If You Disagree With Me, You Will Get The Same Response As If You Disagree With Me Thinking Kevin Hart Is More Than Funny.

October 31, 2019


I am sure that my desire to reach levels of Kevin Hart comedy is having an adverse impact on my lifestyle. Let me just say that I am realizing that cannibalism is real and that some people do not even realize it is a thing, or something to think about. Cannibalism as in humans that eat other human flesh for dinner.  There is this thing in society called breakfast, lunch and dinner where masses of people have access to food, and leaves practically no room to actually tell if someone around you would be the actual cannibal. They actually might be getting mad that food is being presented to them. Let me also talk about this documentary Food Inc. There is a discussion about how chickens are being bred on farms and given corn feed. They live in dark sheds and barely see any sunlight. There legs get broken often, and the thing is they are made to be killed and packaged, anyway, and whichever ones die of disease are of no concern to the person who is breeding chickens. Now, let’s say that there really are people who are on farms and beginning to be bred similar to the way these chickens in dark sheds are. Mind you there are free chickens, wild caught chickens, and chickens that are bred on an open farm. There is a big difference between them and the chickens that are in the sheds, unable to barely move or eat anything beside the corn feed. There is also pesticide and all kinds of other crap involved. If there are humans that are now being raised in the way that these chickens in sheds are, it is very dangerous to think that they will know anything other than what they learned or developed in the dark shed. If blonde hair and blue eyes is it, literally they will attack everything else and even remove it from where it should be included. The same goes for different races, classes and genders. There are humans bred in this manner that will do this even after changes have occurred. There are even people who have put these practices into place and/or are making amendments but the thing that has developed is dangerous and violent. It may also even have the sensor for their natural responses where the person in “charge” would want to teach them something new. It triggers them and then for ones that are “smart” makes them see and comprehend what has been occurring and how people have been treating or responding to them. The major issue is that some of the way things are conducted is like a traffic light at this point. Green means go and red means stop and you really can’t do much about it until you get to the location you are supposed to be at. Something really might need to be stopped while the light is green but there are a billion people on the road to explain this metaphorically. The thing is, in the dark shed the chickens that survive can barely see or move so they have no emotional responses to each other for the most part. The only experience they may have is annoyed or “horny”. They cannot see to make anything of the overall experience and they literally are exposed to the person who gives them the corn feed and they can see it is something large. They would probably violently fight off someone else or someone/something else that gives them different food. Some situations like this become extremely bad when television is added into the “dark shed” equation.


The problem for well-meaning citizens and people becomes that there really is only one signal or trigger for them. There are signals and triggers that fight against and among each other and people who learn at different moments in time. There are even women and girls who are taught to attack someone who they think is more attractive than they are because they might attract a resource they are trying to get. If a human enacts these behaviors from the “dark shed” like environment they can literally cause nuclear warfare or get a person who can interrupt these things to be abandoned only to find out that the attack occurred because of “pretty”. Schools and group projects can suffer as access becomes widespread for different populations. You ever have a excellent student know that a project takes three or more phases become attacked because the government and other agencies are not aware of the “dark shed” syndrome. As in literally no exposure to sunlight.


Can I also mention that I learned from a woman that umbrellas scare women who have been “sexually assaulted”. People who would be otherwise enjoying everyday life and over tipping their waitress are being looked at like they are complete cooks. This may be purposeful or accidental. There really are people who do not understand what it means when someone says “the entire world is a stake” or think that someone is being extreme. There are also people bringing in stolen items or things they want and cannot understand into the “dark shed” situation when no one is looking. In these conditions a person with some “tracks” can make the person who comes to bring the feed think that their hair grew that long. There are also environments that do not know what programs like WIC are and there may be cereal donated or given to other “people” in the area and people begin to respond in the wrong area. There are really some areas that have to be taught without language especially when they have wandered. There are people who have several ways to teach and might choose to withhold. Again this may be due to the emotional impact from the “dark shed” as I stated earlier. To stress the brief moment when a human who may be bred in these same conditions has a natural reaction or expresses a healthy emotion to a person, breaking that up can be violent. Or when they notice comments from people who may be being mean or empathetic because they see the condition the person is coming from but cannot see they are in their natural emotional state. There are people who will come out of these situations and attack people who smell good. There seems that nothing would be worse than when a person in charge of a “dark shed” situation for humans passes away or leaves and they get random freedom or break out. Many times they learn to type to send a message and the funny part is it will sound just like a “caged bird”. They often fail at lingo and will write properly even if they cannot speak it well. The message will probably get to a good friend somehow. The things I am writing are very plausible. I can even notice that there are women in very violent fights because they have moved on from husbands or boyfriends who have went to things like war and in scenarios where they never return they have a new mate and due to advances the come home and are faced with many obstacles. Children are often caught off guard by the environment; hence they do not know they are “children” or what that means. I enjoy learning about things that have been developed before my conception and where people like my birth mother, father, grandma and more were or how they existed to understand the pipeline of my life. I might very well be getting followed around and harassed by people that my great, great grandmother failed to bring laundry detergent to. I also know people cannot see how they embarrass themselves by wanting someone to speak the way they write their thesis papers. The ones that take years to write. They make it seem like the person cannot speak properly because they are saying “what’s up”. This makes them think the person cannot discuss cognitive dissonance or doesn’t know that is what is occurring when they know to use a head wrap if they feel like it. I can tell that there is a drill that people run (hat) to teach people who is black and who is white. I have family that is white. The thing is some people run this drill about a location or what they see a person doing. With access to education and money people running drills about skin color can be more than annoying. Yes, I can sit here and yes I will also wonder if someone needs to tune into the news or visit a town hall meeting to keep up with the amendments. When you realize that there are people who have no money and no labeling in regards to economics it is fun to be “poor”, especially if you can “live at home”. Television can confuse people as to why people are told not to call bums or beggars poor. Children with access to school are taking it as a compliment and not understanding they do not have money to receive a label as high as “poor” in the immediate moment. I can comprehend that there are people who cannot see that a title like “Esquire” really does reflect a person that can cause argument about how the even attire is business and so and so wore business causal and should be fired. Television watching can block this comprehension. I will know to be silent when I can see others I have existed with in my lifetime struggling to express things from previous that will sound something like “I am stupid, I am dumb and she is pretty, she is smart”.


This problem occurs with breeding in general but the “dark shed” situation that someone might of thought would make exposure and copycat behavior control made it very condensed emotionally unfriendly/stable, things that fight to be unhealthy and diseased and make healthy sex workers mad with their behavior. There are girls who want to do things like “put worms in her hair” because they are exposed to classroom style behavior but do what they are bred to do, have been conditioned to do or are doing to try to look “cool”. I will laugh thinking that “look cool” might have something to do with those who never showed up to do their work and should have spent all day in someone’s air conditioner. As a person who can see that lessening use of electronics is shifting my timing, I am quite sure it is best to focus on all my lessons, my blessings and my gifts. Even the “curses” I have learned from. I should probably also edit the biography on this website at some point. I am noticing there might be important information worth sharing. I’m growing up in the world of biographies, interviews and documents that show up after death. Today was a good day.

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