Sheer Does Come In Several Shades of Pink and Blue!

November 1, 2019


I realize that I am getting a major apology from many people who literally make commentary about my life because there are people who didn’t have the language or take the time to explain that they are loving or going to live through something much worse. There are people who have left from the domesticated environment that includes their birthing family only to find out that they will endure much worse conditions. They have been dragged and fought into prostitution, slavery, sex trafficking and more. There are people who make comments about children who are fought at in their birthing family in domesticated locations only to realize that they never hear the stories about how or why the people they are around sit in place or keep reporting dating violence. Or cannot explain how that interaction is completely removed because they went to live as if they were abandoned and received the lowest level of treatment possible in society. There are people who see funerals and caskets on screens or from visiting a funeral or hearing about one. This makes them think that everyone who dies gets a funeral and a casket. This is far from reality. Most people are just going to rot away until they are bones that crumble. Thinking of death and dying in terms of funerals and caskets might make people over extend themselves or over participate where they are visibly not included. This also might make them miss out on the resources and support available to them or the fact that people who realize the mistakes they have made and the impact on their lives will fight violently to trap other people or to escape certain situations by making other people readily available to sit in them.  Jealously and envy will cause people to ignore an opportunity to tell someone who likes their new dress that in all honesty they would have stayed in the house and drank broth or waited for the food to come out and never spoke a word out of place. Instead the often trap and track people, but this has increased and often been influenced by screen watching. Some people will now wait to see if they can get the bigger deal, instead of even going on to be “free” from the tyranny once the opportunity has been made available. Or they will seek to see if they are good enough to take the role or place of someone who has been well pampered and exist like them publicly. They often cannot see that to the eyes of others and people in the know their situation is well known by description and location.


There is something about domestication, television and learning words that make groups of women and girls think that other people cannot see the myriad of hopeful prostitutes picking on the cute girl who is well dressed and well fed. There are people who will often wonder why they keep coming to swarm around her, and think it is not noticeable. Let me mention again that caskets and funerals will not be given to everyone. People are living like that is what death is, or that death should be expected to come at some point. It is making them fight off health and wellness or new ideas and call everything weird. I was watching Drumline today and realized something that might be occurring to the main character. He is self-taught at drumming and full of excitement. He might be annoying the crap out of people who have been trained and forced to play instruments and cannot stand that he seems to be so excited. Some may wonder why and some may already know and want to attack but already are stabilized in the mechanics of the instrument and role they play so their body wouldn’t be able to move to take the action. That casket thing is really making people miss out on their life.  There are also people who are born into the English language and some people cannot tell that their words are forming where they would cry or make sounds of some sort. Thinking death has something to do with a casket or being able to recognize patterns from books they never actually read in school make them think people are crazy or lying when they tell them information they should take seriously. I reflect often about how many comments made about “action” I am taking are of those who think they are out of place because they did not participate in the school day, in their employment, in their household or in life in general. There really are humans born into the first world that do not realize they should keep the habits and traditions of picking bugs out of each other’s hair. They often fail to do this. There are people who look silly buying bug repellent. There are people who cannot see how to take seriously the issues or communication that took place that invented toilet tissue. The influx of persons with this idea about caskets and funerals from television or watching or hearing can catch people off guard. This is also why sometimes a dress code is instilled to help communicate who is actually present, alive and well in the moment.


Can I also mention the annoyance of cellular phone usage and how some providers really do need a stern look to realize the impact of letting people buy the phones with no major purpose. Let me also mention how people hear things ass backwards. They may have seen something attractive on television or a movie and went to see how to get a person to get those things or look attractive in a role or style of clothing. People may have been honest and said that this “woman/girl” was abused and rescued or hit and that is why she is doing that. This might make people with “no brain” or comprehension try to put people through things to get the results a award winning physician would. There are a lot of people who have watched a movie and perfected creating women and girls who look like survivors of major abuse. This is not always purposeful or with that intent, however this is what will be communicated or their will actually be no safe locations for the person to parade their survival because they will be around people who have not been saved or survived any of what they are going through that might not be visible. There is nothing more freeing than using the tools and resources provided to you, to uncover truth and express it in ways that those who should believe will. It might seem awkward but I will share here in this space that if the program I do was in an office building it would have two floors. The people who would be working on the first floor, where people are coming in to get their “sheer” will be dressed in their full apparel. This might make someone walking in think they are hating when they put them in “sheer”. There would be the “workers” style of choice and they would know to have it top notch, like when they go out for their day in their attire. The second floor would be where they go to the designs if the person chooses to get one. All the people who do the design would be wearing pink, heels and have a matching handbag at their station. Any person who participates would have to speak or articulate the design they are looking for before seeing any examples or finished products. Even after the design they will still leave “sheer”. The person might have a hard time realizing that it will be satisfying and attractive to those who enjoy their design.

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