A Poem Titled Free Man

November 4, 2019

Free Man

I heard they out here like the 1800's

Yes I'm somewhat glad because I do not want my baby in a crib

I hold him tight and let him cleave

I am the producer of what he would need

I have not subdued or subjected

Myself to weariness or despair

I would not know how to identify wicked behavior

Without all the indicators there

I cannot see the woman in the wilderness

And notice if she comes near she feels she has won a war

She thinks if she speaks, she faced no defeat

I have plans for sushi, while she stands there

No, I cannot comprehend

A ill mannered woman without creed

I do not save every woman or man

Because I cannot see attacks of those who do not read

I do not see what they came for

I understand how to put them in place

I should probably keep going

To my proper location, time and place

I heard they out here like the 1800's

They are even making fun of places to store food

I do not analyze ill-mannered women

I cannot see men who live in need

I heard they out here like the 1800's

Wondering why people think they have been freed

I notice to see them spend

Money out of place

I then can see them jumping

In and out my face

What are you saying

What did you come to do

I have several washcloths and toothpaste

I do not know you prefer these over food

You think you have been bullying

Or winning some fight

Can I mention I see vehicles that drive people to orange suits

If you are standing there it is because the last person failed to mention

Because they are somewhere skull and bones

I'm looking forward to my son's graduations, proms and all those other things

I will slide to left, slide to the right before I knock you down

And have my wrist in two rings

You may think you are bullying

Or winning some type of fight

I'll see you when you get there

I prefer to see if I made these clams right


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