Yes, Sometimes My Name is Wednesday and I can be Nocturnal in Nature Because I Am Something Like 10:01pm.

October 28, 2019


Can I talk about a “Child Called It” in a blog post without someone calling someone to say how they are triggered by something I am writing. When they do not even have to be reading it. I really wonder if people who do not read the complete story and take the time to comprehend can see the overall message that is being sent. One of the first things I am able to deduce is that the author is speaking about his view point from within a family structure that a woman is seeing from her perspective. There is a man and children. Her association without words is story of what is coming from her wombs; his story is about what he can see from his eyes sight most likely without the comprehension of understanding a family structure or that there are biological interruptions caused by going to school. His mom in the story is an alcoholic mother. She may not know what alcohol is even when drinking it, the behavior that it causes, she may see her behavior and not understand that the alcohol is causing it and she may be going to therapy while her speaking son is telling stories that she cannot control. Even in the biological structure of schooling there is one person in a household speaking up, there may be a second, third, fourth or fifth child aiming to speak up over people because of what occurs with them in a school day and may be inserting new things to deal with or outcomes that will be problematic for them when they learn they do not actually have a speaking role and they would probably prefer to understand that the alcohol and awareness level is the problem and that the “abuse” is the person trying to get the child into a position that makes them able to care for them. They really might think the child is being crazy because they are existing without alcohol in their body. There are people who use the word or can see “abuse” but do not realize they sometimes prepare themselves to leave from their real life situations to end up in locations or around people who also have dysfunction that they cannot see or then deal with. Can I mention that I noticed something on my own about the fact that I can realize that where there are houses and buildings there used to be a forest or landscape. There are people who cannot comprehend the extent to which people go through to be safe from things like “hurricanes” and the length of time it takes to build a structure or that it isn’t naturally there. These people really disturb developers and people who help and know it is normal to stand curbside to signal that they will assist with development at the level that they can comprehend. Most people do not realize that it is pretty bad to want employment but not be willing to “get picked up” at that level to do the work. There really are people who talk to things and not people. People who think an employment schedule and school schedule dictate how much you know someone. It only takes one interaction and words do not even have to be included to know that there is an occurrence or a relationship of some sort going on. Incremental developmental incoherence that are inserted improperly can have adults asking why these kids never had to sit naked and sleep on the floor and be very serious about it.


I was doing some work on a curriculum and ignoring arguments about why when I included something about Malala did I leave about the part where she was shot at. There is something ironic to me about people who cannot see that this is similar to inserting about the time “you ran out of gas and got spoken to”, in the middle of someone discussing people and their accomplishments. There is also no chronological sharing of behaviors, patterns and what was occurring all throughout her lifetime that would make someone copy a behavior that could “get them shot or something”. She won an award, the mention of the shot that was fired in all honesty is like mentioning that she dropped her ice cream while walking. Can I insert here that there are women and girls who disregard things like feminism and then fight violently to get access to the spaces that they have created for entry way into a system or structure that they may not understand.


I have a friend who understands that our lives have industrial interruptions and confusion. There are time frames where she has access to, too many words and too much stuff. The thing about our friendship is that we are in the category of girls who would be stylish and dressed where there is no school day and where no one has a penny. We remain friends through the interruptions but understand how to communicate through them. She has access to spaces from wearing hair weave people put on her as a kid, where there are people of all races who still do not know hair extensions exist. There are real gunshots for doing xyz and it doesn’t make sense to her real community members. They do not understand, even I suffer from the confusion. I laugh learning she is living like Stedford wives and letting people into her area. I hope the man who did that knows he died already, she cannot perform at the level required. We laugh together because she knows that the extreme I would go to is to put myself in a Rage, so instead they put me in a frenzy so someone can see that this is my real life existence with our without hair and she really cannot sustain what she has presented to the public and I suffer from this. I am the real thing and I maintain it with or without location, there should be no danger for my son when he has on Paw Patrol shoes and Jordan’s at home.


There really are people, still to this day, of all races who do not know about hair weave or relaxers. There are people wondering why they are being dissed or abandoned and women and girls being over or under worked because of people who have gotten in position through “disguises” that people did not realize cost money or was a hair extension for years. They keep focusing on skill development when the issue is that the person does not experience hair growth. They accidentally invite disease and disability all the way into their “hell no about these things” spaces. The person may not be experiencing hair growth but they know they want money for something they saw at a corner store. There are girls who got trained for full blown employment and stood there because they wanted “Now and Laters”. They are still mad that they cannot just go buy that and there are people hiding that they made that decision. Hair weave is really why someone is speaking to them. If a person wouldn’t get the same attention without the hair weave, I mean can’t even leave the house let alone get a job, it is very problematic. They can cause major real life complications. There is also something funny when people then do not realize that there can be a person with actual long hair, but still do not have hair growing in the healthy way. There are people who should also realize that some places can now see and understand hair styling and it can be a fun thing and apart of workplace discussions. People who gain access to spaces from things like feminism, especially excluded men, may miss out on the actual purpose or rules.

They play Black Lives Matter games where they shouldn’t. They also vocalize and show greed, theft, disloyalty and confusion. Some Real Lives Matter alerts come and people get irritated. Some people want to give a natural warning or signal, especially to people who cannot see the danger. Some people lack awareness about a space they may have gained employment or access to. I often appear in the discussion area where they cannot tell that a “male supervisor” is listening to his “boyfriend” gossip. Something about mixed breeding and women and men being enslaved at the same time to do the same thing can not only make a woman manly but a man speak in a girly manner. They would be quiet and not “flirt”. #Goodmorning. I teach that this man would never enter a room if he realized that he heard the term “Let me clear my throat” in a song and heard it ass backwards.


I was reflecting about my life and lessons I have learned. One of my favorite movies The Wiz has a witch at the end that has a whip and is sitting on a toilet. The song she sings is “Don’t Nobody Bring Me No Bad News.” I have learned to reframe the parts of my life that signal the same message. The witch cannot learn that the toilet is not a chair and you can die from germs and bacteria, #ThatsBad. She also may not know what the whip she is swinging is for because there is someone she probably hands it back to after hitting the floor. It made me think of an elderly aunt of mine who died someone people in my life “family”, may think I do not even know. My memory is of her sitting in a chair next to a refrigerator and a radio. The memory made me think of a couple things. There is a person who isn’t needed for cooking and may not be listening to the person in their immediate life. There are people who are singing, listening and cooking out of place or context. I think this person may have turned themselves into the person that doesn’t want to get brought the bad news, when she is the one who is supposed to have it and send it to the proper channel. This person may have stopped listening to the “children” sing to announce who is the best singer so they can lead the choir or who did bad in school so they can get spoken to at home before the whip came out. I am also paying attention to how some people do not know all the occurrences in private practice and having that information could put them in danger. Thinking in terms of development there also may be children who decided to go against what was going on at home because of what they heard on the “person in charge of the households” radio or saw in their fridge and didn’t see how that person rations out these things. They may have taken ownership over the wrong area. There are people who may be being abused or whipped because of another path they have taken and someone in their life that would save them is not an interrupter. They are a “saver”. As in if you took the route and learned that you would get your “but whooped for failing” and decide to come back home there should be a radio and food for you here. I will always think that television causes the confusion about who is who. Sometimes people go wandering into spaces they would never see or expect to have access too.


Let me help. There are people who are being attacked or will be because they do not realize that everything they have done or went to do is because they did not know that the people around them had rental cars, shared vehicles, employment vehicles, or stolen vehicles. So they may even aim to do all the proper things to get something and get confused about the “No’s” they experience or the message about the actual “ass whooping” they can get for not making payments or for even asking knowing they do not have enough money and have been exposed to proper rentals, stolen cars or shared vehicles where everyone doesn’t have that information. Which is why they also give a side eye to some people who will never know why they are acting funny or have agreed because they think someone else has.


Here I go again with this textbook thing. Textbooks have not always been around and living in a society with people who are being enslaved or adapting to it, this includes normalizing sexual abuse and fighting off healthy relationships, while there are people who do not realize why they cannot automatically see the decision or even that they have decided to start a fight. Or that fights do not start and end the way you see in an action film. Some people cannot even tell they are being dissed or dismissed. The annoyance of people who do not realize that trees were in an area before houses and buildings and how hard someone worked to build these structures, to stay away from drizzle. Yes we can call that petty because drizzle is scary to someone who can connect that the last time they experienced drizzle sometime later, even if it seems like a century, there came a storm that blew away the “teepee” they made or killed all the people that didn’t find a cave to hide in. They often suffocate and pop blood vessels but have heard about Doctors and will not listen to the person in the immediate area or household that has the proper fix. They may also have normalized living this way someone how from the indoctrination of men and women who were nursed to health enough after getting off slaves ships to still carry some pieces of wood, with tears in their eyes. They cannot see the overall picture which is why they are so thankful to the person who gave them something so they can carry wood and not time to heal.


I would testify and say thanks to whoever knew to send the fights into my life that made me not respond to dog or slave commands or accept learning them from my family. Especially when they know the damage that has been caused from remotes, television and radio watching. There are people who do not realize even purchasers of cable most likely aim for assigned television watching times. No, I will not fight people in debt who own companies and are letting the obvious No’s put down payments on things they cannot afford. I will also know not to say a word to people who should use check cashing places but wanted direct deposit and a debit card after the employer said they shouldn’t, employers that are actually apart of the group of caring people. Yes I know I have experienced someone teach me exactly what would occur if I accidentally pick up a habit from watching someone on television. I might even alert someone that it is time for me to die when it is not or that something is available to them when it is not and have to experience the anger that comes from them having learned those signals in a meeting. There are people who think it is weird that I know to bring my son to the grocery store with me and let him pick out the items he wants enough times so that when he shows up with me or ever ends up there with other people he can understand the No and the why and can see how the item is purchased. I let him hand cashiers debit cards and cash so he has no delusion about how it got in his hand even if he doesn't understand the entire concept. As I practice my home health and insert theories I know, I hope he will be wanting to get cash or a debit card to get those snacks and not even think about the items one would need for a robbery. They really are Coo-Coo for CoCoa Puffs. This might mean people being crazy for cereal or drug dealers who love people who buy weed because they drank to much coca-cola and didn't use the energy at that good job they have and are justout doing anything. 


Women who break into feminism, the organized systematic participation of women in particular sectors, hurt people for beer where grown men who cannot just follow the pattern that is in their house to get to an interview need money to provide for their entire family. They even cut of students in schooling for their grandchildren who haven’t arrived in a bad way. There are positive ways to do this. They accidentally cut off men that are needed for larger participation in society, even if that is willing military or surgical experimentation. Have you even realized there is a man somewhere thinking is wife is cheating only to one day find her with part-time employment that someone else actually needs.


There are people who misunderstand what it means to gather. As in when a “grandma” who may not know that is what she is called has witnessed all the births and is also a great, great, great to somebody and can do facial recognition of all the children in the family. The men and the women, the short and the tall and knows how to do a call to order. There are people cutting themselves off from their family because of exposure to attendance and time sheets. There are also some people who claim racism because of buildings and walls when natural calls to the wild for family will indicate that all the people with brown skin or white skin will gather together first in their primitive state. There is no racism in primitive gathering, the problem is some people are using stolen words. And you can tell by where and when they speak them. They then cause frenzy when other people will start a big fight when they are attacked and it is viewed in public.

Is it weird that I know when my name is Wednesday? There are people who use first names in a state of confusion. There are also people who would know to cut someone off if they have never even been named Wednesday. They should not speak. Naming newborns by the day that are born is a signal of awareness and societal participation. Culturally there is a wait for the naming to see who will be taking care of the baby and what they mother will do if she survives childbirth. I tend to my child on the day he was born without words and I know how to raise him with a name. There are people who call my sons name on a weekday. That is the confusion of systematic breeding and participation. There are people who use their first names when they should be called Wednesday and do not understand people who express that this means they do not actually have one or they are in their slave name or slave day. There are people who think I look out of place because Tasha and Lytasha are alive and well. To be honest so is the version of me that is called by Wednesday. There are people who see me when I am called Wednesday and everything about it looks bad or violent. They may not see the multitudes of people who are gathering for me as Wednesday or that the one woman they keep seeing only has one way to express something even if she is trying to get away. I also have learned that some people cannot tell until the last minute why I get fought violently by people who are sex workers when I am pursued by men that practice Consult and understand Rape Culture. It is funny to be able to know that even in a hotel room after an expensive vacation the only way to tell if I am consenting to sex is if I would have on a lingerie or vocalize it in the moment.  There are also people who are angered to know I am educated enough to understand an overall learning experience even if some sexual act or initiation occurs in the middle of it and would never be able to be categorized as an assault victim unless I was laying in the street with chalk outlining  my body. This is important information for people who love me and do not read or participate where I can get to in society to know. It is ironic to know that there are grandmothers who have had paper food stamps and went through a lot to get them, that cannot go back and realize that their granddaughters where hired as a cashier clerk and that their granddaughters do not realize how far away they are from them when they get this access. Where no one is even looking at them and it took an arm and a leg to get to this grocery store, the person in charge who wouldn't let me in without xyz has given you free bread. Many people do not understand the grief or the level of quieter they should be.I know not to make the next statement I want to make because I might never, ever be able to get another pedicure in my life! This is it.

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