A Poem Titled A Story About A Man

October 29, 2019

A Story About A Man


They died side by side

And a woman in the crossfire too

There is a man in anger

But there is no pistol in his life to pull

There is too much smiling and waving

That comes into people’s site

There is a story about a man

Who told me the misery he would bring to my life

I am encouraged

To tell a story about what I know

A story about a man who would listen to me

Even when no one would know

People use words

Discussion isn’t an often used tool

I know a Story About A Man Who Died Following My Rules

Anger can cause, the scariest of things

A political view, is what points out these things

Most people who have been killed or violated do not know

They feel and emotion, and sometimes it does not show

There are people who missed the scripture of no gossip

Or pretend that a man made it so they could never leave

There are women who do not realize what it means to suffer

Or what someone will call a cheat

There are people building their own story’making themselves of importance

In situations that are governed naturally and with law

There are two people alive, because of my rule

If you are going to die after, just start with you

There is a television script

That shows these things in plain sight

Then we can see Animal planet for the attacks that occur in wildlife

There is a man who would want to know, why my lips move to smile

There are two people alive, this might take a while

It might sound like a lie, or something crazy when too many people speak

If I could get there, I would touch the hem of his garment and wash his feet

There are people watching, the ones we cannot see

Spiritual eye contact, caused an over my dead body scene

People fail to understand what it means to be together

Which is why he surrendered to style and grace

If he could type, or grew up with a pencil in hand

The message is I would want to kill you for spiritual contact with that man

Let me mention the surrender

The story that can be told

He died with people watching

Who would start international warfare for a bowl

At every level

At every phase

I will blow kisses

And know where there is mistake

My eyes are opened, but the danger presented to me is real

There is something in my life about being a “something grader”

That makes me subconsciously step back and do irrelevant people a favor

I also miss out on the thing that people should do

Where they put age, is where they think someone can’t be my boo

I know a story about a man

Who watched a movie and knew we would break up

He sent an awful death threat

Together is what we get

He basically took off his cuff links

Kicked up dirt

The type of anger that really hurts

There are material items

Movie vehicles that make people unable to see

There are two and one from the crossfire living

Because he would listen to me

He used more curse words than you think

Because people talk and sing so loud

If we are hurting, he is very proud

Gossip, speaking, thinking we need things

Is a dangerous game

I am little tiny foot steps

And he aimed to drive me insane

From the first interaction

"Who Is It" is the question that his mind asked

He should have listened so he would not act like Madlock

And do such crazy things

He made it to send his condolences to the two people who still died 

He said we are avoiding teen pregnancy and food that is fried

No one has to believe me

That is why I listened to the Bayou

Where he said I would be left

My pretty girl

Who lived through life's normal fights

Those who speak about it

Have no life

I would have called you beautiful

I used the words that I know

When they ask do you want some cornbread

Never say no

The things that offend

I know as we live with words are hard to tell

I speak to no one

My pretty girl do not fail

I send no apologies

Without words I want them to see it too

Over my dead body

The story is as real as what you see reported on the news

There is no speaking

I spoke only to you

He spoke to my heart softly

About what he chose to fight

Teen pregnancy and salty chicken for life 

I will leave with a few words

To my little pretty girl

Ignore all the chaos you see, it is the natural world

You are well kept, there is a such thing as stole

I can never build an army or fight a fight with the story I've been told

I said we would leave together or never

Then I listened to my pretty girl with all of her words at the same time

I would have called you beautiful

And I death threat you the entire time

This poem might seem sadistic 

In nature still I rise

Speak from where you are spoken too

Today fix the lies they told to your eyes

A spiritual warning

About what your words would do

They respond at pretty

When no one else is being spoken to

There is a spiral staircase

That they will keep trying to climb

As long as you never put your two lips together

Everything will be fine

I know what it means to be a master

And what it means that they will be loyal after one dies

If you train someone to tie a shoelace

They will always tie

"Well, well, well"

Is all I would have to say

Over my dead body

There would never be another way

There is other people's marriage confusion

About til death to us and some other stuff they say

I looked at you

Here, that is all

I would be mean to you in heels

And hope that you fall

Petty, spaghetti, this happens where I do not know what this is

I died having done a great contribution the population control and more investments at the mall

In some meeting, I helped improve economics is what they said

In all honesty, I really hope you heard what I said

I can see you, when no one else can

Yes I have seen the movie featuring Tina and Ike

I do not want you to have a delusion

They think they are important that is why they speak

Just wear make-up

They are ignored

While you get a death threat from me

Yes they will wander

Please still ignore

I would have tried to beat him in a staring contest

At the moment the information came with a knock on my door

Do not hold back

Tell the truth and nothing but

You are still among the living

I love you still that much

You used your tiny feet

Because you could not slap me with your tiny hand

Over my dead body

Would I pronounce you to this man

Your attitude is polite

Out of tradition that you were gave

I am still mad

Scandal is what you prove

Over my dead body

Would you succumb to I do's


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