A Poem Titled "Truth Is"

October 29, 2019

Truth Is

I ain’t no woman

I ain’t no man’

I comes from people dun’ board de ship

I ain’t speak no language

I ain’t build no wall

I ain’t never heard nobody spoke to me

I listen in on words I never learn

And put them together to call them speech

I am foreign tongues

They say I doesn’t belong here

Because if I spoke dis here language

I wouldn’t go anywhere

I think coon might be they corn

Dem folk’ dere don’t kill chickens

Dey say come here and get urself a cleanin’

When they say come for ya lickin’

I tink dey say when all dem negras

Come of dis here ship

Dey done turned cannibal

Dey eating each other flesh, pee, sperm and shit

Dey crabbin’ dey way out

Many did not heal

Dey would not even sit next to each other

Already defeated is what dey is

I ain’t no woman

I ain’t no man

Jealous is what they is

Jailers, I still get Jailers

Dun’ locked them up in chains

I tink I is a woman

Under dis here dress is no vein

Dis here be where they been speakin’

Dun been workin all dem years

Who gone talk some talk

To a women who can speak up to their ears

There eyes really been a watching

I think they corn where they coon

Ain’t never had a point of view

They just slave ship born

I would like everybody in the world

Watching a television they cannot afford

To notice they are speaking

And not being on one accord

They think they have access to an office

To college, clothes and stores

They are irritating the reality

Of those who are war torn

They have never been

To most places they discuss

They speak on Trayvon Martin

And ignore the rest of “us”

We can see from the other side

They have abandoned their family for something

That they see, on tv

We hope and pray that they know to back away

When they speak and we are silent

It is because we do not know what they are trying to say

They are like people who would talk to a screen at a movie theater

Or have an opinion before watching the television show all the way

There are people speaking

Because they see actors and actresses on tv behaving like who I am in real life

They keep walking sideways and at the end realize why they cannot start the fight

They also do a thing when they alert people that this is a main character

They ask questions that are answered in a sequel, from the angle that they view

They fail to see why I do not have the answer when my life is on episode two

I cannot see through their filming eyes

They silly conversations they have

They are alerting many people with words

They developed but never really had

At this time let me convene that they abandon their post

They do not see to be the best at every level

And do not realize when they are talking ghost

They attack at the screen, where they do not see the electric fence

A lot of people cried

When they see movie goers is how they went

They watched the television show

The movie, until part three

They pointed out “we chose murder”

Because they think their voice is something “we” include

Yes, notice this is the prelude

To something larger you cannot see

The message is they should not even have a trash can

And “we” are glad to know they put us in the right scene

Compliments to the chef

Have a seat and eat with “us” too

I am already prepared with Cain and Abel

I know what it means that Moses sacrificed his son

There is an electric fence

And I know how the authorities swing

I do not care what Cain told Abel

Or what Abel told Cain

Regardless of what you are thinking

The life you live does not include knowledge about a plane

There are criminal minds who think weapons and a ski mask

Is the criminal thing

Those words where invented before those types of things

Television watching makes people think their mission is complete

You may think you are on the winning team

Because your method does not include planes or a table that is used to eat

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