence. If the space is for virgins, no it is not "normal". There is someone to this day looking for who I talked about them to, like in a movie. If they grew up with exposure to Mary Kate and Ashley they would laugh. A lot of people want to complain about my behavior, while others are dealing with it appropriately. It is like the day you open the door to tell someone something because someone knocks and you do not know what is happening behind the door. The person may go out their way to be mad that you opened it and the person that came to give them a message may teach them a lesson. They may live their entire life not realizing what message was going to be sent to them that someone kept from them because they chose not to be "interrupted". There may be a killer on the premises because no one wants me to open the door. People have died but no one has to tell them. They fail to notice they didn't get an invite. I should add here the difference between and employer needing a representative and you can fill in the blank here. I have had a situation where a person has sat outside of the barricade and practically barked like a dog. I have been taught, as in by the people who support me and put me on stages and in front of conferences and more, that it is up to me to not respond to the barking on the other side of the barricade. Even when they do not understand what is happening, even when I really want to curse. I guess that sounds like bragging. If you are at the head table, no you cannot control or respond to what people are saying in other seats or while walking and texting. However, if you have made a grave error that showcases you go against who is in charge or cannot identify such a thing I will sit patiently and take my increase or my rest that I always deserve even when others have not noticed and for when I have not made mention. I would also love for people who have never heard of abortion other than protest signs to stop having an opinion, and no I have never had one. Notice I am not inviting anyone to anything outside of the confines of what they have earned. If you decline mentor-ship from the mentor that would be given to you because of your own internal conflict that goes against they entirety of what you want to be apart of that is not by problem. No, I will not decrease in value just because someone is uninterested because of that paragraph they missed in that book they pretended to read in class. Notice when you are a person who is saying the equivalent of "writing is insane". Thank you for commenting in the time frame of where there are no mirrors or doctors or lawyers. I have been prepared purposefully by many with the intention to make sure I could walk across a stage in a ball gown and astonish people in the decade where a shower is not even a concept, let alone invented. That is the weird thing I do. I will not be sad if you have stepped all the way up into a night stick, after the outline, memoir and gossip will show everything I have mentioned and everything you did to not acknowledge the sentiment. I pray for men who do not realize when the women and girls they are "dating" literally just step up into their space like a classmate. Your counterpart, a woman a part of your tribe should be able to run through the jungle and you should not show up to certain places without identifiable increase. Sadness comes to me when people cannot see who is apart of their tribe. Yes I would still run through the jungle and put food on people's tables where they cannot even identify they are starving. "What's your man go to do with me?". I see a hungry person. That is the crisis. How many times have you walked past the person with the message, the adoration, the resources for you because of a picture you have seen in your textbook or on the wall at school? How many times have you dressed up like Tyra Banks to play Rosa Parks and not realized that someone needs you to type "minutes" or a report of occurrences without a request. Has your exposure to systematic structures made you not see that someone needs this done without having to speak about it. Someone needs you to take a long journey and someone will show you how to celebrate when it is time. Have you ever seen people be told about slavery or that they are in some form of this and keep laughing because they didn't have school on Abe Lincolns Birthday. People who do not realize that the decision that was made was political and this is why you should vote and not dismiss politics. There are people staring in master's eyes as if they have not reached the point of a rope and using a politicians message without using the politicians tools that have been provided. There are depictions of people who ran into huts and used sticks to write the letter A and put a circle around it. There are men now in huts who have learned to read but cannot see they are in the same situation when someone tells them where business takes place and how. There is also someone looking at the man who only knew three letters ABC and sent for the younger man with better strength in his legs to go to the church or the school and learn to read so he could vote. Those same men and women are watching them return with material items they cannot understand, but not comprehension of how to get food or emotional support to people. No I do not apologize for every time I get dismissed because someone see's me saying DEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ. And every time someone messes up so badly I know for a fact that in the event of my demise someone will have the message and be smart enough to not smirk that somehow they slightly go their way. I am surrounded by people who are not sensationalizing and people are becoming upset about this. People who are looking to get to Def Poetry and receive a pat on the back from Russel Simmons. Yes I am scared of people who in a particular context would think I would be sad if things go missing in the middle of an overall experience, the answer after that is slide to the left. You ever see someone know for a fact that being "bilingual" means knowing that other cultures will not be given up those "jobs" certain people didn't want or those spaces that come with voting. People can make fun of me all they want because I do understand racism and I do know when to watch music videos or play Pokemon and eat a chicken patty and stop worrying about who or what didn't vote. That is knowing and understanding family. People giving hand signals and I keep giving them back it's the one where you want to go to something but can't get off work. That day you can't see you are talking to someone who can see that people can look up phone records and that you should stop wondering why when you call me from your job I call it back to show you something. You could have gotten your equal opportunity to live inside the structure of society and pay for essentials in a way that keeps you with as much safety as biologically possible and room for fun, but you may have wanted to grab $500 because you cannot see that someone giving you shelter and food is worth more. You can give two bills a five and a ten but that doesn't equal two hundreds. Please notice when what you want to label something is incorrect and what you may have experienced is a virgin on a mission and a couple biological experiences that keep leading people to watch me make a purchase, put on an event or wait to see if the want to collab like they claim to represent or fill in the blank. People run into a problem where they keep wanting to show people something that is happening. It is the equivalent of wanting someone to see when I take a shower I have a body brush and also gloves designed for lathering soap and washing your body. Yes bring everyone to watch me dissect, in the laboratory that is designed for all of a particular thing to be in. I am inspired knowing whatever I am doing or looking like is what an environmentalist I adore would look like if he comes upon a grocery store after being in the wilderness and is filthy. He looks productive when you are in the know. Some people should realize when you aren't saying you want them, rather you want to help them see that the girl they love are taking up the space from the mother who circumcised them and they sit around not knowing what it meant. Pardon me for every robbery I do not do and for knowing when to exit the scene before some scammer chic jumps me from behind and steals my quarters because of the exposure they will experience and the devastation they do not want to deal with or new journey they do not want to take. If I was in the middle of a jungle without buildings and pollution I would run with the men through the jungle and help them heal from the messages they have received, learned or compiled on their own overtime. I have also taught men and boys to realize when their haircut is scheduled at "their mothers son" and not centered around their identity. This is an important shift to make when you notice. My personal shift was knowing I prefer to walk and have money for a cab or bus and not budging on timing myself as other in someone's vehicle. I grew up thinking it was funny to see that you could get somewhere on a train or bus. I also hope that many people can see what I was saying, especially if this access is still somewhat unavailable. I'm sure the writers of the bible where not caring if someone dissed them while writing their parable. Some people fail to see how hard something is and make it trivial because they get up everyday of the week. It is important to see where and how a lesson works and why. Notice when someone put something in your life where you wouldn't even have clothes on. I did an experiment from something I saw on forensic files. I looked that the woman who was jailed for killing someone and the woman who had been brutally murdered and realized there is something she does not know or notice. I always, every time, I watch something like this now that the equivalent of some sort has happened to me and I move forward in that moment. I can comprehend to what extent I would be out of the loop in that regards. It is funny to see what people will consider disposable and who will be able to capitalize on the actual value and worth. Who would cry or be saddened about being removed from individuals who would do that type of behavior in the first place. This is imperative to notice. I am always happy to know that when it is discovered that everyone around me is to "meth" like levels on some substance that the world would send me a message about sex toys where others would just have to suffer from the shared experience of the substance in their bodies or being transferred to and from. That is the irony and the thing I just have to giggle about to myself. It is funnier to see when something is on hold because it is time to fly out and the people who have acted like they have that realize they didn't know something. A lot of people behave the way they do because they can see weapons or interventions. They would not say much of anything let alone start a fight. There is nothing foreign about new developments in organized fights, mostly so people do not die from the pavement instead of who had the hardest hit. Someone might think I am lying. There are people who have nice presentations where there is no business occurring or do not have registered paperwork. When I have registered paperwork what happens in the middle of business would not be questioned. I do this frequently, if I wasn't speaking to you, I really wasn't. I just need someone who can laugh with me at the same time when breastfeeding is being a slut. I would use a blow horn to find the person who could literally laugh at the same time with me. Many people are getting annoyed people should whether they have personal bias update their practices to meet societal and international need. The same way someone belongs in a space and should interact and would have major contacts. Not my problem would be the rebuttal, that is what I am learning. Also update where you put your insults because you might just be using the right word. I am only heartbroken by people who only do things for money and pretend in the wrong area. They many times leave people in worse conditions than they think and that person watches a lot of positivism that could have been for them happen to every other person. Here's the rest of the story for people who do not complete things, understand what is means to have data already in your mind or actually know what is going on. No one has to tell me if people do not realize that they should not have time to search to see how much social media someone uses during break. Probably less than and hour over six years. How silly do people look "coming at me" about people who have my number and call and text. I am not shocked by lies and distortion and I do not move my truth, no matter how bad the pull to might be. Pardon me if I cannot understand commentary from people who do not know what Alabama is. As if here you are not wanted but you know that you are scheduled in a million other locations that a person does not know exist. Reminder that I look like someone who wouldn't be cargo. People need to put the words in the right location. Trust me the insight is there, I will not be sharing.  This is for all the headliners, super stars and people who really are amazing who happen to be SMART otherwise they would be VIP all the time and it would be noticeable if they hadn't ever read. 


Allow me to explain about this funny little character I met along my journey. He did not ever once, with his biology or psychology back out of my face. He probably has a story about how he has no idea who I am. However, the dude who host cheaters taught me well. I’m prepared with evidence and documentation to cite the interaction and the kind it indubitably was. Now let’s say as a matter of fact this manly creature has this energy that does not stop wanting to interact with me. I’m like here is my notebook, here is my assignment and here is this guy and I think he is on the verge of hand foot mouth disease now that I think if it. He got really, I mean totally far in life from who knows what. Until I find out that he has foreskin. I’m not really caring, but I’m noticing that he keeps blocking me somehow form wide open space that usually exist. A big space that learned most of us die living I without noticing. It took away this extra talking people do that I try to get away from. I’m going to be honest and say without that this man would probably have a complete disability. That is powerful. To never realize that you made it this far because you do not have a l bruise of some sort that causes mental and physical states of contusion. I’m like this must be God. I always wanted to write God a letter from coming into contact with this book titled “Dear God This Is Margaret” or something like that. I mean my interaction with this guy completely non sexual in orchestration but seeking answers from biological construction made my have hair gel on my Afro and get a compliment today. I know this might sound completely crazy. Imagine everyone missing their foreskin and that meaning that women are having crusty toes and chipped polish on natural selection day. I mean showing up to photo shoots not knowing to be oiled from head to toe or having the appearance of having walked in highly moisturized. That dumb dumb moment of not wearing make-up and or lip gloss on the daily as deemed appropriate. I’m like okay there is this foreskin on me. Or should I say there is this development on me from having foreskin around. Can we say I’m like the strongest thing ever, in a million and one things and can’t seem to figure out how to just make my bed and have my nails done and sit on it. Major life flaws.  This is all from me really trying to figure out why this guy can’t see he is really close up in my territory. There is a girl I know who even figure out that she cannot would qualify for a cook book. She’s doing some type of suffrage. I completely would have missed out on my life! I’m also like wanting to do a major protest and encourage women all over the world to get manicures and pedicures and do toe jobs to all the guys who have been impacted by this no foreskin thing. Stimulation. Maybe something like electric circuits. I also notice women and girls are being called bullies because of the space or sensitivity. I’m this weird thing that thinks these are important things to take action on, like yesterday. Ummm this also might be impacted by the fact that I grew up having some dollars from a young age. I’m out and about around grown men who have employment money or something and my little teeny spending habit is attractive to most and then complained about by those who are jealous or want me but do not find the correlation. English. Why are we even talking! The most annoying thing I have noticed is people speaking in the crab in the barrel way, or like people who have been pack tightly together in ships that have crossed the oceans and it is just like a bunch of sounds they are making. They can put them together to make them make sense, but then they are confused by the action that someone takes or that they are then expected to take. I totally missed forfeiting my life and my life’s foreskin by knowing to wear my pink Betsy Johnson bow bag and not just grab my black Coach bag or reversible backpack/pocketbook today. Cuticles are a real thing and they need to be taken care of. Yes tomorrow I am going to vote. It’s like the day I find the urgency of back rubs and instinctively catering to someone’s livelihood is the day everyone wants to talk about the way to properly use their student loan debt. I’m like I did that three last weeks ago when I described my plans to stop erectile dysfunction. And yes that can start with some detox tea. Yes lace stockings and attractive panties can help save the world. I am totally in shock that there are people who cannot see that I speak this way and that I say awesome and that I choose to help with conservation by aiming to be a house wife that doesn’t have to wear undies all the time. Less is more people! I can feel people fighting at my foreskin instead of developing. I always say or do this but sometimes things get cut off or go dead in certain areas. There is no one to respond or they want to say something normal is not going on. Yes. I will buy my own towel even if I live in the household I grew up in. There are people who use way too much detergent when washing clothes and it can kill you! I’M LIKE FORESKIN MANIA! Somethings in life you really have to DEAL with. This is the way I speak and yes I would love to reclaim the part of my life where it is obvious that I like to smell like juicy couture and wear frost colored lip gloss. I’m also super gluten free. And no I do not mind that someone complained about me throwing one of my charcoal face wipes into the trash because they think it was all dirty and stuff. It was all "charcoally". I have noticed that one of my weaknesses is my emotions when in love or sleepy. Love can be with or for a lot of different people or things, ok. I’m going to go ahead and say it is better to face the reality and learn from it than to forego learning that there are people who will think I am a thief or something as if I am not honest about if I am wearing a hair weave. That is what people focus on when there is no foreskin in the area. Vote and practice silent meditation. I’m like totally committing to buying my soap from one location and never sacrificing my hair gel even when a greased afro puff works for the day.

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