A Poem Titled "You Can Call Me Lucy"

October 31, 2019

You Can Call Me Lucy


There are people who seek to demean me

They cannot see that I have lived through my existence as Lucy

I know how to be fossilized and have a story told about me

That only those who didn’t exist with me would understand

I have lived my Lucy and there are people who have died with no name

Who speak my Lucy story and aim to bring it to shame

I have lived my Lucy

I have gotten thank you’s for people who know to buy shampoo

I have lived my Lucy and I am good enough to be a fossil they tell stories about

Some call me Saartjie Baartman and claim I never received my fair share

Their eyes were watching music videos my request is Library books and a pear

Some call me Saartjie Baartman, I understand that there is a need for money and food

Their eyes were watching music videos, which is why they do not die when they should

I journey through Hypatia

In ways unknown to people’s eyes

They call me Harriet in the wrong scene

And would get jealous if Hypatia dies

This turns me into Diamond

Then they look for Saartjie and ask why did I leave my notebook and act like I didn’t have money for jeans

Can you see the manifestation?

My Angela rocks rough and tough

There are people begging for roles in a movie for food

I have grease and parts and two puffs

They want to call me Stone, because my Angie is an attitude

Buying afro weaves, is apparently being rude

I’m just a pretty entertainer

They call me the Queen Bee

Since I have money to blow, yes I will try some blonde weave

I always keep the Faith

People fall in love with one view

I am like your favorite television commercial

I advise not to turn on your food

Be an admirer

That is the smart thing in this equation

You can say I have been O

And people missed it because they see a screen

Yes I will put you on a platform without your work clothes

My Mona Lisa is mean

You never been in a battle

You sit quietly and watch me

Notice when I Tarajie P. Henson

As in act out what other girls do

You point out every flaw and realize that girl is actually YOU

I can sit out from the school day

When I participate I run with the boys

Pardon my interest

I plan like Kandy when it comes to toys

And when I Leak

Oh yes, you will be mad

Let me Cover Girl like Dana

My door knockers in plain sight like Roxanne

Please excuse my absence

While I plant seeds of yes, we can

I am cute

There are scholars here

I know to study harder

Before my pinky ring makes it clear

There are levels

Yes I will “carry on”

I’m hittin’ high notes

You haven’t had time to learn the lyrics to the song

So listen as you should

As if it is the only time that it would be said

I’m giving him something he can feel

When I’m solo

Is when you see me surrender like my name is Miss Ross

Call me Miss Jolie, when I am taking lives

I “yell” like Miss Clinton

These are my final remarks

I have lived through my Lucy

Smiled like Miss Monroe

If I’m sittin’ up in my room

My arms labor because I pack

I tell the truth like Pink

And know it is a surprise

To share bottles like Remy

For people who never know what it means to arrive

I have lived my Lucy

Even if it passed without a word

Fossil Fuel

Is more impressive than you think

I have lived my Lucy

Most of these women never meet

This is my story

I can put it in a song

Call me Lucy

I will “carry on”

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