Do the Right Thing; The Need For Reactionary Responses Otherwise How Would You Know Something Is Liberal By Definition.

October 29, 2019


There are young people being tricked into listening to information even after they have been given access to alternative information. Sometimes people they do not realize they are fighting against the person who teaching them to not take "crack" from the "crackman". They may even fight the person who isn't even attacking the drug but is attacking the act that the person cannot comprehend that the substance cost money and they person may give you a sample and then you will end up in a situation that you cannot afford to handle. Some of the information is like a "new homeowners warning" or teaching that credit cards have interest. Most people who are illiterate or thieves experience this person as violent. Some people also need to realize that people who raise awareness are not necessarily in support of. There are young people who are also giving praise to the wrong thing or person. There are people who want to tell me stories of removal, when they do no realize that many societal issues are from people who are not actually being raised by their families, just having access into the house and showing fake love to a person because they want the food or to use the plates in the cabinet. They teach in that manner and can cause new children growing up in the generation to miss out on the reality. There is something vital about realizing there are people who do not understand what a "Nation" is. There fore they cannot understand when a leader gives the entire country it leads, including people he would spit at, family values. This does not mean everyone in the country will grow up and be giving access, they will have a value system. There are people who shouldn't even see the news to know it is raining. They should shout when the rain comes and dance in it comes. They cannot see they are getting in trouble for having umbrellas and over washing clothes. Some people should even out clothes on when they see rain and go outside in them and then let them dry. They should not even turn their showers on. They fail to understand why this makes sense and then starts fights or arguments with the actual well dressed or affording things people. They then attack behaviors of people who do what they afford from the view point of the community they live in. They even think that well oiled people aren't the ones that should be using the library. There are people shaming what they should actually be doing. They also produce unnecessary violence and stress. The worst part is they end up near these items and prove that they could be without them because they do not use them for the proper purpose when they have the chance. It also causes a societal distortion for proper people and up and comers when you see people who shouldn't even know it is raining and should be just walking in it with umbrellas or acting like something that should have seen the news report. These people are also confusing young people with access to education by speaking out of turn and having them play games with them that they would never be exposed to or do irrelevant things where they would vote and participate properly in society like they want to. Some young people are confused about the items the adults in a household have and cannot see that is someones employee and that they would not speak if there was no television and most of these young people would have Board of Education meetings packed, church services jumpin' jumpin', Clubs proper and running for political office or going into the military when they find out the are going to end up cripple and looking due to an injury or lack of family participation in a goal they where aiming to reach. Some young people cannot realize that they will overwhelm the person/people they want to run back to and cannot see the pain they are or will experience because they people in their home are numb. It will also hurt them that when they have the emotional response that they have been reduced so much that they cannot see to go and vote or apply to jobs instead of wanting to run to a positive figure in their life for a hug or not understand how to do both. Other people's illiterate or illegal television watching can cause them to completely disregard everything they have been taught or fail to realize the point and that even when school or a program is over they should still be able to implement. Some of them are stopping at attendance and test taking. They keep showing up not realizing that during the test and even after the are collected unless people speak they cannot see when they are living through the F or C and wondering what weird thing the person with the A is doing or why they never come back. Furthermore they cannot see the way the deadline or schedule or that their are multiple ways to implement or assess. They also get violent with high performers who want to joke and play when they are in the middle if their day fixing the F they got and didn't realize what it meant. They all of a sudden feel disturbed by everything. Some of this comes from people not realizing they are watching people's spending habits that have accomplished something. There are people who get to speak, which shows they are low level thinkers, and realize they ant to budget someones income because of all their bills they went and got only to get an announcement that they do not even need a car to get to their workplace and the person they are attacking still hasn't reached the level of expense they want to imagine. Which makes her exciting and showing excellent behavior, ethics and practice of humanity while spending and thinking of what she would need. I will end this post by saying their are people who made life decisions because of the way a high school hallway looks on a television show. They are imagining themselves as the main character or making a straight up bad day or situation a good one or one that will become euphoric eventually without their action. I have this theory that children definitely show up as something that is occurring from the psychological state of the people who reproduced. As a mom, I think my sons birth represents all my plans that I have had and my journey to needed to let somethings go while pursing minimalism. He came to help me see when to just DO and that many of my plans that are excellent have been thought of and conceived in the world I will know enter. In a world where there is no technology, writing, cross gender participation, offices, etc what you see if what you get. We are very advanced. I laughed to myself thinking of what me and my siblings could represent. I am not sure what they are pursuing but I think something they had to decline or get rid of to do it includes the "holy ghost", "collard greens" and "Doing the Right Thing". This is funnier than you think. Some people confuse how to use things or what they are for or where they will show up for you. Yes children will grow their own identity and it is positive to see what they choose to do with the divine assignment they have. I know someone thinks a person is bad and all he is doing is showing everything he can do with all his healthy energy naturally. If everything shut off half the planet wouldn't be able to speak over him and he would laugh as hard as people who get shamed for eating kontomire stew. And I guess it will always be funny to make fun of people who do not see they should have shimmer lotion as an absolute in their life and looks silly arguing about it and yes, there are sometimes you have to just let someone "write" your paper for you. It is the way we think about what they right thing means. Know what it means to say a revolutionary woman doesn't want a reactionary man. Then intersect. 

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