When People Forget To Hand Write.

October 30, 2019




As I still work through the prototype for my She’s A B.O.S.S. program, that is in motion. In a society where people read, know-how and do not or can correlate he patterns to get the bottle of juice they want it is imperative to disseminate information in the way that is available to you as an individual. If someone has ever given you a pencil you should probably write notes. I often liken the way I do my work and create pipelines for people who participate in the experience in the ways that a nail salon does. Today I was thinking about how sometimes “we” go to answer questions or clear up the confusion for a person who simply does not understand Asian language. It is often problematic that they are seeking to have dialogue, unless that relationship has been established. If there is a relationship dynamic that surpasses customer relation, then communication will occur with or without words. The bottom line is that everyone does not have to and should not understand you. At She’s A B.O.S.S. “we” essentially offer one color, and Sheer. Red flags should go up if someone asks any other questions about what color “we” offer. Designs are available, in several colors. However, the basic principle is Sheer. I notice that if I was to have someone that was a part of the “nail technician section”, and yes I do the “nails and designs even if you do not see me”, that would have an attitude with a customer or argue about why they are asking or would even come in if they cannot see the answer is Sheer, this means that I need to work on the conversation about Sheer, what it is and what it does. My attitude problem doesn’t communicate that part with words because I am in the middle of showing off my cellulite thighs and round tummy while the arguing person is hiding gingivitis and “placenta cream cheese” until the last minute and contaminating people who follow the rules of how to not live with health insurance. Reminder; this is my personal blog post.


I have a favorite sociological concept that discusses how in times of economics and employment opportunities poor whites will immediately use race and aim to access white privilege. No, I will not stop advising candidates of “color” to show their “ass” at point blank ranges because there is a guy in stained jeans and a T-shirt who is less expensive to train and employ and will establish levels of loyalty without command or speaking. If there are employers who know that a candidate of “color” has information to understand this concept and they refuse to pay attention to the alert and make the radical changes necessary for the facts stated they will show an employer where they would put them at a deficit or lose a billion dollar deal and brag about the million dollar one the employer “just lost”. This also shows the employer what type of expense you are because you make things cost when they do not have too and always have to go home change your clothes, stop get gas, print your resume and then not realize that your employer will only make forty percent of the billion dollar deal. You can fill in the blank for this metaphor with the word husband, teacher, mentor, etc. to understand the concept of not responding to messages and learning who or how to share them with.


I used to want to be a talk show host. I made a very early shift the first year of my college career. I read an essay about the discovery of America that dismantled the way I had learned the story in my elementary years. The way the story is also still being taught in elementary schools and most likely the mass public. The longevity of the distortion felt very problematic. I thought about the role of a talk show host or news reporter and how a script or information may be handed to you without being revised, revamped or evaluated or without the talk show host being able to use their personal skills in the developmental phase which would probably change the entire way something is presented. I had an experience that somewhat brought this to life when I was collecting stories in Ghana about women and business. While I was using my skill of language across words and culture to get stories that take centuries to retrieve, someone in a studio setting with “my scripts” who cannot understand how to even get to the location for the women to open their mouths is thinking I am doing nothing. This does not bother me. I realize to collect the story of the women and not the television commercial advertisement for the organization.


The things I experienced in my shift while reading a different view of the discovery of America encouraged what I do in regards to race relations include people being disturbed by my intersectional comprehension. They become disturbed regardless of my role. To sum this up with another reference to my experience collecting stories, it is as if someone would want me to collect stories about women being newly introduced to funds for their businesses where they can barely speak a language, the way I would collect stories about a person who opened a credit line at a large department store because they earned a job.

I also know who Queen Nzinga is and in today’s world there are times when I can see when “the white guy” in the Humane Society needs to go and be “racist” or find something else to do because peoples learned apparel and behavior might make them not see the distinction of what is “criminal” behaviors or attacking a person from the view point of someone who gets attacked for having the natural behavior of Queen Nzinga, even with development. If I can see them fix their lips to speak past me or “run” past me this person will essentially attack or rob you. Some employment opportunities are like when your mom gives you breakfast in the house. Sometimes people make space for people at the wrong time, who will ultimately let them down.

I really have been influenced by what I have learned about the slave trade and occurrences that happened in 1808. I am often disturbed, as an early learner and educated person, to realize the different speeds people learn and that not everyone has an education, to know that there are people who will literally be “dumb” and rep it very hard with or without knowing the word. They will claim harassment if you attempt to explain or do any other behaviors. Also, if you do the same behavior as them when they have been taught that you shouldn’t they will bug out! This even means if you notice they are starving and go to give them a plate of food.


I reflect on watching the television show the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” and how I would wonder if the fresh prince of Bel-Air was actually Carlton, or even think to myself if this is Will, it must be him referring to himself because you are a guy from West Philadelphia getting kicked out your house after getting beat up, who in the world is going to let you be the fresh prince of Bel-Air over them if they live there and are feeling prince like. Using deductive reasoning to articulate this through my patterns of behaviors and thoughts in my mind as an early reader indicates that I know a lot of information. I have a stereotype in my head already at the appointed time of West Philadelphia. Plus, I assume that everyone watching will be able to see that Geoffrey’s uniform means he is a butler meaning manservant of a house. His character doesn’t seem like it even leaves the property most of the time or has any clue what a wife is. Geoffrey’s behavior actually bothers me. I want to focus on the main characters and have a natural inclination to want him out of the way. Psychological character comparison, empathy and removals are real. I’m like okay here goes some slavery and companionship or maybe I am making that up. I would want Hillary to show she is smart because Will is in the space. I do not want him to get the wrong idea because her behavior can come across as dumb and the Will character might have no idea what a career is or care. In my notice, Will is often not actually being spoken too. An interaction happens to be occurring and there is responsive behavior happening.

I am also beginning to draw conclusions about women and men who were told to learn to read because they were taught or were supposed to learn. For a very particular purpose. I am starting to think that whippings, lynching’s, horse pulling, rapes and the like where sometimes enacted to show the person who is supposed to be the reader and share the information that they did not purposefully and are planning to do something bad because they have the information or they mindlessly thought it was something not important. Some people even avoid the reading or learning to so they can get back to the “dishes”. There are still generations of people still dying because the strongest man wasn’t taught to not be in the location to just walk up because an overseer is only going to understand one thing about them being in that location. There is a teacher, woman, or man who somewhere failed with or without intent and had to learn a horrifying lesson. Some people are not even sharing information to cut the nonsensical or outdated information out of discussion. This is happening to many families. It is sad when people get those visuals to realize why they were given this skill or task. Learning to read and write is hard, I honestly would not notice that, I can “read” it through my living and what I can notice through series of events. Some people who have learned to read, write and speak have to notice that there are masses of people who only understand through a command and will sit when told to even at their highest levels of leadership without comprehension. People may think they are submissive when they are not and they have all the information that they should have and someone may need to alert them or may have failed to alert them of new happenings. They may have no information that taught them that “this is an electric chair” which then showcases that they would fail in a battlefield and that a person in the community should have provided the information to them at some point. The problem area is when it is done purposefully and they have wandered into enemy territory which gives no reason not to pull the switch.

Realizing learning materials even ones that are oppressive, derogatory or meant to start a fight/war should be revised because they were created before planes were in flight or moving vehicles in motion. This makes people violent with the person who includes “shacks” in the “fields”. When they should actually give them a parade. Some people have nonsensical awareness. They see the man what will give them the “shiny vehicle” and reduce them to lower levels than “slave work”. Can we also mention that feminism makes wives and women see parts of things that they had no clue where going on for centuries and also make them conclude that some people have committed too hard to whatever it is to intervene. I say these things right now, because I can notice there was a woman who was taught to read something and failed to get the message to the community, for whatever reason it was.


I have a fear of undercover cops, that police the people who are naturally developing that same behavior and without weapons. People who can actually uncover criminals like “Mary Kate and Ashley’s Detective Agency” would are being interrupted by well-meaning uniformed people that cannot see the “bad guy” at the same timing they can or that they bad guy can see how to cause this type of confusion. There are people who sing “Old McDonald had a farm” or see a farm in transit and see pictures of different species of animals who can be seen in the wild or on farms and do not understand when people say that they grew up on one or like one because they are thinking in terms of something that they have seen outside of the interaction but do not have the language to express fully. They end up joking when they should not and have never been given a signal that anything about what is going on is funny at the moment. Some people are living in a zoo like environment but their view is distorted.


There are also things I can see in reality that come from the distortion of the way people watch shows like Martin. Martin is the main character. Girls keep adding themselves in guys lives and fighting with people they put in their lives because they are trying to get that “Gina” scene and not realizing that they aren’t developing their own life and habits to their own or others likings to be in the “family”. They attack women who are developing their own lives that someone would be interested in seeing at some point. The literally just insert themselves and expect to have a “life” with a blank face.

I understand anti-poverty work, mine and others compiled get me attacked. Yes fancy pens and planners and my handbag and ignoring cheaper expenditures is anti-poverty work. All people who are anti-poverty are not donors and some who are, are being mean about it.


There are really boys and men who run from women and girls because they are growing breast. They think it is a disease or that they have been punched in their chest and have lumps. This though signals that there is major violence somewhere that needs to be found. Especially when they think it is a lump from a fight. That is a hardcore fight. There is also a need to understand speaking over phones or people who start fights over phones. There are people who sit in churches and community centers at the same time and cannot see there is a difference. Let me use the metaphor of places of employment if a janitor calls a contractor of the building they work in and aims to start a fight with a person who owns a company   that builds locations all over the world it will be very hard for the contractor to detect the intensity or realness of the fight they are starting. That doesn’t make them stupid, it means they had stuff to do and really cannot see the context over the phone. These are the situations that are happening without titles or locations. You can be using your phone to call from a contamination site to tell a nail technician whose body will always be that much cleaner by profession something that they may never understand because you are busy looking for a way to buy soap when they have the time to speak. They begin to think they are equal or that the person has not fought back.  This is clearer than most people would want to acknowledge. You ever see someone cut everybody off, even those with the highest level of comprehension by making sure they can see that they are speaking to voters or people who know to be really really quiet. There are people who also listen or read and do not understand until completion. Sometimes there are people who rep the set for Jesus when they should notice they are in position to be St. Luck and accompany somebody along their journey. Can anyone notice that the Bible is a chapter book, co-authored.  There are actually groups of people starting fights with each other when they should be so separate that when they convene they feel nothing but excitement to share their new testament. Yes I also know to research and learn that Luke appears sparingly and that this is probably due to the fact that he was an educated man.

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