A Body Brush Can Perform the Surgical Tasks You Would Die For!

November 2, 2019


While I was enjoying my dinner last night a thought came to my mind about “screen watchers” and especially those who grew up with screens being around since their conception. I will say that they often have a staring problem and often confuse others for having one. They think people who are “looking into space” or having their eyes open while sitting or standing without a task to perform are “staring”. They are simply being alive. The individuals who call out people who do not have what I will call “screen affect disorder” often stare at signs, walls and objects in public and private spaces. They fail to conceptualize the setting and what is actually occurring and they make hard stops in the middle of activities. They often complain with or without words about things like eye contact or human interaction. The staring at posters, walls, signs and objects even make them think they are included in conversations when other people are around. They look at things or people the same way they stare at the screen. They also tend to think people are there when they are not and miss real life transitions or changes. They wait around to get into the next “scene” when people come back into an environment. They may also have learned about drugs, rehab, cops, social work and violence from television and doesn’t realize that the people around them do not know about these things or are not seeing whatever they think they are seeing with their eyes in reality. They may over stay their welcome, “steal” food without realizing that’s what it is to the household, or think everything is “all gravy” because they think the person would have called the “police” or said something to them. They often enter into people’s lives and make themselves included they exist as if there are three people in someone’s life, when there can be forty people a person is discussion something with that does not include them and then forcefully aim to insert themselves into the discussion. They also see outfits and people act out “personality” on television and get all in their “baby mothers new boyfriends business” with the right or wrong inclination about the person and start a problem that does not seem to exist to anyone but them or that they cannot handle.


 Let me also mention there is a problem that some people fail to address in their lives. In a world of cosmetic surgery and often ones from issues of low self-esteem people born into these environments can be attacked. I am a person who would prefer to stop a behavior or habit that would make my hair or teeth fall out. I would also prefer to live my life with no teeth if they did fall out and focus on “gum health”. This is the area even those who then choose to get cosmetic fixes fail to tend to if they have been surrounded by people who are doing things just for aesthetic or to fit in. The habit of knowing if you have a weave to take it out on time and also if you are balding to still oil your scalp. There are people missing the actual thing to cater to. People who cater to the proper area often look out of place and become targeted. I was talking to my grandmother about some dresses and she asked about two of them that she is wondering why I would keep. I am making decisions understanding a calendar, schedule and employment and office attire. She knows that there is only one dress or two dresses that I like and cannot see why I would want the others. I am learning that maybe that means even if I understand office wear and having to dress for five to seven days of the week I should still wear my dress of choice and learn that I can wear something 3 times a week even if I do not. I am also remembering even if I keep all the attire, to wear “mine” when it is time to be with “family” and not put on something that might give off the wrong signal because I know that after Thanksgiving , we will have Christmas dinner and get back together at some point. I will mention that the dude who saved people with the invention of the stairwell, or elevator has no idea about the adverse effects and the impact on communication. People do need to research and share information. That is often how humanity and development fails. It is important to know that I am cleaner than clean but I enter and environment where people may not have access to a shower and that one microbe can make me sick or have a disease that will make it seem like I have been being the most disgusting thing in the world, when I have simply had someone bump into me in passing. Especially people who are only doing things for employment or just to go see someone. I would prescribe things the same way a physicians or doctor would. You really might need three prescriptions and take 2 once a day, one three times a day and one once a day for fourteen days. This can mean two showers, three full body moisturizing sessions and one hair greasing. This can go for psychological behaviors, patterns and more. Can I mention cell phone use and family plans that come from television commercials or with no purpose? You ever see people do the equivalent of make phone calls or send text from “slavery” or the “underground railroad”.


There are new developments that take much time to see. Can you imagine cleaning people who are calling people “dirty” and nasty because they do not take out the trash or sit near trash baskets or keep them in the kitchen area. There are people who act like people who “clean” as profession do not learn about contamination, disease and viruses and more because of occupation or style of dress. I also know that over development is very real and offering support to someone who has attacked you in their start of over development (which you very well may never notice) will come across as self-inflicted abuse. Also, no I will not understand women and girls who argue with me when they are trying to get a guy to take them in a pizza date. Pizza, handbags and nails are included in my life, no talent required. I also know how to keep a budget and my self-care is not out of place. I will not wear a red weave for entertainment of others or because it is a part of my disguise to hide my hair texture, length or being bald. I’m at “fun”. Women and girls who cannot tell when they are being included to see how much they know because they show out around people who do not even know they have been to school or know an language or are being vocal around people who do not even know they participate in talking or know that money exist often sensationalize interactions that are meant to test what they know and potentially have them removed, not that someone is falling in love with them. They begin to expect gifts and people around them really do not know what for.


I also advise people to invest in a body brush and find out how long they last. That is often a area of contention. If you clean your body with it, with the right products it will be clean and should just dry. It can last for years and be very helpful and save trips to doctors who you end up needing to raise money to pay just to find out you didnt use enough soap in your life for what you are aiming ti accomplish. 

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