I'm Going To Go Ahead And Say Yes There Is Something Wrong When You Arrive One Minute Late Or Do Not Call To Mention The Late Arrival When You Have Been Given The Resources To Do So!

November 1, 2019


Can I note the major annoyance have being at expert level for a manager and the complaints people have are in regards to something I would not be generally tending to. Even in my job related tasks there are people who cannot understand that they are pointing at a task that isn’t completed because they cannot see I have drafted a timeline and that is the least priority item and one they should not even notice. A person may end up speaking to someone at a higher level of authority to avoid the actual curse words that will come out of my mouth, after having aced the placement for conflict resolution, meaning I know where to insert the language so that there is not where to resolve your feelings getting hurt in the actual moment. Some people do not like retaliation tactics. They vocalize this as if others cannot realize that retaliation means you did something first that started the conflict. Can you believe how hard it is for people to realize that if you are scheduled to be somewhere at 8:00am, there is an automatic conflict at 8:01am. There is a major language discrepancy. Some people do not understand labeling and naming words for communication. They do not signify the status of a relationship or the interactions and emotions that are occurring.


My life was totally changed after watching the film and reading the book “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas”. This film has made me truly believe that caring adults, providers and authorities should not overlook those messages about safety locks on the television and the toilet bowl. I will also say that travelers who are doing educated and their own knowledgeable research that include the environment make sure to check out the local library or stop in at a café as they pass through different towns and cities. I am a person who watched the movie and read the book and was able to analyze that allow me to knot to make appropriate life adjustments. That takes expertise to do all at once. I also knew to not show this film to the class I was teaching. If I was to ever implement a training I would make the film mandatory for faculties and staffs to watch and discuss.


Okay let me interrupt with this comment about how there are people hiding from loved ones because they gave up their life for a chance to try a McChicken. There are also people who do not want younger people they have fallen in love with to be around to see or learn things that have gone through accidentally or purposefully to get a particular access or material item. They will even fight up and coming professionals out of the space. Kids who get allowance and spending money often bump into people who would otherwise look like something well established in a timing that allows them to see he differential.


I am in the process of evicting “boyhood school day” attendance and the impact it has had on my life. There are actual studies that show that most if not all girls who travel along with the school day will become obese or experience sexual assault. The school system that was created without girls in mind has young men being exposed to women during puberty in the “boyhood space”. Biological bodies put energy out into the space when there is no interest and boys just want to be alone or with other boys. That doesn’t mean sexually or aggressively. In present day television and copying relationships that might seem to be occurring in a infrastructure (that people see in their “childhood”) might make them try to date in the life spaces where “girls have cooties” and men and boys are serious in that particular phase of developmental thinking or location. These men and boys may even end up having children, etc and the women or girl may feel abandoned when the guy doesn’t want to be bothered or wants to hang around with “the guys”. It is often hard for the understanding to occur in the immediate moment. Children who grow up into adults often feel neglected if they were born from girls entering into the school system and providing an energy in a confined space that the male species at the time has not even developed the ability to respond to.


I often talk about screen play that comes from television watching and how people begin to watch people’s lives like a movie or show even if they are in the same room. They literally can see into the actual occurrences and see what is happening in the duration and the interim. They want to tell people stuff or jump in and fight someone (for you) because they can end up in the same physical location and get as close to you as they can to a television screen. They should just witness and would avoid gossiping if the occurrence is happening in their face throughout a series of interactions. Similarly children who are born because girls are in a school building cannot see that their “Dads” are really “boyhood” upset regardless of “age”, “height”, “weight”, and other adjectives that describe growth of a human body. Girls or women who stick around to argue with the guy in these scenarios might miss out on their dream guy who is ready for them in reality or they are signaling that they have interest in something other than the person or they would go away at some point or not try to have a discussion.


Can I mention that because I can see the “screen play” happening when the “person who is like a viewer or audience” I can tell something might have happened that I shouldn’t understand in the way that noticing their presence allows me to and I should actually avoid “responding emotionally to them” or doing things like touch down dances when I should just finish handing the cashier money in the grocery store isle.


Can I insert here that there are young people who should stop telling their senior citizen school teachers that someone is “fly”. This makes them think that their grammar is off when they are in a particular grade level and that the student may have a communication disorder because they assume that the person is saying that their peer is a fly bug or has the ability to fly like a bird in the sky and is missing words in the sentence. Can I mention that I noticed I have a communication disorder that I fixed because I know there is “no talking in the library” from childhood and monitor my laughter without instruction which can make me mute or not realize I can giggle as I type a funny sentence or read something funny in a chapter of a book. Taking on this silent role can sometimes make people have blank stares when they would otherwise be slightly talkative. There are people who have a problem with me because I say “eat” where they say “breakfast”. I then do not get confused about not having to sit and “eat” again because it is “lunch” or “dinner” time. I will eat again when I am hungry. I will never not ask questions such as "can you read" in imperative moments that showcase to me that you can't or have failed to do so, and failed to do so correctly. 


There are also people who fail to notice that in relationship cycles they can exist in the same way as the eco-system chart that was available in grade school. I have noticed that people attack people or themselves during times of “healing”. It is like a person having a “scab” and then when their skin heals people start to attack and say “hey I thought there was a scab there”. As if people are screaming at you “why are you getting better”. This can make people give in and many times go back to being in a situation they have already healed from. If people would think of it as a scab or blister they most likely would not give in and move forward in the healing or in the space of already having been healed.


I think and live like a developer and an implementer. The majors I picked up in college and graduate school signify a presence in my immediate life and in the immediate moment. I did not choose to study, research or live through something that doesn’t make sense for my lived experience and I can see a larger purpose. I also graduated in four years in a generation where many people graduate in five or six and change their major multiple times. They often complain about everything I do because it is specific and concrete and does not shift. It also always happens to make sense. They want to normalize the six year graduation or heavy major changes because they can see or have heard a lot of people are doing this and do not realize on the back end it is being viewed as a crisis and scholars would liken it to “cancer” if they could figure out how to verbalize this without starting a larger debate on statements that are politically correct. There is nothing more ironic than being a college graduate that interacts with society members that still function as if girls cannot learn to read or go to school publicly to do so.


I am a girly girl but I understand global economics and psychology. Stories about Trayvon Martin and Victoria Soto appear to me through news reports and academic discussion and other dangers that exist make me really, really, really respond. Some people do not realize they are unresponsive and thinking that a person who is actually is not. They think responsive is watching the news report over 300 times and shaking their leg in pretend tears. News reports like these, things I have witness and read make me do the “crazy” things to show my son if something bad is about to happen to him, if he ever sees me die or kill someone I will be in the middle of “knowing at a gunman’s ankle” so his brain will always comprehend. Psychologically he will see what his mother said to him, always.


I also understand formal language is learned and would want to see world leaders who are already well established and speak properly have to convene in that space at their highest level of authority and achievement and interact with hem where their vocabulary starts to sound like “Spanglish” or they cannot figure out how to make words even come out of their mouth and really have to put their heads together. Where highly esteemed politicians and religious figures show out at “did this dude just step on my jay’s” and “I can’t believe my mum took a nickel out of my piggy bank” or the blank stare of not knowing why “I” have on pants so they can simply say, “yes, Tasha (or others like me), we the billionaires of the world would like a bag of Doritos and a Capri Sun to be honest”.  Yes, I want to be the civilian that shows up at the bank every day and takes out what I need for the day. I’ll be needing $2.38 for the day to be exact is the goal. This can be well understood. I’ll cancel the robbery of myself I accidentally planned from having an Easy Bake Oven as a kid. Yes I will take the barefoot route. I would never forget anyone’s briefs!


I will also always make jokes every time I get to RISE up out of someones "they or we" that I do not belong in at the next level. We are all a they or we at the reproduced level. What you save your heels for is up to you. I do not think there is anything wrong with ladies who want to wear heels to lay across the couch to look appealing when their significant other walks in the door. How they often beat girls who want to wear the heels to get into the club for free, "the world may never know." 

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